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Obama Apologizes to Japan for the Atomic Bomb!

Posted by Bridgette

World War II Veterans are Turning Over in their Graves!

Obama bows to Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko (AP)


Remember Obama bowing to the Japanese in his now renown international apology tour?   His first breach of protocol occurred in April ,2009  when Obama bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Then on November 16, 2009, we were aghast to learn and see a photo of Barack Obama bowing a second time, this time to Japan’s emperor.  Reports said that first President Obama first shook the hand of Emperor Akihito and then he gave a “deep” bow.  To the world, our president’s bowing was perceived as the USA being submissive to the Japanese.  While the Leftists were proud of their elected leader,  others were ashamed and humiliated by his actions, and questioned his motives and allegiance.

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