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Bo and Sunny: Double the Trouble–for Taxpayers (Open Thread)

Have you heard the latest news?!!!!  The Obamas have a new dog.  Oh, how exciting (and distracting).  The Obamas, yet again, play the “puppy card“.  The media, as usual, have been conscripted to blather the news everywhere.  (Nearly 700,000 hits today, searching on “Sunny Obama dog” at Startpage.)

Welcome Sunny to the White House, everyone.  Yes, I mean that presidential palace at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC, the place where ordinary human citizens are not allowed to go, anymore, even though we pay all the bills.  Continue reading

It’s a “Man Eat Dog” World! (Open Thread)


It’s No Longer, A “Dog Eat Dog” Kind of  World

in the Age of Obama!



 This is kinda Ruff!

Continue reading

If Only Dreams Could Come True

by Bridgette

In my dream, and I have very prophetic dreams, I saw the whole group of 400 fashionably dressed people sitting down to enjoy the Obama’s First Dignified State Dinner that was being held in a borrowed tent in November, in winter, with the temperatures hovering around 35 degrees. In the freezing cold, they walked from the White House across the lawn to the huge circus tent. Happily inside they saw dozens of patio heat lamps strategically placed throughout the tent to keep the temperature inside warm and cozy. Although the wind was blowing and snow was expected, the formally dressed partiers would be protected from the elements.

Mingling, greeting, and chatting as they do, they moved from table to table while searching for their tables and their names on place cards. Orchestra music played in the background as people roamed around the tent. Candles flickered on the autumn decorated tables set with presidential china from four presidents. Bowls of large, toasted and roasted acorns were surrounded by waxed autumn leaves creating a festive atmosphere. Indeed, this was a spectacular tent fit for a Prime Minister, his wife and all the presidential cronies. Continue reading