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Hodgepodge of News

A hodgepodge of stories that stood out recently. First, the Republican campaign flyers just write themselves, don’t they?

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Progressive Illogic

Items in the news recently accentuate the lack of logic that’s typical of progressive “thought.” For example, progressives deny the scientific, biological reality of two human sexes, male and female, as determined unequivocally by DNA.

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Who’s On Facebook’s First?

And now an important announcement from Facebook. Gender is a “spectrum,” and so, to accommodate this new reality, a Facebook user can now choose a gender for his or her (or them’s?) Facebook profile other than one of the (bigoted) two “genders” that were “assigned to” the individual at birth. Isn’t that special?

Who was the Assigner, by the way?  Is that an inadvertent acknowledgement of The Creator?  The Ultimate Umpire?

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