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The Spiral of Silence and the Enforcers of Right Think

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In our last post, we learned that researchers have found that people tend to self-censor their speech, both in person and on social media, if they believe that their opinions are unpopular or in the minority. Researchers call this phenomenon the spiral of silence. The tendency to self-censor is one that others, particularly progressives, use to political advantage, when they seek to punish or destroy those with whom they disagree. Depending upon how politically incorrect their points of view are perceived to be by others, speakers quickly learn to self-censor their speech lest they find themselves singled out, investigated, and punished by the enforcers of right think. Let’s look at some recent examples of this type of punishment that goes far beyond ridicule or ostracism.

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Cover-up Over Obama’s Eligibility – Will CNN be Charged with RICO?

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Major Media Network CNN

Claimed They Had Obama’s Birth Certificate…

Gary Tuchman reporting for CNN in Hawaii

“CNN’s Gary Tuchman says that the reason he likes his job is that his only mission is to get the facts.”

~ J. Mirkinson, Huff Po

Do you recall a CNN live report by Gary Tuchman, on Anderson Cooper’s 360 program,  “Busting the Birther Conspiracy Theory”  that aired April 25, 2011?  Screen shots were taken from a video of a subsequent broadcast airing a year later that show a birth certificate they alluded to being  Obama’s.   Apparently,  the birth certificate  did not belong to Obama;  it belonged to another person.  Three different videos were compared and one is different. The original videos show Tuchman saying they borrowed a man’s birth certificate while he is holding up a black birth certificate.  Their version a year later has them pretending that the black birth certificate is Obama’s.

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Threatening Posts by the Left are Exposed

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Of course, the Progressive  Left “never lets a crisis go to waste” and they are following Alinsky’s rules to the letter.   Instead of sympathy and empathy for the victims in Tucson, they immediately accused the Right of being involved only a few minutes after the massacre  was announced.    The Left blogs,  announcers, and politicians were  so quick to respond, it is as if they had prior knowledge  of the  tragedy.     To cover for themselves, the  nasty accusations began.  They were getting facts wrong, and quickly announced that Rep. Gabby Giffords was dead.   She wasn’t.   But it appears they expected her to be.

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Who is Really Behind the Document Leaks?

By Bridgette

Is it This Man?

Vladimir Putin, Russia's Prime Minister


Coming on the heals of Wikileaks’ document dump, and its suspiciously cherry-picked  information, especially targeting Hillary Clinton and her diplomatic spy corps,  it is noted that there was no information disparaging  Obama.    It is as though the little quips were embarrassing, but most wouldn’t cause a diplomatic incident unless those exposed were “thin skinned.”    After all, most characterizations  or suspected government activities have been written previously  by one or several journalists.   There were very few surprises in the contents of the diplomatic correspondence.

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