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Justia Caught Sabotaging Supreme Ct. Rulings

Posted By Bridgette

 Justia.com, Erased  References  of Minor v Happersett !

  They Tampered with Twenty Five Supreme Court Cases!

The 1875  SCOTUS Case Defined 

“Natural Born Citizen”

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Dianna Cotter, Portland Civil Rights Examiner
October 20, 2011

Someone was incredibly busy in June 2008 working on an illegal front invisible to the public; searching and altering Supreme Court Cases published at Justia.com which cite the only case in American history – Minor v. Happersett (1875) – to directly construe Article 2 Section 1’s natural-born citizen clause in determining a citizenship issue as part of its holding and precedent.  In this unanimous decision, the Supreme Court defined a “native or natural-born citizen” as a person born in the US to parents who were citizens; a definition which excludes from eligibility both Barack Obama and John McCain. 

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