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Will Congress Investigate Obama’s Eligibility Now?

By Bridgette

Will There Be A September Surprise…for Obama?



All Congressmen Were Sent a Notarized Letter from Lucas Daniel Smith affirming that he had a copy of  Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya.


The Post and Email held an exclusive interview with Lucas Daniel Smith where he maintains that the Birth Certificate he got in Kenya, Africa is that of Barack Hussein Obama.

Lucas gained notoriety last year when he produced the copy and tried to sell it on Ebay.  He produced a videotape of his time in Africa obtaining it.   He also was supposed to be witness in Orly Taitz’s case in California with Judge Carter presiding.   In an unexpected turn of events, Judge Carter did not take a deposition and the evidence was not heard.   Between court appearances, the judge,  who had promised a hearing based on evidence and discovery in the lawsuit changed his demeanor and tone.  He dismissed the case.  Later, it was  discovered that  Judge Carter hired a law clerk that worked in the offices of Robert Bauer, Obama’s personal attorney.  Bauer was the one responsible for answering multiple eligibility lawsuits, and is now the White House Counsel.                                            Continue reading

Race Fixing ? Another Scandal to Shake the White House ?

By Renee

Race fixing is against the law. Obama  administration is accused of offering a high ranking job to Joe Sestek if he would not run as opposition to Arlen Spector. Joe states that this is indeed the case.

Over and over again ? From the same playbook ? Get the opposition out of the way ( especially if you know they will win honestly).

Every day a new scandal ? Every week a new mini drama ? Every week a new set of corruption stories ?

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