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  1. Another translated page about with lots of stuff on his ideology is non-historical-friendly verbiage. The source listed is SB Sutoro.

  2. Benghazigate Timeline (an HONEST one, not from the administration):

  3. This site contains reports on various political and advocacy groups:

  4. Interesting search site. Upload a picture or url for pic and it will match picture to get a name attached to it. I tried it by saving a pic from the web, renaming it, and uploading and yep, matched the picture. Thought this might come in handy.


    A site documenting Obama’s best gaffes. Doing the job the lamestream won’t. h/t Zenway

  6. For anyone who’s a glutton for punishment and/or likes to read:

    An archive of US government documents about Indonesia, specifically during the time that the Sutoros/Soetoros were in Jakarta and Ann was doing her “work”.

  7. here’s an article about the dollar in the future. got it on drudge.

    it even mentions Fort Knox. wow, i remember that place.

  8. Link to the Inspector General’s report on the IRS targeting: Will read it if I ever have free time! 🙂

  9. Here’s an American School District reflecting the Federal Government Education Utopia in 2013. They claim they are underfunded.


    its all working out perfectly and according to plan.

  10. Check out the Bundlers. Skim the Cities and “Companies”

  11. Sen. Mike Lee: Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare

    August 2, 2013 – 3:56 PM

    By Terence P. Jeffrey

    • sorry, that is pretty lame . If Jimmy was my father and my mom was a slut from Kansas , I’d still want to tell the world. No need to hide my credentials and give me some Hawaiian birth certificate. Actually , my husband met Jimmy Hendricks in Hawaii while in the service there. He met him at some bar with another guy, and Jimmy was very nice, down to earth and just a plain ole cool guy, no pretense (far from a “Prince” character).He was relaxed and a little bit shy of people. I’d be ashamed to put the likes of Obama the one who needs attention and stardom non stop. If he was Jimmy’s son, he wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret as it might actually make him more likeable. Pleas!

      • wah! i didn’t link it for the theory! bwahahahaa jimi hendrix and SAD!

        • I wondered about that, you guys are too smart, but that is what most that blog seemed to be about;.Hendrix he did write “Foxy Lady”….where is Foxy these days?

          • 🙂 i totally discounted the ‘theory’ and just went with all the data in the article. pretty cool that Jimi Hendrix was mentioned… my mind didn’t wrap around that he was playing in local bars in the late 50s…it was more like a coffee shop underground beatnik time… so i tossed it as a “theory” from the get go.

            the link has good links, too.

            glad you think i’m may be smart or something, though. LOL

        • Jimi could do WAY better. Had better taste, I’m sure.


          In 1957, while helping Al with a side-job, Jimi found a ukulele amongst the garbage that they were removing from a wealthy older woman’s home. The woman told him that he could keep the instrument, which had only one string.[24] Learning by ear, he played single notes, following along to Elvis Presley songs, particularly Presley’s cover of Leiber and Stoller’s “Hound Dog”.[25][nb 6] In mid-1958, at age 15, Hendrix acquired his first acoustic guitar, for $5.[27] Hendrix earnestly applied himself, playing the instrument for several hours daily, watching others and getting tips from more experienced guitarists, and listening to blues artists such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf, and Robert Johnson.[28] The first tune Hendrix learned how to play was the theme from Peter Gunn.[29]

          • Haven’t read your post, but you do know jimi’s middle name”Marshall…just thought that was a funny coinkydink, named after his dad’s dead brother….wondered if Marshall was a family name that went any further. There have always been rumors that someone had Jimi killed…his manager was a creepy weird character that nobody liked Mike Jeffrees (sp?) and people thought he might have done it, but J.Edgar Hoover had tails on Jimi as well ,the FBI knew jimi’s everymove, I think because he had alined himself with the black panthers and he had such a huge following(and the anti war crowd had attatched themselves quickly to his music. Jimi just loved his music and sex and drughs and people. He answered one time to a friend he porobably wouldn’t be going back to Seattle unless it was in a pine box. He made other statements like that just weeks before he dies. Mike Jeffrees died three years after Jimi in a plane crash. People thought Jeffrees and one of his girlfriends may have had something to do with it too.

