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Can You Trust the Union Label?

By Bridgette

Does Your Dream for America Include

Socialism, Marxism, Communism, or Islam?

"American Dream" Sponsors

That’s What These Organizations Want.. That is Their End Game!

Above are only a few of the organizations that believe that our country needs to be transformed into their version of the American Dream.  Their version wants you and your family to live like those in other socialistic countries.  They want our U.S.A. to emulate countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, or even China.   They want everyone to share everything equally whether you have worked for the benefits or sat on your bum.

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Pilot’s Rant Before Crashing into Austin, TX Building

By Bridgette

Fifty-four Year Old Man Intentionally Drives Aircraft into Building in Austin, TX

A small aircraft crashed into an office building this morning at 10 am in Austin, TX. Within an hour it is known that the fire department just finished putting out the fire at his home at 1800 Dapplegray, Austin, TX. Within only 20 minutes the FBI determined that it was not a terrorist event!

The Austin Police Chief says this is an isolated incident and not to be alarmed. We are to take his word for that. One hour after the plane hit the building two F-16’s are scrambled and will remain airborne until the area is determined clear. One hour later another commercial airplane is diverted to Utah because of a bomb threat. No update on this. Continue reading