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No Justice

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Presenting three different situations for your consideration. Above is a photo of the McCloskeys defending their home from “protesters” in St. Louis, MO, who were actually trespassers. There is no doubt that these people were trespassing on a private street and some even on the McCloskeys’ private property. Whether or not they broke the gate, they walked right by a “no trespassing” sign, opened the gate, and entered a private subdivision. The McCloskeys, seeing the militant, chanting trespassers, felt threatened and defended their property with weapons, one of which was not even functional. This case is well known. The McCloskeys, the victims, were indicted by a grand jury and await trial. No “protesters” were arrested for trespassing or for threatening the couple.

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Who Will Stand with TX and Rep. Berman?

By Bridgette

Is the Obama Birth Certificate Issue Getting Ready to Explode?


TX Rep. Leo Berman



In the past week, there were brand new developments regarding Obama’s eligibility or  ineligibility controversy.    In Texas,   PATRIOT, Representative Leo Berman (R) introduced House Bill 295 requiring presidential and vice presidential candidates to file birth certificates in Texas.  These are to be presented and validated by the Secretary of State.  The bill would become effective on Sept. 1, 2011, six months before the state holds its 2012 presidential primaries…if the bill passes and  Gov. Rick Perry signs it into law.

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