Maya Timeline

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All undocumented information unless stated otherwise.

Maya Kasandra Soetoro

Aliases:  Maya Soetoro Forth, Maya Soetoro-Ng

August 15, 1970 Documented

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia   Not documented
Barack Obama, maternal half-brother
Parents: Married
Lolo Soetoro

Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro

Nov. 5, 1980 Parents Divorced  Documented

Lolo Soetoro 2nd Marriage
Date: Married Woman
1981 Born Yusuf Aji Soetoro paternal half-brother
1984 Born Rahayu Nurmaida Soetoro paternal half-sister

Aug. 1974 – June 15, 1980 Maya living with mother in Indonesia.  Documented in Divorce decree

Date: Home Schooled  –  Living in Indonesia
1981 to 1984 Jakarta International School
Date: Moved to Hawaii with mother
Date: Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii

1987 living at 1512 Spreckels Apt. 402, Honolulu, HI; also same address in 1992 and 1996

1988: Graduated Punahou School
Date:   Barnard College in Manhattan, New York.
Date:   International school in Indonesia  taught and spent time
1996–2000 The Learning Project, New York City  Taught school; lived at 792 Columbus Ave., Apt. 91, NYC, NY; other addresses in NYC: 600 W. 146th St. Apt. 32; 254 Park Ave. S. #4g

Date: New York University
Date: M.A. Secondary language studies
Date: M.A. English

Date: Marriage to Gary W. E. Forth; he was born June 15, 1966; he lived with Maya at 3554 Kumu, Honolulu, HI, from 1995-1997
Date  Divorced Gary W.E. Forth, Divorce Record,  Hawaii  Documented

Date: University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu
Date: Ph.D. International comparative education.
? Based on International school, Indonesia, taught & NY school

Date:   La Pietra: Hawaii School for Girls in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Taught High School history

Date: University of Hawaii – taught night school

Jan. 21, 2003   Marriage License ,  Las Vegas, Nevada to Konrad Ng   Marriage License Documented
Jan. 21, 2003  Married Konrad Gar-Yeu NgLas Vegas,  Nevada Marriage Certificate Documented
Konrad Ng of Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Malaysian Chinese Canadian–American, U.S. Citizen.
Univ.of Hawaii’s Academy of Creative Media, Asst. Prof.; son of Joan and Howard Ng; one brother, Perry Ng

Dec. 3, 2003 Accident, Bench Warrant,   Hawaii  Documented
Mar. 29, 2005    Home Mortgage, Hawaii (Ng & Soetoro)   Documented
Nov. 15, 2006 Traffic Ticket, Hawaii Documented
May                         Campaigned for brother – 2 mo not working
Date:    Married in Hawaii to Conrad Nyg
Date:    Wedding Reception held at Paliku Gardens, Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii.

Date:   Wedding Reception in Canada

Date:  Suhaila Ng born, a daughter

April 14, 2008 Traffic  Ticket, Hawaii  Documented

2007 and 2008   Stumping for Obama

2008  Savita Ng born, a daughter
Date:   Moved from Hawaii to Washington D.C.

Mar.25, 2010 Traffic Ticket, Hawaii  Documented

April 5, 2010 Traffic Ticket, Hawaii  Documented

2010 Stumping for Neal Abercrombie for Gov. of Hawaii

Celebrated Christmas in Hawaii often  with Obama

Soetoro-Ng has described herself as “philosophically Buddhist.”

She speaks Indonesian, Spanish and English.

2009  Launched her mother’s dissertation as a book, Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia (Duke University Press)



Maya’s birth date documented.  Birth in Indonesia is not.

Date  Home schooled
Date  Attended elementary school in Indonesia
Date  Moved to Hawaii with mother
Date   Attended Punahou
Date  Traveled to Indonesia
Date Attended East West University
Date Working as a teacher at Lab School
Date  Married in Hawaii to Conrad Nyg.   Undocumented
Date:   Moved from Hawaii to Washington D.C.
Date    Renting apartment

Basic  Information:

94 responses to “Maya Timeline

  1. Seo,
    Great work. So we now know that Gary William Ernest Maunakea-Forth was married to Kikui on 18 August 2001.
    What was Kikui’s (wife) given name on the marriage certificate and then her married name?

