The Pelosi Tapes

Now that authorities in San Francisco have released the Pelosi Tapes, concerning the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, it would be interesting to hear your take on the apparent evidence.

The released videos and audio of the 911 call are at this link. At this link is a story that claims that the alleged perpetrator of the attack on Paul Pelosi–David DePape–called into a local TV station after the release of the tapes, to rant about Deep State/Big Tech collusion on censoring free speech, among other things.

Was this call real, or was it a troll event? One wonders how the station confirmed his identity.

If real, then it’s interesting that DePape, despite his (alleged) very violent attack on the husband of then-House Speaker Pelosi, seemingly has more freedom than do the Jan. 6 arrestees.

If the call was real, then what, if anything, was his defense lawyer thinking?

Since DePape apparently intends to plead not guilty, are the powers-that-be trying to undermine a future trial by allowing this interview and by releasing taped evidence, as well as releasing his interview by police?

Court TV awaits the trial with bated breath, but I’m not holding my breath. Discovery? A fair trial? Witnesses under oath? Hard to believe that’s going to ever happen.

What say you? Are these tapes doctored? They’re obviously edited in spots. Are they, as some suggest in comments on various news articles, fabricated or reenacted? Why the long delay in releasing them? Why now?

Interesting that the actual hammer strike to Pelosi’s head occurs off camera. The video ends before Pelosi awakens in a “pool” of his own blood, as the dramatic indictment stated.

What is seen pooling around Pelosi’s body is scotch or whatever liquid it was in the tumbler that Pelosi carried in his left hand. The glass also contained ice, which can be seen scattered along the baseboards in the hall.

What hostage is allowed to fix himself a drink, with ice no less? Or did someone else, perhaps his attacker, make it for him?

What hostage still holds his drink in his hand when (somehow) the door opens for the police? Why are both men smiling at that point?

One thing apparent at the very start of the 911 call: Pelosi clearly states that he must have called 911 by mistake. By mistake.

Did he or did he not intend to call 911? Was 911 on speed dial and Pelosi accidentally hit that key while attempting to call someone else, like his wife?

Did that possible fumble lead to this entire fiasco? Will anyone ever get to ask Pelosi how the incident went down? What about releasing his interview with police? Will Pelosi ever be put under oath to testify openly in a court of law? Doubt it.

Why wasn’t any security, electronic or otherwise, evident that night?  Or was there? Did the door automatically open when someone switched off the security? What’s that lighted object on the table in the entry foyer, visible behind DePape?

Why didn’t responding officers seem to know that this was a VIP house that’s ordinarily protected by Capitol Police (by the federal government) because the Speaker of the House lives there?

Here’s a link to the original criminal complaint and here’s a link to the indictment of DePape, for background and comparison to each other as well as to news stories and these latest releases. Do they all comport?

So many questions, so few answers.

What’s going on, really?




142 responses to “The Pelosi Tapes

  1. I wrote this post before I found this article by the ever-more-informative Daily Mail:

    I’m going to read it now and also review the indictment and criminal complaint. We had two posts about the Pelosi affair before:

    The Pelosi Incident

    More On the Pelosi Incident


    Now this is interesting. It contains what’s purported to be a transcript of the 911 call, but it doesn’t contain that very first sentence that the audio TAPE has, which is Pelosi clearly saying he called 911 by mistake. Listen to the audio. Why did they omit that and why isn’t anybody else talking about this? Am I hearing things? I listened over and over. “Oh, I guess I, I guess I called by mistake.”

    He asks if the Capitol Police are around, which may mean that he had wanted to call the Capitol Police and hit the wrong button OR that DePape wanted him to call the Capitol Police because when he hears it’s the San Francisco police, he asks DePape what he thinks! Very weird.

    Now wait. The other DM story has the transcript in blue and does mention the “mistake” of calling 911:

  3. One other thing I noticed that I haven’t seen anyone remark upon, except a few people in comments on various articles. That back patio was a construction site. You can see the ladders and other equipment there. In the newly released video, you can see painters’ tape around the windows. People were working on that house. DePape is seen walking onto the patio in the dark, without his backpacks. He looks directly at the surveillance camera! Then he walks away, disappears for a while, comes back with the backpacks. Wearing one, carrying another. WHERE did he get the backpacks? In one of my posts, I pointed out that he was charged, also, with breaking into a travel trailer. Is that where he, perhaps, stored those backpacks? Did he at some point work for the Pelosis, whether Paul was aware of it or not? Did he look at the camera to see if it was armed? Did he care or not care? Whatever happened to that witness who claimed to have seen the intruder DRESSED ALL IN BLACK, wearing a backpack, and then heard the break in? DePape is NOT dressed all in black. WTF is going on here?

