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DNC Perjures Themselves by Signing Obama’s Nomination Form

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On September 29, 2010, Dr. Eowyn described how a person’s name is placed into nomination in his article, “Hawaii Democratic Party Did Not Certify Obama’s Eligibility.

 In the United States, to become a party’s (e.g.,   the Democratic Party) presidential candidate, one must go through the following:

Step 1:   Receive the votes of the majority of party delegates from the 50 states.

Step 2:  The delegates’ votes are tallied and certified at the party’s national convention.

Step 3:   Each state’s party must certify that the candidate is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States of America.

Step 4:   After the parties of all 50 states produced their Certificates of   Nomination, the Chair of the National Party Convention also signs off  certifying that the nominee indeed is constitutionally eligible.

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