  2. Puzzled Solved on Name Change of Gary W.E. Forth to Gary W.E. Maunakea Forth

    With the help of Seo, I have been able to go into a public access site and obtain conveyance information and a copy of the marriage certificate of Gary William Ernest Forth who became Gary William Ernest Maunakea-Forth and his wife Jornal Maunakea-Forth (known by most as Kukiu Maunakea-Forth. Gary is the Director of Ma’o Organic Farms in Waianae, HI and Kukiu is Executive Director. Gary W.E. Forth was formerly married to Maya Kasandra Soetoro (now Maya Soetoro-Ng), President Obama’s half-sister. Their marriage ended when Gary filed for divorce on 9 May, 1994 and it was granted on 12 May, 1995.

    Land Conveyance Order No. 145159 was recorded on 08 March, 2002 and contains 4 pages.
    Page 1 – Cover Page
    Page 2 – 06 March, 2002 Land Court Application No. 1102 and petition by Gary Maunakea-Forth to amend Land Court Certificate of Title No. 555,722 to show his marriage, Gary William Ernest Forth to Jornal Kuualoha Kukuiolamekanaauao Maunakea-Kanehailua
    Page 3 – Land Court granted the petition on 4 March, 2002 based on the Marriage certificate.
    Page 4 – Copy of Hawaii Marriage Certificate No. 151 2001 – 015169. Marriage occurred at Heiau at Pokai Bay, Waianae, HI, on 18 August, 2001 and filed on 22 August, 2002. The significant part of this Certificate is that Gary William Ernest Forth changed his name to Gary William Ernest Maunakea-Forth. Jornal Kuualoha Kukuiolamekanaauao Maunakea-Kanehailua changes her last name to Maunakea-Forth.

  3. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin Thursday, March 18, 1999 Obituary listing for the mother of the wife of Gary Maunakea-Forth.

    Gary’s wife, commonly called Kukui Maunakea-Forth married name is Jornal (first name) Kuualoha Kukuiolamekanaauao (middle name) Maunakea-Forth (last name). Kukui was born in Ewa, Oahu, Hawaii.

    The following 1999 obituary is for her mother.
    Yvonne K. Maunakea-Velles, 60, of Waianae, an education assistant for Nanaikapono Elementary and Waianae Intermediate schools, died Friday at home. She was born in Nanakuli. She is survived by husband Alexander Auna; sons Iopa and Kapoli Maunakea; hanai son Ernest Keinath; daughters Marie Paresa, Alexis Maunakea and Jornal Maunakea-Kanehailua; brother Edwin Maunakea; sisters Katherine Stang and Merry N. Wright; hanai sister Emma Hoohuli, and 15 grandchildren. Memorial services: 5 p.m. Monday at Bishop Memorial Chapel, Kamehameha Schools. Call from 4 to 7 p.m. Inurnment: 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at Sunset Memorial Park. Aloha attire.

  4. The information below in parentheses is posted on Maya Seotoro-Ng’s Facebook page.
    Note: She has several videos that can be viewed and one is entitlled “Ma’o Farms and Waianae’s Hidden Beauty”. I have provided information on a previous thread in this blog. Recall that Maya and the Gary Mauakea-Forth (previously know as Gary W.E. Forth) were married for a period of time in the early to mid-1990’s. Ma’o Organic Farms is a part of the Waianae Community Redevelopment Corporation (WCRC) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that had received a lot of federal and state funds in the form of grants, etc. She and her youngest daughter Savita was in the video. This past November, 2011 during the APEC meetings the First Lady visited the Ma’o Organic Farms and hosted a luncheon in Honolulu for all the first ladies with ingredients from Ma’o Farms. Aside from Gary and Kukui Maunakea- Forth, MA’O Organic Farms is under the direction of Waianae native Kamuela (Kamu) Joseph Nui Enos, director of social enterprise for MA’O. HE IS ALSO A COMMISSIONER ON THE WHITE HOUSE COMMISSION ON ASIAN AMERICAN AND PACIFIC ISLANDERS. Enos holds a bachelor’s in Hawaiian studies and a master’s in urban and regional planning.