  4. It’s interesting that nowhere in the indictment, criminal complaint, or transcripts that we’ve seen so far is there any explanation for the drink that Pelosi is clearly seen carrying. It had to be fresh because of the ICE. Where in the timeline does the preparation of the drink occur? Maybe I missed it but when and where did this drink get prepared and by whom? Pelosi was supposed to be ASLEEP when DePape woke him up. Where’d that drink come from?

  5. I don’t remember if I linked this interview of DePape:

    I haven’t listened to it yet, in full. TGP has an abbreviated transcript but you know how little details end up being passed over that might someday be important. It’s 17 minutes long. I’ll let you know if I notice anything interesting.

    • Listening, halfway through, and so far the officer didn’t even ask him if an alarm went off, did he expect one to go off, WHY did he think it didn’t go off, wasn’t he afraid a silent alarm would go off? He tells her about the cameras that were everywhere. The officer seems to already know what he’s going to say, so this isn’t his only statement. He has to have told others this story before and now she’s confirming it on tape. He says Pelosi didn’t hear him at all and was sleeping. DePape says Pelosi grabbed the phone and dialed 911, but if so, why did Pelosi say he called them by “mistake?” He talks about the “safe room” or “elevator.” He talks about having “other targets.” (One, allegedly, was Tom Hanks. Another Hunter.) He says he’s sure the cops are coming, because “there’s no way they got” the call and weren’t coming. So why didn’t he expect a SILENT ALARM? They went downstairs and “they” were “looking at the glass.” The broken glass apparently. Then he tried to “comfort” Paul by squeezing his shoulder. DePape saw the cops outside and told Pelosi that they were there. Pelosi suggested not answering the door and then they’d go away. DePape says Pelosi “runs over to open the door.” (The officer sounds like the actress Patricia Clarkson. I’m just sayin’.) No mention of how or when Pelosi got the drink.

  6. ‘Unusual’ Hunter Biden email reads like a State Department briefing. Was it?

    The implications of this are damning. If Devine’s theory is right and the content of Hunter Biden’s email originated from a State Department briefing, there are several important questions that need to be asked. First, how did Hunter obtain this briefing? Did his father provide it to him? Is this the type of information the Bidens were peddling abroad?

    Even Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) agreed the email looked like the types of briefings lawmakers would receive prior to trips abroad, which are called “scene setters.” ????? O’ REALLY ???

    • My guess is that he was getting the briefings all along. Why not? Does anything about Biden make you think he would care about such details when/where his kids are concerned?

  7. Is this the same voice?

    It sounds as if this officer is leading the guy. It’s probably allowed, but … it conveniently gives the left the ammunition they want to use in their politics.

    Doesn’t the voice in the phone call sound (timbre-wise) completely different?

  8. Seth Rich information:

    Seems pretty clear that the FBI deliberately chose to NOT examine the EVIDENCE that would indicate Rich’s complicity in the leaks. In addition, and as egregious, by NOT examining the evidence themselves (and instead relying on a potentially very biased analysis by a Clinton minion’s group) they did NOT bring JUSTICE to the Rich family (whether or not you feel sympathy for them. We must remember that they, too, are being gaslit and probably would prefer not to learn what might be found by a real investigation.)

    Someone murdered Seth Rich. The person or persons are still out there, awaiting justice. Murderers walking free. Murdered IN COLD BLOOD. For politics? The TRUTH is out there. Justice demands that it be found and brought to light.

  9. There’s more evidence that Hunter might have been $elling $tate $ecret$ …… SEE IT >> SAY SOME — THING !!!

    Late last night, Miranda Devine wrote an Essay that’s ostensibly about a poll showing that Americans think that Biden was wrong to Brush OFF the news about his Squirreling Classified DOCuments as “Nothing.” In fact, most Americans, including Democrats, think what happened is “SomeThing.” But buried in Devine’s article was well-grounded speculation more interesting than poll results: She believes there’s inferential evidence that Hunter Biden was openly $elling national $ecurity information to foreign government$ and corporations.

    Devine opens her article, “Majority of voters, including Democrats, believe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is a $candal,”

    SO, DID He? It’s entirely possible that Hunter DID indeed borrow information from Daddy 2 get Money from Foreign bu$ine$$e$.

  10. COME ON MAN!!! > Do > FISH SWIM in >WATER ???
    Congressman urges probe to SEE > if Bidens profited from documents

    ‘It’s impeachable if he was using those in a way to profit for his family’

    Meanwhile, the Gateway Pundit said the “Biden crime family” made millions in Ukraine “performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage.”

