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Obot Lies About the Obama Birth Announcment are Just That, Lies!

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The Kool-Aid Prescription

By LadysForest
August, 2011
I ran into a new claim by what I believe is a devoted obama enabler.

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Dr. Chiyome Fukino Chats with NBC

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Hey,  Researchers, Wait Until You Read This!

Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Formerly with Hawaii DOH

Hawaii official denounces ‘ludicrous’ birther claims.

Comments follow statements by Donald Trump questioning legitimacy of president’s birth record.
By Michael Isikoff,   National investigative correspondent
NBC : April 9,   Updated 49 minutes ago

The Hawaiian state health official who personally reviewed Barack Obama’s original birth certificate  has affirmed again that the document is “real” and denounced ” conspiracy theorists in the so-called “birther” movement for continuing to spread bogus claims about the issue.

“It’s kind of ludicrous at this point,” Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, said in a rare telephone interview with NBC.   Fukino, sounding both exasperated and amused, spoke to a reporter in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s statements on the NBC Today show last week questioning whether Obama has a legitimate birth certificate.

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Hawaii’s Senator Questions What Obama is Hiding!

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Sam Slom, Hawaii's Only Republican State Senator - AP Photo

Jeff Katz,  a conservative radio host,  recently was hired to work at Boston’s new conservative talk radio station WXKS Radio in Boston (Rush Radio).  Today was his first day,  and one of his  first guests was Hawaii’s Republican  State Senator,  Sam Slom.

WND reported the story this morning.

Hawaii senator wonders what Obama’s concealing
‘Why would anyone spend millions not to make that information public?’

April 05, 2011

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Scott Brown Wonders…

Will Scott Brown Be Labeled a Birther?

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Scott Brown did not give a definitive response as to whether Barack Sr. and Stanley Ann married prior to Barack Jr.’s birth. Does that make him a “birther” as the Left will label him? Or is he just saying he doesn’t know if Obama’s parents were married when Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. was born? Does saying I don’t know if Stanley Ann and Barack Obama Sr. were married automatically get someone branded as a birther? Wouldn’t you like to know how anyone on the Left knows if they were or weren’t married? Have they seen the marriage license? So far, no documentation has been unearthed proving their marriage date or the place where it occurred. Strange, indeed. Stranger yet, is how if anyone asks a question or doesn’t tow the line with the Left’s stock answers, they are called birthers. Therefore, if one disagrees with policies of the Obama administration, be prepared to be labeled. Their definition is changing, and it no longer pertains to the ineligibility issue alone.
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