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Let’s put aside for a moment all the political angles surrounding the story of Scot Peterson, the former Broward County Sheriff’s deputy who was recently charged with 11 crimes because of his response, or lack thereof, to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Continue reading

the State of the Labor Union Address

By Newssleuth

Last night Obama gave his first State of the Union Address. He spoke about how he wants to make these hard times easier for the American people. He went on and on about how he was making things better. But I wonder, how many of Obama’s plans directly benefit the labor unions that so heavily supported him in his run for president?

Bows to labor unions. In saluting the resilience of the American people, Obama specifically mentioned people “building cars and teaching kids”—both heavily unionized occupations. And his administration has been pouring money into them, through the General Motors and Chrysler bailouts and through the one-third of the 2009 stimulus package that went to state and local governments. Obama not only pays off his political debts, he gives his paymasters some psychic reward as well.


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