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Obama Toots His Horn in Front of the United Nations

© Bridgette WTPOTUS 2009


BO and Michelle in RED at the UN Meeting on September 23, 2009.

How appropriate to be dressed in fluorescent  RED.

There are 192 member countries in the United Nations. This week, Obama stood in front of this assembly and not only aggrandized his achievements and those of his administration, but tooted his horn so loudly that all Americans could hear. May I paraphrase for him? Here “I” Barrack Hussein Obama stand in front of this grand body, and know that you will be mesmerized by my silver tongue, the methodical turning of my head from left to right, and the melodic sound of my voice. The words I speak will bring peace to every country on every continent, and we will all live in a nuclear free world. I will stand here and side with those countries whose ideological views are socialistic, communistic, antisemitic, and Marxist. I will befriend despots, dictators, and tyrants round the world. l will side with Muslim countries even though they are anti-Semitic. Former allies of the US, who are no longer valuable to our administration, will no longer be assured of our support. Some of these countries are Israel, Great Britain, Honduras, and Poland. I will also apologize once again for all my country’s misdeeds and all the other previous administrations whose actions made us a nation to be feared rather than revered. I am in office now and everything will now change for the better. Don’t be alarmed that my words are producing more friction between countries, or that my actions of abandoning countries, which have supported our previous American ideals of democracy and liberty, are in full view of the world. Take notice that I, the supreme ruler of the USA, have bowed to the Saudi King, received accolades from Chavez, sided with Cuba, allowed Iranians seeking democracy no assistance, kowtowed to Putin, sided with Manuel Zelaya in Honduras who knowingly was ousted for attempting to become President for life by disregarding their constitution, dissed the Prime Minister of England, and will be allowing Palestinians to come to the US on our dime. I have put our US citizens on notice that I will accept no opposition and told them to shut up. I haven’t had time for our military commander in Afghanistan, and put his proposal for more troops on hold for over a month. Because I have been so busy, I haven’t been able to keep up with the news about my former employer, ACORN. The corruption within that organization isn’t the most important thing happening right now. I must make time to appear on television, in photo ops, and on Letterman. Continue reading