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Revelations from Obama

Posted by Bridgette


Obama Rips Apart the United States Constitution!


The Off-Grid Blogger compiled a list on Obama’s actions, reactions, and words along with links to the information.  Kudos to Off-Grid for his time and effort.  He really listed 148!  Perhaps your Obot friends need to read through the list, or your friends who are on the fence may need to review the information.   Let them decide if they like the man’s actions and if they want to endure 4 more years of corruption and watch the destruction of our nation.

The major revelation should be that Obama usurped the office of the president, committed fraud,  committed identity theft, and  released phony forged documents (birth certificate, social security card, selective service application)  to deceive the American public.   These aren’t accomplishments.  These are embarrassing affronts to all Americans by a real con man.  Who is he really?  Now that would be a revelation!

Lots of ammunition here!


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