      • Plus, no musical talent, so far as I can see, so it’s a no go, imho.

    • Not my pet theory. I like Jimi too much to tarnish him with the possibility.

  12. h/t Elle: A link to a set of photos of Obama relatives, including Ruth and his “father” with mentors.

  13. A good list to save concerning Barry’s lies and illegal shenanigans.

  14. Lists of Favorites

    The Beatles. The Who. Traffic. Bad Finger. Bob Dylan. Joni Mitchell. Michelle Shocked. The Band. Taj Mahal. Elvis Costello. Fiona Apple. Tori Amos. Gram Parsons. Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies. Beck. Enya. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The Clash.


    Women In Love. Room With A View. The Graduate. Dr. Strangelove. Ninotchka. A Hard Day’s Night. The Day of the Jackal. The Ruling Class. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe? To Sir With Love. Hope and Glory. Love, Actually. Pan’s Labrynth. Children Of Men. Howard’s End. I Know Where I’m Going. Miracle On 34th Street.


    Aphra Behn. Shakespeare. Espinoza. Mary Wollstonecraft. John Stewart Mills. Thomas Paine. Abigail Adams. Robert Burns. Clara Barton. Louisa May Alcott. Isadora Duncan. Jane Addams. Madeleine Vionnet. Emma Goldman. Margaret Sanger. William Butler Yeats. Coco Chanel. Hedy Lamar. Mary Pickford. Marsha Hunt. FDR. Eleanor Roosevelt. Murray Kempton. Gore Vidal. Barbara Jordan. Shirley Chisholm. Julian Bonds. John Lewis. Emmit Till’s mother. Tanquil Le Clerq. Malcolm X. Gloria Steinem. Bella Abzug. Joseph Heller. Jane Fonda. Kiyoshi Amemiya. Tina Weymouth. Oprah.

    • We’re angry and WE want our nation back, too. Not any “democracy”, though. Just the REPUBLIC which has stood more than 200 years.

  15. h/t Zenway. A link to a bunch of great statistics:

  16. Orly’s looking for this woman’s daughter. Tucking it here for future use.

    • This one?

      “Theresa Pukaua Ah-Nee, 76, of Mililani, a lay ministry volunteer, died Wednesday. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband James, sons Joseph Akai and Boniface and Damien Ah-Nee, daughters Josephine Lee and Johanna and Elizabeth Ah-Nee, sister Joan Lindsey, 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Private services. Scattering of ashes to follow. No flowers. Aloha attire.”

      • Yes. There’s an article at OTs asking for information on the subject of the BC. So I said, hmmm okay, wait a sec. 🙂

        Accordingly, which makes it crazy as usual, there’s a bit over there saying the subject is Miki’s friend. Always hasta be a wtf monkey wrench.

        • Thanks for finding that link to the original exemplar BC, Papoose. I looked the other day because I remembered when Corsi changed out the original in his post, because people could read the redaction. I didn’t have time to do the research to try to figure out which person born that same week as Barry might have been the contributor of the BC. OBOT blogs have speculated that they “know” who Vogt thinks is the forger. Then they backed off that, apparently, but since I’m not about to register with their obot mendacious blogs, I can’t be sure. I didn’t raise the issue because I didn’t want anybody to name this woman who might be the “accused” AND MIGHT NOT, because she’s a private person and nothing that’s not public knowledge should be on our blog, for obvious reasons. We don’t want to smear anyone unfairly. Yes, I did also read that Miki is the one who allegedly supplied Corsi with that BC, but is that true? Who knows? I don’t recall him saying so. It was the obots who alleged that a “birther” gave the exemplar to Corsi. Woodman is the person who claimed to “find” the identity of the subject of the BC. I have my doubts about Woodman himself. I’ve put what I found about him in comments somewhere. Everything must be taken with a grain of salt, especially in the Obamanation.

          Does what that writer says about the BC #’s being assigned alphabetically, within the month, correspond with what the now-elderly clerk Lee said about their procedures? I forget. BTW, the author of that article, I believe, is an infamous anonymous OBOT who is allegedly someone “they” try to identify but don’t succeed in identifying.

