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“Stop the Treason” Usurpathon Begins

The Usurpathon Goes to D.C. to

“Stop the Treason”

Posted by Bridgette

From the Post & Email the following interview with our well known patriot from TD’s blog,   Dr. Kate, tells of her plan for the Usurpathon. We  all have been associated with Dr. Kate and her excellent articles at TD’s before her own blog opened, and we opened ours.    Our beginning and hers  were based on  continuing to expose Obama’s ineligibility to serve as president because he is not a Natural Born Citizen according to the U.S.  Constitution.    She is now taking new steps to keep the issue alive through her Usurpathon.   Following is her interview with Sharon Rondeau at The Post & Email.  We post her interview in support of Dr. Kate!  Everyone that can, please support her in the latest effort to expose Obama and those conspiring to keep his secrets.   Join her in Washington, D.C.

To us at WTPOTUS ,  it is as plain as the mole on his face that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen!

Onward and upward ..Usurpathon!

Ground Zero Mosque? ‘all possess alike liberty,’” Bloomberg said.

By Renee

SHOCKING! NY's Transit Agency's Approved Bus Ad

George Washington is quoted by Bloomberg regarding the mosque at ground zero? Really? Interesting spin.  An online  poll today on thumbs up or down on the Ground Zero Mosque says it all;  89% thumbs down. So, if  sensitive Islamics note how rude all of this is, how can Bloomberg put a sweet spin on this outrage? How can he offend  Americans and the citizens of his city in this way?  Who exactly does he work for?

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