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Annoying Progressives

Here’s something I read today that struck a note and which seems altogether necessary to share with you all. Hopefully the author, Kurt Schlicter, will not mind. Schlicter advises us to “Annoy Liberals By Refusing To Care About Their Stupid Fake Outrages.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Birthers R Crazy or R They?

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An article by John Ellis, “Birther Issue Goes Mainstream” reveals that “journalists” today must include the word birther in their copy to generate internet hits to their articles. They are walking a tightrope in how they use the term because they don’t want to alienate their JournOlistic comrades,

all of whom in New York-Washington media circles are resolute in their belief that “birthers” are insane!

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Black on Black…Calling Out “Race Exploiters”

Posted by Bridgette

Lloyd Marcus

In an interview with Tim Murphy in March, 2010,  Lloyd Marcus, a  Black Conservative, song writer and singer,  associated with  Tea Party Express  said,

I love my country and I saw it being taken over by an out-of-control administration. So I wrote the “Tea Party Anthem” about a year ago and it went national.   I’m really offended by the Obama administration and the mainstream media, attempting to portray this as a racist movement. It is not. These are good, decent, hardworking Americans who couldn’t give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. There is racism going on in the country. But it’s not from the Tea Party; it’s from the left. They are using racism to try to shut us up.

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Double Dipping by “PUBLIC” Entities – PBS and NPR

By Bridgette

When the Public Broadcasting System (PBS)  has their week-long pledge-drive specials where requests for donations are made,  did you know that the government was also supporting them?  How about  the National Public Radio (NPR)?    It appears these “publicly supported” companies have been double dipping.    It has recently come to light that when these companies and their outlets   beg for donations to keep them alive , they are also receiving grants from the government … your tax dollars.

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Draining the Progressive Swamp

By Bridgette

CLEAN OUT THE Red Progressive SWAMP!

East Coast "Red Bellied" Swamp Snake

Is Your Incumbent  Senator or Representative or the person who is running for election a Progressive/Democrat/Marxist/Socialist/Communist?   Does  the person running for office in your state or district align with them?  Do they believe our US Constitution is flawed and should be a fluid document?  Do they want to  transform our country into the likes of Third World Countries?

Since the Pelosi-Reid regime took control in 2006, and then added Obama in 2008, we have seen Democrats deeply tied to corruption and ethics violations. If these people weren’t in government and protected by their peers, these ethic violators would be facing criminal charges.  They still might.

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America’s Coming for You, Congress!


 I-75 Lake City, Florida billboard….Every State should have one!!

 Doesn’t it make you want to stand up and cheer?

An email circulating on the internet is now showing the latest billboard lining the highways.   The sign is more appropriate today as we saw the Democrats sign a partisan bill for Socialized Healthcare against the wishes of the majority of citizens of the USA.  The Democrats will feel the wrath of the people in 7 months!   

              “Now it’s personal,

America’s coming for you, Congress!

Vote Liberals Out in 2010!

                                                    We the People

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