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Obama’s Pseudo-Neo-Marxism

© Miri WTPOTUS December 7, 2011

Since 2008, even before, we’ve speculated about Barack Obama’s possible connections to the Soviet Union and its communist ideology.  We know that Obama’s father, mother, and maternal grandparents were sympathetic to communism, as were many of his friends from Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis (aka “Uncle Frank”) perhaps chief among them. 

Obama himself belonged to or associated with Communist or Marxist organizations throughout his early years in politics, although these facts were carefully kept from the American people during the 2008 campaign. Continue reading

Obama’s Friends: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, Domestic Terrorists. Open Thread

Logo of the Weather Underground

Barack Obama signature

© Miri WTPOTUS December 2, 2011

Where has this video been for the past few years?  So far, only about 211,000 people have watched it.  Let’s remedy that!  Continue reading

Spring Offensive for the Obama Campaign: Fight State Laws That Ensure Fair Elections

© Miri WTPOTUS November 04, 2011

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has published a very interesting article about what Robert Bauer is up to lately. You remember Bob, don’t you? 

Former White House (WH) counsel.  He who introduced the world to the real, authentic, three-dimensional, certified, long-form Obama birth certificate.  He who’s married to the lovely and mysterious, I-have-no-backstory, Mao-loving, former WH director of communications Anita Dunn.  He who belongs to that law firm, Perkins-Coie, that also employs as a partner Barack Hussein Obama II’s personal lawyer, Judith Corley, who is the only person [outside the HDOH staff] known to have actually possibly seen whatever it was that the Hawaiian Department of Health produced in April, which later on Bauer and other WH flunkies implied was scanned and placed on the White House blog as Obama’s birth certificate.  Yeah, that guy. Bob. Continue reading

WTPOTUS’s “No Fly List”


Takin’ Out the Trash

©Bridgette WTPOTUS 2010

On this thread we will begin watching the refuge, trash, and litter as it is being discarded along the Progressive’s green-lined roadside. Rubbish got in and it is getting rolled up and tossed out in those old brown paper wrappers and black plastic bags like the garbage it is. Like all unwanted waste and debris, it is headed straight for the progressive/communist dumpster. The signs are all pointing right, as that Obamabus keeps turning left and barreling down that super communist highway.

Continue reading

Inside Anita Dunn’s Head

Obama Aide Dunn Renews Criticism of Fox, Hails Jon Stewart

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama’s outgoing communications director, Anita Dunn, renewed her attacks against Fox News as she praised the “investigative journalism” of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and said MSNBC isn’t a biased cable news network. Continue reading

Beck’s Anonymous Phone Call

Oct. 23, 2009 By Bridgette

Glenn Beck received a call from an anonymous caller during his program on Friday. All he said to the audience was something big was happening to Anita’s husband, Bob Bauer. Something really, really big. My guess was that Bob might be replacing the old Clinton attorney, Gregory B. Craig, the White House legal counsel, who is about to be hit by Obama’s proverbial bus. Craig has been taking all the heat for not getting Gitmo closed and was revising interrogation and detention policies for the administration. With all of the problems in the administration, they need a fall guy, and it appears that Gregory wasn’t wearing his “Don’t Tread on Me” tee shirt Friday when the news was announced. Well, I was right in my assumption, and I heard it on FOX News!

The hot item is not that Bob Bauer has a new position. No, the hot, steaming news is there is a leak coming from the White House directly to Glenn. “Hey, White House. Do you hear us now? “WHITE HOUSE YOU HAVE A LEAK!! Softer now, ” White House, you have a leak!” Once again, “WHITE HOUSE YOU’VE GOT A FRIGGIN’ LEAK!” Call in the Plumbers…oh, sorry that was before, and this is now. “Anita, Call Me!” Continue reading