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Cover-up Over Obama’s Eligibility – Will CNN be Charged with RICO?

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Major Media Network CNN

Claimed They Had Obama’s Birth Certificate…

Gary Tuchman reporting for CNN in Hawaii

“CNN’s Gary Tuchman says that the reason he likes his job is that his only mission is to get the facts.”

~ J. Mirkinson, Huff Po

Do you recall a CNN live report by Gary Tuchman, on Anderson Cooper’s 360 program,  “Busting the Birther Conspiracy Theory”  that aired April 25, 2011?  Screen shots were taken from a video of a subsequent broadcast airing a year later that show a birth certificate they alluded to being  Obama’s.   Apparently,  the birth certificate  did not belong to Obama;  it belonged to another person.  Three different videos were compared and one is different. The original videos show Tuchman saying they borrowed a man’s birth certificate while he is holding up a black birth certificate.  Their version a year later has them pretending that the black birth certificate is Obama’s.

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Georgia’s Obama Ballot Challenge; Let’s Crow About It! UPDATED! Obama Subpoened! (Open Thread)

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Obama’s Ballot Challenge Makes Media Headlines!

FOX News Reports on Obama’s Ballot Challenge in 2012!

Bret Baier FOX News

In Friday’s newscast, Bret Baier reported on the Farrar et.al. v Barack Obama  lawsuit that challenges having Obama’s name on Georgia’s presidential primary ballot.   On December 15, 2011,  President Barack Obama, Defendant, moved for dismissal of  the Plaintiffs’ challenge to his qualifications for office.   In the last couple  of days, we got great news that the Motion to Sever by the Obama Administration in Georgia’s  Obama Ballot Challenge Lawsuit  was denied by Judge Michael M. Malihi. The important paragraphs  were the following.

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