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A Seriously Emergent Soft Coup

Another guest post by contributor Dave M.!

I just want to start a new thread about the seriously emergent soft coup
against Donald Trump that was launched in full ugliness yesterday.

My first question:
Why can’t Donald Trump either fire James Comey or if he is protected by
some public servant type of contract, install a reputable head over top
of him, re-assigning Comey to some secretarial position?

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Why You Might Not Want to Stream Digital Music from the Net


And now for something completely different: We’re honored to present a post written by guest contributor Dave M. (“I am by profession, an audio design engineer and I design recording equipment for major recording studios and film scorers. That’s what I do.”)

Why you might not want to stream digital music from the Net:

Here is an explanation of digital audio. I hope it is not too boring. I am not talking about the legality of music downloads, that is a whole separate subject; but I’m just going to explain why downloads sound bad.

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