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Obama CIA Agent During Afghan-Soviet War

Posted by Bridgette


Barack Obama, Former CIA Agent

By Deanna Spingola
Edited by Ken Freeland
March 13, 2010


I recently had the pleasure of talking with Dr. James David Manning who has been ministering to the people of Harlem since 1981. He is now the Senior Pastor at ATLAH which stands for All the Land Anointed Holy, Manning’s inspired name for Harlem as of September 14, 1991.

Dr. Manning heads the Columbia Obama Treason Trial which is scheduled for May 14-19, 2010 at the ATLAH building at 38 West 123rd Street in ATLAH, New York, 10027. Unfortunately, the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court have failed in their duties to uphold the Constitution and address the legitimacy and other questionable issues surrounding the White House’s current resident. So, Dr. Manning, being a longtime resident of the Columbia University area, the school that Obama allegedly attended, began an intense investigation into Obama’s educational background and discovered some profound discrepancies.
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Don’t Let Kids Grow Up to be Community Organizers


 Perry High School Massillion, Stark County, Ohio



By Bridgette 

Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to Be Community Organizers!

Feel the outrage and incredulity as Obama’s minions take another step forward in the Progressives/Communist’s vision for our Republic by actively seeking adolescents to become interns. Through this membership, the radicals will have clean, blank slates where they can indoctrinate “willing” and naïve youth. 

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