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Wondering where there are new comments?

We are trying this new listing to show you where to look for new comments that aren’t showing in the sidebar.    We like to keep new articles about specific topics with associated articles when posting comments.   With so many comments, new ones get buried in the sidebar and aren’t seen.   This is a remedy for that.  Comments on the Newest articles won’t appear in this list. This is a test, so let’s see how it works!

thursday, JUNE 21

Fast and Furious:


Open Thread and immigration policy:


LFCOLB Discussion:


Flash Mob Coverups:


Gordo’s PC Hints:


Wednesday, JUNE 20

Fast and Furious:


Open Thread and immigration policy:


Old open thread and fl ballot challenge:





5 responses to “Daily Comments

  1. See if you could remove on swipe. ( that a one word)… It was just put on word press and is awful. It won’t let you go to the home page so therefore you can’t see the recent comments od the names of who posted comments. You could only get to the older comments.
    The program has many bugs!

  2. This is the information from WordPress.

    Take a look at this other thread where staff explains what setting you need to change in your iPad.


  3. My iPhone works great. No problems with it viewing the site. Odd that your iPad won’t display the blog correctly. Are those options available for an iPad where you can view the “full site” or the “mobile site” or are those options just for phones?

    • so I guess no more visiting your site,as I can’t get to the daily comments. They are no longer visible. I posted way back here as I found info where your site was changed for , I guess iphone/ipad users?? What to do? Can’t read anything but your older recent posts.

      • alfy, this post hasn’t been updated in a looooooong time. As you can see, it was an experiment that never worked because none of us had the time to keep updating it on a daily basis.

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