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The IRS Is Not Off the Hook

wezel - Copy

Acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel, whose surname, quite appropriately, means “whirl” in German (my first thought was that it meant weasel) has engaged in an awful lot of whirling for the Obama administration recently.  As much as Werfel and whiteAfrican-American-who-identifies-as-black Barack Obama would like the IRS scandal to disappear, it’s not going anywhere, thanks to our representatives in Congress.

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By Bridgette

Obama’s Huge Fabricated Family

Obama as a Toddler

Obama’s family is a conglomeration of people living all over the globe. They seem to just come out of the woodwork whenever a new relative is needed to help back up his stories. Well, I shouldn’t say they are all living. Many that could provide direct DNA samples have succumbed to one tragedy or another or cremation.  Except for Ms. Maya.   Yes, he and she could share the same mother or father for that matter, and they might have some matching DNA …but who are their real parents?                                                    Continue reading