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Second Oil Rig Capsized in the Gulf

Birds Fly over oil slick near Breton Sound Island, south of Louisiana

Unusual Events Are Occurring

By Bridgette

Does anybody think it is peculiar that there has been no news or details about those that died on the BP oil rig?   We haven’t heard or read about any interviews with survivors either.  

Journalists were quick to interview people on the ship that was attacked by pirates. The pirates kidnapped their captain, and he was eventually saved when the Navy Seals shot the pirates. The media covered that incident extensively.  Continue reading

America Under Attack

By: Renee

Well, it seems it never ends. Every day a new drama unfolds. Today the headlines in all the news should be the connections of terrorism, but instead, the media continues to treat each drama as an unrelated incident. Those that have become informed however are not fooled. America is under attack, and most of our country has now figured this out.

One oil rig explodes, and is spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and now a second rig is tipping over. Now breaking news is about a car bomb in Times Square on a busy Saturday night. Luckily, it did not explode, but instead smoked up the SUV it was contained inside, and  therefore saved the lives of many innocent people that could have been killed or injured if it had exploded as was planned. A man was seen running away from the SUV, as he was probably expecting fast fireworks. He is probably one disappointed freak of nature at this point. Continue reading