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James O’Keefe, Warrior for the People, and the Suppression of Free Speech (Open Thread)

© Miri WTPOTUS March 13, 2012

The progressive forces attack our constitutional rights on a daily basis.  The free speech rights of a MAJORITY of Americans–those who invest in or own companies, including union workers–are under attack by the forces of the progressive left.   The voting rights of the MAJORITY of Americans are under attack by the forces of the progressive left.  Continue reading

Billboard Links Obama With Jihadists

Car Dealership Billboard Links Obama With Jihadist
by Bridgette

How fast will the Secret Service or FBI get to Wheat Ridge, Colorado to investigate? Will Phil Wolf be sharing a cell with Dr. Manning? Will car sales go up, stay the same, or plummet? Is this a sign of the deep discontent within the US, or it is a sign of suspicions that Obama isn’t who he says he is? What do you think the message is from looking at the sign? Is Mr. Wolf expressing his right to Freedom of Speech?

Moveon.org and Progressnow, liberal vitriolic hate spreaders, are the ones that are setting up a boycott against Mr. Wolf’s dealerships. Hypocrisy at its finest.

People will see this differently. Do you support or condone this type advertising? Continue reading