          From what I remember Vogt suggesting, the presumed forger, in his mind, modified specific letters in the registrar’s stamp to signal who she is. However, since “S” is one of the letters he alleges was tampered with, I don’t know how that can work since the woman in question has no “S” in her name, that I can see. Until the people announce their conclusions, nobody’s going to know. I lose faith in a lot of these people. Smith, for sure, is, imho, a loon. I begin to wonder about Vogt. In which case …

          Did Vogt or somebody not ALSO say that the forger is someone Barry grew up with?

          • Not that’s here nor there, but I thought I saw the name Solange on that BC.

          • The subject of the BC had for names on the birth line.
            Joanna Puukawa Solanage Ah’Nee

            When GORDO first posted the link last week about the “signature” being hidden I found a comment that said the letters were mostly from the Hospital line. I worked on it all week… my prob is that I couldn’t hook up with the J. The other clue I read or heard was that one of the Posse spokesperson almost said the name and it started with an L. (then I couldn’t hook up with Linda Lingle because there was no D.) I don’t know but I knew from listening to all the links that the perp was out of HI.
            Now this. (eliminated – couldn’t hook up with the D.) Now I wonder.

            ~ Thanks GORDO!

            • Oh, thanks, Papoose. I don’t think that I ever did know what that name was. I remember how Corsi downsized the image as soon as it was reported that it could be read and, at the time, nobody had saved the image from his original story. (He somehow managed to change it in the Wayback Machine, too.) I tried today and I still couldn’t read it. All I could make out was the “female” (through the back side). I don’t know enough about photo programs to figure out how to do that. I probably could have done it on my old computer–it had different software. Where does the X come in, in Vogt’s hypothesis?

      Plane crashes in waters off Molokai –‎

      4 hours ago – (1/3)Sources tell KHON2 that state Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy died in a plane crash off Molokai. Loretta Fuddy (2/3)Loretta …

      Press Release from Attorney Orly Taitz


      In and around the time of Obama’s release of his alleged Long Form BC there was a release of another BC by a volunteer. Jerome Corsi and WND published this BC in a redacted form. Later a number of volunteers found the name of the volunteer in the Hi Advertiser based on her birth date August 23 and part of her mother’s name, which was not fully redacted. So from 2011 this bc was not a secret, it belonged to Johanna Ah’Nee .

      At issue is a discrepancy: Article by Jerome Corsi states that this BC was issued in 1995, it contains the back of the BC with the alleged 1995 stamp, however it conflicts with what she told her employer, namely that she did not have a long form bc as late as 2009.

      Johanna was referred to Attorney Orly Taitz in 2011 by Miki Booth, who knows Johanna’s employer, Al, owner of the printing shop, Sure Shot Graphics and Printing Supplies in Honolulu, HI.

      Her e-mail stated that Miki Booth asked Al to find a long form BC, as health department refused to give Miki her long form BC. After Miki Booth could not obtain her long form BC, she asked Al if he could go to the Health department with someone else and get it for another person.
      According to the e-mail received by Taitz recently Al and Johanna Ah’Nee-Randlph went to Health Department after 2009, after Miki could not get her LFBC and the Health Department refused to give Johanna Ah’nee her LFBC.

      This contradicts with the article in WND by Jerome Corsi, whereby Corsi posted the back of the alleged origina BC that Johanna sent to him and it contained 1995 stamp.

      Now we have a real discrepancy: according to the stamp on the back, this LFBC copy was given to Johanna in 1995, however it contradicts the fact that she did not have it as late as 2009 and went to the Health Department to ask for it and could not get it. Taitz got from Ah’Nee only a copy and did not have the copy of the back of the LFBC with 1995 stamp.

      Johanna met Taitz in HI at the airport when Taitz flew there with 2 experts around August 7, 2011. Taitz had late dinner with Johanna and her niece and a local attorney. Ah’Nee was supposed to go with Taitz to the Health Department the next morning, but she e-mailed Taitz at around 5 am saying that she changed her mind and will not go with her to the Health Department.

      What is also interesting, is the fact that Johanna demanded that Jerome Corsi return to her the original. Why did she want it returned? Why would she give Corsi an original instead of a copy?