    A good question to pose would be: Is the WCRC, as a 501(c)(3), getting preferential grant and other funding treatment from both the Federal Government and the State of Hawaii, directly or indirectly, because of the previous relationship of Gary and Maya and their connection to the White House?

    “Maya Soetoro-Ng
    Wai’anae, Hawai’i is one of the most underprivileged areas in all of Hawai’i. Only 5.1% of Native Hawaiians in Wai’anae have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 38.9% of Native Hawaiian families in Wai’anae with children under Five years old live in poverty. The coast of Wai’anae is lined with tents and tarps where families live, and numerous health and education problems impact the disadvantaged youth.

    Ma’o Farms, is a best practice that seeks to change this.
    Ma’o was established at the turn of the new millennium with a desire to address the important needs of our youth and community. A group of residents, traditional practitioners, teachers, and business experts created the Waianae Community Re-Development Corporation (WCRC), a federally recognized 501 c 3 nonprofit organization. The goal was to build a strategy that would impact five critical areas of need: out-of-school youth, sustainable economic development, agriculture, health, and Hawaiian culture. Youth leadership and social enterprise development became the core objectives, with strategies to build a localized movement to put the value of aloha aina into action. Students here are given an opportunity to work on the land, learn Hawaiian culture and values, and receive a high quality education.

    Special thanks to Henry Mochida for providing extra footage and statistics from his film, Blue Tarp City.”

    • That’s a very good question, Bob. And we here can guess the answer. She’s not the only member of that extended clan who’s figured out how to grab hold of government hind teat. Joseph and his wife Dora have special deals for their businesses as “minority” owners. Everybody has glommed onto the racial spoils system. Systematically looting the taxpayers’ coffers, getting special treatment by virtue only of skin color.

      How in the world does a half-white, half-TANZANIAN, born to TWO elite WEALTHY parents, merit special consideration from our government, solely on account of having brownish skin? He’s not and never has been a “victim” of institutionalized racism in the USA. Of course, his wife is Hispanic. But how was her family situated? Let me guess that they likely descended from the old Spanish ruling elite in Texas or the Southwest. Not Mestizos. Their overlords. Just a guess. Prove me wrong.

      It’s no surprise, btw, that now Hispanics have figured out that benefits roll to any group that claims victimhood. Don’t get me started on La Raza and the Reconquista. (Reminding everyone right now that I’m mixed race, as is my hubby. We both believe in people standing on their own two feet instead of asking for “reparations” for real or imagined wrongs possibly committed by long-dead people possibly against their own ancestors, hundreds of years ago.)

      Same for Maya. Her mother WHITE. Her father INDONESIAN. Both parents WEALTHY. ELITE. EDUCATED. Her ex-husband WHITE. But she, too, pretends to be a member of a victimized class.

      I’m sure that you’ve hit upon the probable REASON why there’s no mention of that first marriage in any of her “biographies.” Have you EVER seen it mentioned anywhere in the media?

      It would be a good question to ask: Why does Michelle Obama single out the business of her sister-in-law’s EX-HUSBAND for special consideration? Isn’t it odd that Maya sings the praise of the place but neglects to mention her special relationship with one of its owners?

      • Zapata Oil. I think that is where she came from.

        • So very well put Miri and it may be that Dora too was married before, or Joseph(can’t remember which I found something on). I won’t add anything to that; you put it succinctly.
          Renee, Zapata Oil??? Not sure what that is, I’ve seen Zapata Oil, but what’s the connect to them? There is also a Dora Zepeda that works or worked for a lawfirm in California…….more Zepedaa out there.

