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Communication Leaks by a Foreigner

By Bridgette

Our Country is Under Attack

from the Inside and the Outside!


Not only do we  worry about the Marxists in our government, but now a foreigner is attacking us by releasing hacked,  secret, sensitive State Department cables between  foreign diplomats and ambassadors and  government officials.   Breitbart says they contain “candid assessments of foreign leaders and their governments, as well as details of American policy.”    From what I have read, candid isn’t a word that is strong enough to describe these revelations that government “employees” have used to depict foreign leaders.   Only government idiots and fools  would  put into writing passages such as those now being leaked.   Apparently, our diplomatic corps and the State Department don’t have  the sense to maintain decorum at all times.   Perhaps they need some regulating!

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Things Really Are Getting Crazy! Sarkozy Warns Obama Might Be Insane

By: Renee and Leza

The French President is now reported to be questioning President Obama’s sanity? Quite interesting to hear this. A maxi drama ?

There is one bit Leza found and we had planned to post it but both found our fruit had a worm, or a few. I guess now I am adding to readers to be so careful as you find bits on this story.

Keep this one updated please Leza. I thought they would get along, silly me. I do not like worms in fruit. That Michael Jackson song comes to mind about the one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch girl….

Things really are getting crazy !

Obama’s Foreign Policy

By Bridgette

The NWO’s monetary policy regarding changing our dollar currency to a world currency is now being mentioned in the news. So it appears they are testing the waters to see how the public reacts to this idea right now. Good Lord, tossing out the information about a new currency, and screwing up every good relationship we have with our allies..do we even have allies now? Who might they be? Poland and Czechoslovakia are aghast! In their NWO peabrains, this transformation in monetary and foreign policy is what they think will benefit us? We should change our foreign policy completely, ignore our NATO obligations, ignore our allies, so we can bed with the dictators of the world such as those in China, Russia, and with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists?
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