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These Troops Are Not for Sale (Open Thread)

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Yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Without apparent shame, he made the most amazing admission: Continue reading


Dan Pfeiffer’s Word of the Day: “Irrelevant” (Open Thread)

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The word of the day is irrelevant.   What’s relevant is that irrelevant is a word that Dan Pfeiffer, an Obama spokesperson and aide, used at least three times when speaking about Obama’s recent hat trick of scandals.  Like Susan Rice after Benghazi, Pfeiffer appeared on five Sunday shows this week, in an apparent attempt to spin, spin, spin away the blowback  from the scandals.  Continue reading

Benghazi: Hillary’s Second Watergate?

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Hillary Clinton, with chief counsel John Doar (left), bringing impeachment charges against President Nixon before the House Judiciary Committee in 1974

Back in 1974, Hillary Rodham Clinton worked for the House Judiciary Committee, which was writing articles of impeachment against President Richard M. Nixon. Clinton, however, was fired from that job. Continue reading

Obama Made No Calls to Anyone September 11, 2012 (Open Thread)

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Obama Called No One after Benghazi Was Attacked!

Pure and Simple – It was a Dereliction of Duty!

Four Americans Perished


The “Washington Times” reported  yesterday that Obama Made No Phone Calls the Night of the Benghazi Attack!

“President Obama didn’t make any phone calls the night of the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, the White House said in a letter to Congress released Thursday.” 

“During the entire attack, the president of the United States never picked up the phone to put the weight of his office in the mix,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, who had held up Mr. Obama’s defense secretary nominee to force the information to be released.

Mr. Graham said that if Mr. Obama had picked up the phone, at least two of the Americans killed in the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi might still be alive because he might have been able to push U.S. aid to get to the scene faster.

A copy of the entire letter appears not to have yet been released to the public. Yet doesn’t that say it all, NO calls to his advisers, NO calls to government officials in Benghazi, NO calls to his military or intelligence officers.  Instead he probably went to bed, he surely needed his rest for he had a big day ahead of him.

The next day with people having been evacuated from Libya, was he concerned?  Was he trying to get all the details about the attack?  Hell no,  he jetted off to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser.  Priorities? He had them, but as usual, campaigning was his number one priority.   American were killed and 30 unknown people were evacuated, and Obama did the only thing he knows how to do, campaign.  His actions are a clear  Dereliction of Duty by this alleged Commander-in-Chief, and this should not be ignored by Congress.  It is enough to bring him down.  Someone should pay for this total fiasco, and the buck stops at the top.

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The Rising of the Clowns in Obamaland

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Citizens, we aren’t just dealing with the Marxist clowns in the Obama administration, we are listening and reading what the Leftist Clowns in the media are feeding to this nation and asking them to digest in accordance with the Head Clown’s agenda.

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