  5. Obama’s Young Mother Abroad
    Stanley Ann Dunham at Borobudur in Indonesia, in the early 1970s.
    By Janny Scott
    April 20, 2011

    That same year, on Aug. 15, 1970, shortly after Barry’s ninth birthday and during what would turn out to be the only visit by her mother, Madelyn Dunham, to Indonesia,

    Ann gave birth to Maya Kassandra Soetoro at Saint Carolus Hospital, a Catholic hospital thought by Westerners at that time to be the best in Jakarta.

  6. Who was the Vietnamese that married Maya? Was Gary Forth of that nationality? The name given Lolo below might be translated into two words, Land coachman.

    If he was Vietnamese, and not American, then unless she applied for US citizenship, she was still an Indonesian citizen. She may have become a Canadian citizen by marrying Ng depending upon their laws. Either way, I don’t think a foreigner can raise money for elections and she was doing that in 2008. (I am not sure on this fact re foreigner raising funds, and if someone knows for certain, please tell me). .

    November 6, 2008

    According to Ayu, the last to communicate via e-mail with the Maya in Obama’s speech yesterday, referred to as one who has a great service in his victory-a month ago. In fact, Maya promised to come back to Indonesia after the U.S. presidential election frenzy. Maya who married a migrant from Vietnam in the U.S. several times come to Indonesia. Including visiting the grave at the burial Lolo Soetoro Land coachman, Jakarta.

    • Something that has always perplexed me is the reason so many give for his maybe using a different name in College > > To attend as a foreign student and receive aid as such. Do you suppose the story was “suggested” so as not to dwell on WHO really paid for his education? He did not need tution assistance. He lived the privledged life. Who is the Middle Eastern credited with paying for his Harvard tuition? Who paid for his trip in 1981? They realistically probably also paid for his Columbia education. He may have been admitted as a foreign student because he was one. After all, he did not register with armed services; yeah, like he was a citizen and just forgot. Oopsie. He was most likely a foreign student in high school as well. He never hid the fact from others, now did he? Yet his spouting who he was and where he was from was just bloviating and making things up. Mayhaps he said what he did because he did not have anything to hide. He was proud of who he was and where he was from. He most likely started using Obama because his visa was up, up, up, renewed, and renewed and no more allotments. So he morphed himself into an American. And actually believed it. Perhaps a subuddie thought good idea for him to come to HI and brought him over to study abroad? Instead of the other way around of coming home for high school. I realize this is an old topic but it fits into this “breaking” news that we already new, didn’t we??

  7. wondering how a Mother could ship her son off, living everyday apart from him during his maturation. Maya, do tell us how a Mother pursues life without her first born, her son?

    this story has weak links. “Queens Hospital”; “call me Buddock…”

    How could a woman gain such laurels the world over? she dumped her child? Fashion us a story that makes sense.

    • We keep trying to fashion a story that makes sense out of all the lies, disinformation, and distractions they feed us. I can’t find the Buddock video. This one is interesting, though, because she talks about how she’s a strong supporter of everyone’s right to “name” himself. Somebody asked her what race Barry considers himself to be. She makes a huge Freudian slip that she tries to recover from. She first twice says that she’s “a U.S. citizen NOW.” She says, “I’ve been so long in the United States that I basically call myself American.” Then she looks down and to the left and says, “I was born a U.S. citizen abroad …” but prior to that she looked right into the camera. It’s rather telling. (NLP indicates that looking down and left means “internal dialog”, so …) She calls Barry “my brother” and not his name.

      A lot of videos of her here: Maybe you’ll remember which one it was?

    • The lifestyle of dumping the kids seems to have been the trend among the foreign diplomats, at least the interviews we read the other day showed the same thing of sending away for school.

  8. Me…I think he was always out-of-control… & they let gram (?)
    unleash him…on an island? I now believe less of any of this sh*t
    than yesterday… & I really am boring…mysleftodeathdaily.! & U?

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