      A couple of days ago Taitz wrote to Miki Booth and Johanna Ah’Nee Randolph and asked how did Johanna finally got her BC after the Health Department refused to give it to her. Taitz did not get any response from either Miki Booth or Johanna. Taitz suspects that the alleged LFBC for Ah’Nee was a dry run for Obama. Investigation continues. This press release is being forwarded to Jerome Corsi wih the request to safe keep the alleged original sent by Ah’Nee to him.

      Further in regards to Taitz v Donahoe case, the 12.02.2013 Motion by Taitz to recuse Judge Lamberth was not docketed yet.

      End of press release.

      Orly Taitz

      • The first link is already dead. Here’s another:

        ” … They rescued eight people who got out of the plane. Difficult conditions as it was offshore in the water a couple hours before dark. Rapid response from Kahului with [a] rescue helicopter the Shoreside Company was on the cliff side spotting and relaying info,” said Capt. Terry Seelig, Honolulu Fire Department.

        One of the passengers even swam to shore to try to get help. But not everyone got out alive. One person died in the tragic crash.

        “That person remained in the fuselage of the plane. Not much details. Always a difficult situation when you can’t get everyone out, and unfortunately that was the case here,” said Capt. Seelig. …

        Nine people were onboard when the plane took off. One person was pronounced dead, three were flown to Honolulu and taken by ambulance to the Queens Medical Center. Another three stayed on Molokai and were hospitalized. The rest did not need any medical help.

        Makani Kai Air did not want to release the name of its pilot at this time. We do know he has been with the company for a number of years and is a former Aloha Airlines pilot.

        Now the FAA wants to talk to him to learn what went wrong.”

        I’m thinking that one of the 9 on that plane was …

        Remind anyone of Ron Brown? If I were one of the rescued from that plane …

        On the other hand, this may have been a convenient exit, stage left, a la “pulling a starfelt.”

          • Wasn’t it rumored that SAD married on Molokai?


            Believe it or not, the operating manager of the company of which that airline is a subsidiary is named Lanza:


            Richard Schuman, president of Makani Kai Air, told NBC that the other eight people aboard were rescued from the site of the water crash.

            KITV-TV in Honolulu reported Fuddy had been on health department business. Keith Yamamoto, the department’s deputy director, also was aboard and survived.”

            Read comments on this post.

            comment 97 “On my blog I have a series where I explain the evidence suggesting that Loretta Fuddy commanded her people to create a fake BC for Obama under the supposedly-legal pretense that his life was in danger from the Arizona “birthers” if a fake one wasn’t created. It makes most sense if you look at the evidence from the first post in the series and on down to the last one. I’ve held off on posting the article I promise in the last post in the series, because people’s lives are at stake, and right now there are 2 people at the HDOH who would be wise to leave Hawaii immediately and be taken into protective custody, IMHO. They know who they are.”

          • Creamated yet? Good one Miri. Can’t wait to here from the surviving pilot. Why would she be in the fusealage?

            • Guess it depends on whether or not she’s in the plane still, at the bottom of the sea. Fuselage probably means in the body of the plane, where the passengers sit, versus the cockpit with the pilot(s). Why’d they leave her behind? Did she have a life vest? Did she drown? The impact? I read on one story that her deputy was seen leaving the hospital wearing a t-shirt and SWIMMING TRUNKS. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was last seen wearing scuba gear. Citizen Wells linked to a lot of stories. It’s probably best to follow the Hawaiian news to see what the latest is.

        • it is a bit eerie….a survivable plane crash but she’s stuck in the plane….you’d think her friends would try to get her out if they were able. Seems they were able?

          • alfy, I didn’t catch whether or not they recovered her body. Do you know? If not, then it’s very curious. Yes, you’d think the 8 who got out okay would have looked after her, especially seeing as how she was 65 years old. I do feel sad for her. I bet she didn’t “sign on for this” when she went into public service. RIP, Ms. Fuddy. Condolences to her family.

            Still, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking of the starfelt caper.

  17. Hawaiian Christmas with the Claus’ at the Document Work Shoppe last year.
    Ho Ho ALO HA!

    Look Ma! Real pictures of people without crazy shadows and plopped on heads!

