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Big Nanny: Get Out of My Life!

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Today’s noon news was illustrative of where we find ourselves today, in the Obamanation.  There was a common theme to the stories, although it’s doubtful that the news producer recognized it: That being the emerging Nanny State, to which any constitutional conservative must be driven to scream,

Get out of my life!!!!!

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Did You Take Your Meds Today?

Posted  by Bridgette

Did You Get Your Prescription Filled?

Are You Following the Directives of Your Doctor?

“I am from the government, and I am here to help you.”  I want to tell you what to eat,  how to live, and  I want to interfere in your life as much as possible. We know you aren’t responsible adults and can’t be depended upon to take your medicines.

Have you eaten your damn  peas today? 

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