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Happy Birthday, Michelle! Let’s Mooooooove!

Today Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama II (aka the First Lady, aka FLOTUS, aka Michelle Robinson Obama) is officially a senior citizen Don’t look so worried, Michelle.  Chin up!

Today is Michelle’s 50th birthday.  She can join AARP!  If she acts fast, she can use her AARP discounts to buy some cheap eats to feed guests at tonight’s tommorow night’s White House birthday bash.

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Childhood Obesity and Barack Obama – Open Thread

© Miri WTPOTUS May 3, 2012

Studies show that as many as one third of children in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Diabetes among children and teens is on the rise, and it is harder for them to control the disease.

Michelle Obama’s focus as First Lady is on physical fitness. She hosts exercise workouts in the White House for the Biggest Loser reality TV show. Continue reading

Michelle Obama and Her Poison Apple

By Bridgette

Michelle Obama is on the cover of the March 22nd Newsweek. Nothing unusual about that by itself since Newsweek has had a love affair with the Communist duo since November, 2008. It is entitled “Feed Your Children Well: My Fight Against Childhood Obesity,” and it was written by the airbrushed Michelle. What is unusual is the other symbol that sits in front of her. How interesting that she wants to “Feed Our Children,”  and we ask what does she have in her garden of knowledge that we might want?

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