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Holder Removed Old Glory from DOJ Website!

Posted by Bridgette


U.S. Justice Department’s website “redecorated” under Eric Holder!


The U.S. GOVERNMENT website for the U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT has removed the traditional usage of the U.S. flag as a background and TRANSFORMED it to include the quote of a Socialist!

Could it be any clearer  as to where this administration wants to take the U.S. now?   Is there any question as to this radical  administration’s philosphy, leaning, and agenda?  Surprised?  Outraged?

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Second Oil Rig Capsized in the Gulf

Birds Fly over oil slick near Breton Sound Island, south of Louisiana

Unusual Events Are Occurring

By Bridgette

Does anybody think it is peculiar that there has been no news or details about those that died on the BP oil rig?   We haven’t heard or read about any interviews with survivors either.  

Journalists were quick to interview people on the ship that was attacked by pirates. The pirates kidnapped their captain, and he was eventually saved when the Navy Seals shot the pirates. The media covered that incident extensively.  Continue reading

“The Justice Department Defends Terrorism”

©2010 drkate

From: DrKate’s View. I have Kate’s permission to cross-post this new article she has just put up. It is a very important issue, so I would like to add it here.

Senator Chuck Grassley is making known his displeasure with the number of lawyers in the Justice Department who have represented and advised known terror suspects accused of attacking the United States.

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