  18. I wish I could feel condolences. For the first time in my life I can’t feel a thing when I’d normally feel a heartfelt sorrow of sorts. She’s not real to me. She’s someone who left the planet without giving witness /being held accountable for her activities. She didn’t care about us. And now she’s gone. Pffft.

    I do feel numb, though.

    Keep an eye out for the AP report. Its a keeper. Its real chatty with tons of initial facts that will all be debunked by Citizen Sleuthers in no time.

    9 on board; one dead. from what?

    • I know what you mean. Somebody at Free Republic also (besides me) floated the idea that it is a sham; but, if I understood the person’s point, s/he was hoping that it was like “witness protection” for her, courtesy of the CCP. I don’t have that kind of optimism. The best I hope for is that she left an envelope, like we had hoped Breitbart did. Well, I guess I do hope the woman is still alive. I don’t wish that on anybody. I hope she had a moment to reconcile with God.

  19. Miri | December 12, 2013 at 12:20 pm |
    Wasn’t it rumored that SAD married on Molokai?

    Thought it was a fact.

    Something like February 2nd or something. Not that it has anything to do with groundhogs, but I think read somewhere that the Won was born on 2/2/59. in Hawaii. Maybe I dreamed it.

    “Something like February 2nd or something”. ~ i know. its just the way i talk.

    • Some people say Maui and some say Molokai. You’re right. It’s a “fact”; it’s in the HDOH marriage index. I remember lots of speculation that he was BORN early in the year and also that it was 1959, which would mean Hawaii was a territory. Depending where he was born, he might have been born on Hawaiian sovereign lands, so where does THAT leave us?

      • I never doubted that he could possibly been born in HI. Never even cared. I always contend that the sealing of every single document, historical bona fides, the information on the actual certificate won’t match Bill Ayers biography Dreams and some other crap about Audacity …. THE BC is one thing, but as an adult he signed up for the military. He has to explain that one. rut roh.
        His FB page always had him 2 years older and we chatted about it.

  20. ….. ~ Around the Web:
    Health director Loretta Fuddy dies in plane crash off Hawaii | Mail …
    State Health Director Killed in Hawaii Plane Crash – ABC News
    Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy Killed in Plane Crash Off of …
    Loretta Fuddy committed to serving others –
    Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy dies in small plane crash
    Sources: Health director Fuddy died in Molokai plane crash –
    Loretta Fuddy | Hawaiʻi Health Connector
    State Health Director killed in plane crash, 8 others survive – Hawaii …
    Loretta Fuddy remembered as ‘good lady’ and ‘genuine person …
    Hawaii Health Director dies in Molokai plane crash – Hawaii News …
    Hawaii’s health director dies as small plane with nine people on board crashes …
    State Health Director Killed in Hawaii Plane Crash
    Hawaii Health Director dies in Molokai plane crash
    1 dead in small plane crash off Molokai, Hawaii
    One dead after plane crashes off Kalaupapa, eight rescued
    Governor’s office unable to confirm state health director’s death in air crash

  21. Footnote Wiki as of 12/22/13 #53

    ^ Obama (1995, 2004), p. 126: [Ann Dunham]: “Later, when he came to visit us in Hawaii that time, he wanted us to come live with him. But I was still married to Lolo then, and his third wife had just left him, and I just didn’t think …”

    This is news to me.,_Sr

  22. Tuition – a measly $30,000 a year.

    What do they need a blast wall for? oh.

  23. wow 30,000. Incredible! International school? wonder who else went there??Pretty amazing , seeing as how Stanley Ann needed food stamps . Guess micro finance in Indo really paid off. So who paid all that and who really paid O.s tuition at the same time.

    • I suppose Lolo paid the tuition or his mother’s family did. On the other hand, since Ann worked for “us”, allegedly, maybe We the People paid it. Remember that USAID paid for the flights back and forth to Hawaii. Or maybe it was the Ford Foundation, which probably, in the end, amounts to the same thing. Geithner and Barry’s girlfriend, the one who lived in Jakarta, too (Cook?)–they probably went there, too.

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