  11. Democratic California Gov. GAVIN Newsom’s wife has potentially raked in Millions of dollar$ from public schools showing her documentaries dedicated to “intersectional gender justice,” according to watchdog group Open the Books.

    G Newsom’s Wife made Millions after charging schools to watch ‘gender justice’ films
    Students in all 50 states watched documentaries, which >> She Wrote and Directed

    In 2019, William Springer of Patterson filed a complaint after his 12-year-old daughter watched “The Mask You Live In,” a Newsom directed film, at Creekside Middle School, according to the Sacramento Bee. The father complained that the film shows “nude images of females in lurid poses” which the superintendent called “disturbing.”

  12. ??? Chicken Farmers Blame Tainted Feed After Hens Stop Producing Eggs ???
    … WHAT’S NEXT ???

    • Tucker Carlson addressed that last night. I think the video’s at TCTH. He brought up all the food factories that are being blown up or destroyed by fire, coincidentally to the fire that killed all those chickens the other day. He has testimony from an egg producer who says her chickens stopped laying eggs and once she switched foods, they miraculously started laying again, even though Purina claims they investigated and it’s NOT their food. Interesting, though. If you want to impact the most chickens, then whose food would you use–the biggest producer of feed in the country? Was it sabotage or deliberate? Is there ANY hope that the causes of these fires and explosions will be “discovered” if the Deep State is IN ON IT? Will Garland actually have the DOJ investigate these threats to national security? Not when, as Carlson pointed out, Biden is quoted and on video as saying that food SHORTAGES can be “disseminated” throughout the world. The Ukraine war is one excuse, he said as he was warning about the war causing shortages, but Biden actually seemed to say, “not to worry, we can manage to SPREAD THE GRIEF AROUND” because, you know, it fits the globalist agenda.

  13. YEP !!! ………………. !
    DEI Has Already Killed Public Education
    Leftist indoctrination begins in elementary school and continues through college graduation.

    • Certainly has. The state of public education is a JOKE. Look up the statistics in your state for the percent of kids who read at grade level or can do math at grade level. Or even what they call “proficient” which is pitifully lower than any standard I had to meet in grade school. We FAILED if we got less than 72% on tests or exams. Now “proficient” is considered about half that and MOST kids, the vast majority, can’t meet the standard and yet they get passed on to the next grade and, worse, even to COLLEGE, not being able to read at 3rd grade level! Nobody questions it nor even tries to make the teachers explain it. All they say, when presented with the pitiful stats, is that this proves teachers need a pay raise! I can count on ONE HAND the number of kids in my 8th grade class who did NOT pass, which means failed to meet 72% on tests. They would probably be considered HONOR students at public school.

  14. O’ … WHIP IT GOOD ??? WHAT A TURKEY … DO U ???????
    Whoopi Goldberg After 5 Black Cops Fatally Beat Black Man: “Do We Need to See White People Also Get Beaten Up Before Anybody Will Do Anything?” (VIDEO)

    • They don’t bother to SHOW videos when Whites get beat up, especially if it’s a Black cop doing the beating. Nobody even knows, as TGP pointed out, about that White guy who was shot coming out of his trailer with his hands up, after being woken from a sound sleep by cops screaming at him to come out with his hands up. Apparently, they even sent a drone into his trailer home, while he and his wife were sleeping. He was shot multiple times and almost died. Nobody even knows his name!

    • Speaking of Whoopee, did you see the video of somebody ripping one on The View? It came from Whoopee’s direction and you do know, don’t you, that she got that nickname because she was so gassy as a child?

  15. Did Hunter have a Read of the BIG GUY’s … > Dad’s classified documents ??? PONDER they WERE NOT 2 BE WITH HIM

    Maybe the documents came home because they were good for business. Or maybe Hunter stumbled upon them looking for his Crack Pipe.
    According to the New York Post:

    • I think he’s got it. They came home SO Hunter could access them, but maybe also to HIDE the evidence. It was reported at TGP that Zelanskyy, on Day One of the Russian invasion, ordered all documents associated with Hunter’s shenanigans in Ukraine to be BURNED. There are photos of the “burn pit.”

    • They also admitted today that the FBI (SUPPOSEDLY) DID search the Penn office. Right. Again, without any warrant, so there’s no proof and the People have to just take their word for it. No FOIA will turn up the BASIS for the search or WHAT exactly they were seizing, if anything. WHY no warrant for Biden but EVERYTHING thrown against Trump, even though nothing turned up and even though Biden has no right to ANY classified information, seeing as how he was NOT president and couldn’t declassify anything EXCEPT WHATEVER HE WAS THE ORIGINATING CLASSIFIER ON?

