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U.S. Postman Rings Once – Obama a Foreigner! (Open Thread)


Hey Barack, You’ve Got Mail!

Allen Hulton, former U.S. Postman, remembers meeting Barack.


The following is the sworn affidavit of Allen Hulton  obtained by WND.   His credentials and proof of employment with the U.S. Post Office are available here.     Mr. Hulton was the postman who delivered mail to the family of Weatherman Bill Ayers when they lived in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.   Allen swears on one occasion that Mary  Ayers  said they were financially supporting  a black man, a foreigner, through Harvard.   At another time, Allen met this black man who started up a conversation with him while standing on the sidewalk outside the Ayers’ home when he was delivering the mail.    The foreigner announced that he was going to be president of the United States someday!   The foreign student that the Ayers were helping was Barack Obama according to Mr. Hulton.

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