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Obot Lies About the Obama Birth Announcment are Just That, Lies!

Posted by Bridgette

The Kool-Aid Prescription

By LadysForest
August, 2011
I ran into a new claim by what I believe is a devoted obama enabler.

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Governor Brewer Vetoed the Eligibility Bill

Breaking News Monday Evening 9:47 p.m.

Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer Vetoed a Bill SB 1070 that Required Candidates Prove They Meet the Constitutional Requirements for President!!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

David Schwartz , Reuters
April 19, 2011

PHOENIX (Reuters)    Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer on Monday vetoed two controversial bills, one mandating proof of U.S. citizenship to run for president, the other allowing guns on college campuses, in a clear setback for conservatives who control the state legislature.   Brewer, who grabbed headlines a year ago when she signed a get-tough state law cracking down on illegal immigrants, vetoed the bills in an announcement late on Monday.

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