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Breaking! Vets Call for Removal of Obama, Biden, and Cabinet Now! Vets Gather 11-11-11!

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Citizens Awake: 

“Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic”

Demands Call for Removal of Obama and Biden, and more!

The following  excerpts are  from the “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic.”  It must be read by all citizens to understand the gravity of the situation we are now facing.   All members in Congress have received this notification!   The Veterans in our nation have combined their efforts to prepare this Call to Action.


An undisclosed number of American Veterans and former service members have come together to prepare and present this Call-to-Action on behalf of the U.S. Constitution, the Republic, the Rule of Law and equal justice for all freedom loving citizens of the United States of America. Acting together as one, via The Veteran Defenders of America, co-sponsored by civilian patriot group The Unites States Patriots Union, LLC we issue the following CALL for peaceful disobedience.

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Rush and Congress are Not Excused!

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Rush Limbaugh Slammed for ‘Avoiding’ Eligibility

Rush Limbaugh

“Not 1 High Republican or You has Ever Really Tried to Nail” Obama!

By Joe Kovacs
© 2011 WorldNetDaily
April 07, 2011

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh came under fire today from a caller to his top-rated program accusing the host of avoiding the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president.

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