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Who Can Whip Trump?

The elites in the GOP, the media, and the progressives are all hoping that someone, anyone, will come along and remove Donald Trump from the presidential race. But who’s going to do it? Who can do it? Apparently not the current contenders. So what about …

this guy?

SM - Copy

Nah, Trump’s Kryptonite.

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Be Like Ugh: The Super Bowl Version

Ughthecaveman - Copy#####

Whazzup, Doc? Contraband Carrots!

Bugs_and_Thugs_title_card - Copy

Have you heard that the border patrol apprehended more than 3000 unaccompanied, marijuana-stuffed, illegal-alien Mexican carrots that tried to cross into the USA, hidden in the back of pickup trucks?

What’s up, Doc?

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Butt Wouldn’t This Be a Funny Browser Extension?

moki_snake_dancers - Copy

Have you ever heard of the Millennials to Snake People browser extension? It’s software that you can download to your device so that whenever the word millennials appears in text on a webpage, the  program changes millennials to read snake people (or person). So, for example, this article would begin,

Snake People in Adulthood: Detached from Institutions, Networked with Friends.

The Snake People generation is forging a distinctive path into adulthood.

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Trilogía de Naranja

orangeboehner - Copy

This is the third and final episode of our Orange Trilogy.

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Princess Hillary of Orange?

orangeisthenewblack - Copy

Move over Huma! You can’t compete with Kim’s super releaser.

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Obama Returns to Kenya

openyourwalletsusa - Copy


On Thursday, Barack Hussein Obama II returns yet again to Kenya. This will be, arguably, his fifth, sixth, or seventh trip to “his home country.” (Actually, who knows? See: Nov. 1982. What many would like to know is at what age he first left Kenya.)

This time, Barry will meet Uhuru Kenyatta, alleged to have committed crimes against humanity. That all charges were dropped under the circumstances described by the prosecutor in that article (linked above), brings to mind a quip from Bill Ayers, which we might paraphrase as:

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