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Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish

Joe Medicine Crow Being Given the Medal of Freedom

By Bridgette

Remember Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish?    In May 2008, that was the adopted name given to the pResident by Hartford and Mary Black Eagle, Crow Reservation, Lodge Grass, Montana during an adoption ceremony. “One Who Helps People Throughout This Land” was the translated meaning of Obama’s new identity. The adoption of Obama by the Crows has been a mystery to us. This adoption took place prior to the election, and according to their traditions the adoption linked Obama to five generations of Native Americans.   Sasha and Malia were told they were being introduced to their grandparents when meeting the Black Eagles. On one hand, that is a good thing, as we know Obama’s father and step-father had died;  so Black Eagle could fit into the slot of their deceased relatives, Obama, Sr., Lolo Soetoro, or great grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Little did we know that like the many before her, Grandma Madelyn Dunham would pass away before she could witness the elevation of her grandson to the presidency.

We were told by the Obama press that Grandma Madelyn passed just before the election, yet Obama didn’t choose to celebrate her life by attending a funeral for her because it would have interfered with the post election celebrations.  The woman that cared for him, supported him, and loved him was put into a casket and left alone in some morgue somewhere. According to news reports, she was placed into a closed casket to be mourned by others in a public memorial service in Hawaii.   Common decency and respect for the dead were put aside so Obama and Michelle could relish their day in the sun and treasure their momentous victory. While sucking in the adulation of their fawning supporters who voted him to victory, Grandma was either in her casket or put on ice.
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