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Iranian Flotilla to Sail Along US Coast – Provocation?

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 Intention or Bluff?

 How and When Will Obama Respond…

Shall We Count the Days?


Iranian Navy Destroyer "Jamaran" Ebrahim Nourozi/AFP/Getty Images


Reports today from Russia state that  Iran’s navy is planning to send a “flotilla” to  patrol our eastern coast shortly.  [Anyone know how many ships comprise a flotilla?]   Are their navy destroyers  arranging a sight-seeing tour or do they want to size-up our naval carriers  that protect our nation?   Do they want to contact our naval submarines that also travel our shore lines?  What is their intent?  Should we be concerned?   According to a CNN report, the White House is not concerned and the Department of Defense says, ‘It’s no big deal.”  As we have learned over the last three years, whatever this administration  says, expect the opposite.

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America is Being Gamed – The Muslim Project

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We Should be Worried About More Than the Mosque at Ground Zero!


"Religion of Peace" Demon-stration in London


Rightside News ran the following story written by Marshall Frank on September 21, 2010.   This followed an article by Christine Brim on August 29,  ” Coming August 31:   ‘Direct Access’  Stimulus Grants for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

White House Holds Workshop To Help Agents Of Jihad

This article is about specific infiltration of our government by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are dedicated toward the destruction of America from within.  I hope every liberal and progressive minded, well-intentioned person who has any doubts, will take the time to digest the information herein.  It leaves little doubt that our president is helping them along, either inadvertently or deliberately.

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