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Security of U.S. Passports Called Into Question

Why Are Key Passport Components Outsourced To a Country In Turmoil?

By Matthew Mosk, Matthew Cole, Brian Ross and John Solomon
Center For Public Integrity and ABC News

Posted By Newssleuth

The U.S. government agency that prints passports has for years failed toresolve persistent concerns about the security risks involved in outsourcing
production to foreign factories, a joint investigation by ABC News and the
Center for Public Integrity <http://www.publicin tegrity.org/> has found.

“On a number of levels this is extremely troubling,” said Clark Kent Ervin,
a former inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security.
“Something like that ought to be produced only in the United States, under
only the most rigorous security standards.” A report on the outsourcing of
U.S. passports to high-risk countries was seen on World News with Diane

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