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Cash Walking

Renee Copyright 2011

Once upon a time there was a boy, his name was Cash Walker. He was joined one day for a waltz with his older brother. His brother’s name was Gun Runner. The older brother Gun Runner could run, very fast and furiously.

And they danced, and they walked, and they danced, and they ran…so far away.

Where did they get their music ?

The new story and additional information is here;

A new story to add to the list ?


M. F. Global Gate

Renee Copyright 2011

Have you heard the leaks yet ? Have you heard of Jon Corzine ?

From wiki;

Now this? Bill Clinton collected 50 K per month from M.F. Global ?

Is this for real ? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now there is more ?

440 Days

Renee Copyright 2011

In 1979 The U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran was siezed by radical students that held 52 Americans hostage for 440 days.

440 days….

Today, in Iran, radical students attacked the U.K. Embassy. They captured 6 diplomats for 6 hours until the diplomats were rescued by police. London gave the Iranian diplomats there 48 hours to leave the country.

Not a good situation. We will follow it in comments.

Nigel Farage For President Please

Renee Copyright 2011

There is a power keg across the pond folks. A very nice looking one too. He has common sense, and tells it like it is. Can we have him please in 2012 ? Since anyone here can run for president, can we add Nigel to our choices ? I mean, if no one is vetting anyone, and picking people for us, then why not him ?

I have watched Nigel Farage on CSPAN for the past year in the House Of Commons. I like his attitude, honesty and guts. Where did all the real leaders like him for the people  go ? We have fake news stories, liars and thieves all around us so we need about 200 Nigel’s. Can we just have him or one like him at least ? I love watching this man. He has my vote. Lets look at him more and what he has to say.

8+ Trillion Dollar SEC Scandal Unfolds

By Renee

With all the theft and scandal in the news these days you would not think there would be even more but there is. It seems Rupert Murdoch’s empire has been busy with the newest case to emerge of organized theft and fraud.

Murdoch and his media giant empire have another story to tell these days. It will soon  be known by all and it is huge. Continue reading

Body of John Wheeler III Found In Landfill

By Renee

Jack Wheeler in the early 1980s

This is a very suspicious murder. John Wheeler III was involved with MITRE. He was a menber of Council of Foreign Relations. This story will be another one that will not go away. We will cover it as it unfolds here. The list is growing larger and larger.

Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain was not “Tone Deaf”, it was Pitch-Perfect…

Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain was not “Tone Deaf”, it was Pitch-Perfect…

…to the Cordoba Initiative.

Many in the media are calling Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain “Tone Deaf”, but consider how Michelle was Pitch-Perfect when it comes to her intended audience, and meeting the following two objectives:

1) A distraction from Barack’s trip to Chicago.

2) An endorsement of the Cordoba Initiative.

We may not like either one of those objectives, but she accomplished them.

Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain was not “Tone Deaf”, it was Pitch-Perfect…

…to Marxists and Islamists…

Continue reading