BHO’s Multiple Names

Multiple Names List for BHO

A continuing and updated compilation of the ” One’s” names.  These are recorded and their origins explained  for historical purposes in the article  “Who is This Man?”

  1. Barack Hussein Obama II
  2. Barack Obama Jr.
  3. Barry Obama
  4. Barry Soetoro
  5. Soebarkah
  6. Barry Dunham
  7. Steve Dunham
  8. Barrack Houssein Obama II     (U.S. Military   – Lakin)
  9. Barack Abdallah Husein Obama  (Tanzanian newspaper)
  10. Baracka Hussein Abu Amama  (Abu Amama changed to Obama)
  11. Barack Hussein
  12. Wuod Sarah –   (Dholuo for the “Son of Sarah”)
  13. Barak Mounir Ubayd  (Stephen Pidgeon – British Columbia)
  14. Harrison J. Bounel – (Name associated with SSN).
  15. Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshish – (Crow adoption)
  16. Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama  (Gaddafi, Libya)
  17. Baraka Obama  (Alinsky Poster -Breitbart)
  18. The One
  19.  Zero
  20. King Obama (written in cement by Obama)
  21. Barak Obama (NJ ALJ Jeff S. Maslin, ruling, p. 7)
  22. Barack Soetoro

“Who is This Man?”

35 responses to “BHO’s Multiple Names

  1. Great idea !
    Attorney Stephen Pidgeon: “Obama Changed His Name in British Columbia Canada in 1982? Barak Mounir Ubayd
    Listed above*

    10 places showing his “spots” from 2009′
    and another name for your list’ First Nerd President

  3. King Obama (carved in the street paving, Hawaii)

    Son of our Soil (Kenyan government officials)

  4. Yea.. King …… Oba “M” a
    I remember the letter M… if you look close
    has a X … where the letters meets/crosses on the M = lXl
    I read that the “King” was added by some other person….?

  5. Berg lists 8 names for him in his latest ballot petition in PA:

    “The eight different names cited are Barack Hussein Obama; Barack Hussein Soetoro; Barack Hussein Obama II; Barack H. Obama; Barry H. Obama; Barry H. Soetoro; Barry Hussein Obama; Barry Hussein Soetoro.”


  7. Ya forgot “Chocalate Jesus.”

    • no we didn’t. we spell chocolate: c h o c o l a t e

      and neither Jesus nor chocolate has anything to do with fraud and the fundamental change of our Nation and Laws. barky’s a white American, btw. His negroid father is the foreigner in question, which would be just fine and quite wonderful, if he had been an American citizen. neither he or his son have a drop of Black American blood in their veins.

      Jesus is not a flavor.

  8. You tell’m Papoose.

    alphy, didn’t know that. Most of my reseach had been in one ear and out the other. I have to bone up on all of this Bell stuff.

    I started to do some research on Kenneth Mack. He stood next to Obama in the Volume 103 photo, the year before Obama was the pres of HLR. Mack has written a few books on race, and in my opinion, seems to be a pretty good guy, in spite of danating to Obama.


    BarackRACY Obama

  10. Barry O’ Bomber
    varsity team named for hoop shots page 103
    The Dream Begains-How Hawaii shaped BO 2009

  11. Has anyone heard the name Barakat Rezko before?
    Do any of these addresses connect with any Obama known addresses?

    5322 S Latrobe Ave, Chicago, IL, 60638-2908 (1993)
    [10070 S Ter Hl, Palos Hills, IL, 60465]
    [10070 S Ter Hl, Palos Hills, IL, 60479]
    [5109 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL, 60615-3825 (1987)]

  12. The 5109 Ellis Ave appears to also have been Antoin “Tony” Rezko’s address.’s “public records index” lists it as an address for Tony in ’93 and “Barakat” in 87.
    Just a weird name coincidence I found. His birth is listed as 1963 and in 1984 he married Victoria Simmons in WIsconsin. The marriage is the only vital fact that had an actual document backing it up. Brother of Tony?

  13. There is also a “Mai Rezko” listed with the same DOB. (Sept 2, 1963) Twins?
    Barakat’s AKA is “Burt R.”
    I found an obit for Victoria’s father that mentions “Burt” so he’s a real boy. Just curious about who he is.

  14. Since I have no idea what his name is, I usually refer to him as “the lawless one”, which may be plagiarizing the bible a bit, but is certainly appropriate when describing this man behind the mask.

  15. Meet Linda Jordan.

    awesome courage


  16. Dr. Robert Christopher Laity

    Don’t forget Bari Sumohadiwidjojo

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