    • This sudden interest by a mainstream media company is exactly WHY the Bidens AND THE DOJ AND THE FBI colluded before the election to HIDE Hunter’s laptop.

  16. Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal Won’t GO > Away
    There’s no Excuse for his negligence & Irresponsibility, regardless of how Typical they are of his Eehavior.

    READ …..MO’ !!!
    Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal Won’t Go Away
    There’s no excuse for his negligence and irresponsibility, regardless of how typical they are of his behavior.

  17. Media damage by reporting on Russia-Gate lies remains, ‘3 years on’
    Outlets maintained campaign to undermine Trump without evidence

    • It allowed them to give themselves permission to no longer even attempt to be unbiased, to uncover and report the truth and nothing but the truth, as well as the WHOLE truth, and to not even bother to verify what they report, so long as it fits their agenda.

  18. Charges Against R-Kelly Dropped ?????

    * + John C … edited
    George Soros is a Clear & Present Danger to the United States of America, the American People & Freedom & Justice everywhere & he should be treated & dealt with as such.

    He should be denied the air we all breath.

    The same one that let Jussie Smollett go. Total & 100 % corruption. Racism too.

    How so? No one is “letting him go”, they are simply not going through the process of adding more charges which will essentially give home time he’ll be unable to serve. Not the same thing at all.

    Dropping the charges for his crimes IS letting him go. You should volunteer to serve it for him.

    This PILE OF COW DUNG needs removed from the bench!

    • This is called the POC “get out of jail free” card. There is and will be no real justice anymore. Justice will only be served to those evil oppressors, upon whom it is now OPEN SEASON.

  19. BideN’s New Border Admission Policy Allows Haitian, Cuban Migrants To Receive Medicaid, Food Stamps, Cash Handouts

    From Cringe to Creepy: KaMala Harris Waxes Idiotic About Yellow School Buses Again — With a Twist

    • His totally illegal and unconstitutional policy, that is. How can they get all that when the policy supposedly requires a sponsor who will be completely responsible for the person economically? I read an article somewhere in the print media that said it’s completely illegal to use “parole” for the purpose he’s trying to use it. But so what? It’s typical DemoncRAT lawfare. Do it, knowing it’s illegal and unconstitutional, then DARE someone to sue and you get to break the law, get your way, get all those people into the country on taxpayer’s expense for as long as it takes for the case to grind its way through court. Let’s hope SOMEBODY like the states responsible will SUE for an immediate injunction.

    • As for Creepy Kamel Face: I read an article somewhere to day, maybe it was a video, too, that argued that they are shoving her aside in favor of … wait for it … MOO!!! She’s out there in the news, complaining about menopause and pushing her new book that she no doubt did not write. It’s all a campaign to begin to have her run as their candidate in 2024. Like Hillary, the more she protests that she has no such plans, the more we need to believe that’s exactly the plan. She doesn’t have any desire to be POTUS, she has said, but it doesn’t matter because the precedent has already been set by Old Joe. HE’S not really POTUS. Who runs the show? BARRY! It’s documented in their multiple, nearly daily calls that Joe admits to. Everybody knows that the “president” is Barry in his 3rd term and his cabal, including the Deep State. So Moo, like Joe, can spend as many days as she likes doing whatever she wants to do, while everybody else, like her husband, really runs everything. What’s not to like. A figurehead, like the Queen of England. btw, this whole suffering from menopause is a deep fake. Remember what Joan said. Such a person does NOT suffer menopause, unless at some point they decide to forgo those female hormones.

    • About that yellow school bus. It reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where he asks “Who wouldn’t love a pony?”

    • There is definitely much more to this story than meets the eye. While NOTHING excuses the way they literally beat that guy to death (and I’ll bet the autopsy shows it was brain damage from those haymakers), WHY do people not realize BY NOW that they must just do what they’re told and worry about fighting the cops later on, in court? Why was it necessary to smart off to the cops and NOT do exactly what they said. Lie down on your face and put your hands behind your back. Not comfortable, but it’s better than being beaten to a pulp. What we’re not being told, which I wonder about, is the victim’s mentality. His IQ, I mean. We hear he worked at FedEx, but in what capacity? He was 29 and the father of a child, but lived with Mom and cried out for her. We don’t hear about that child or its mother. Did his child live with his father and grandmother? If not, then where is the child?

      More questions: When they put the white cop on leave, they saw fit to tell us how long he was on the force. HOW LONG have those 5 black guys who were charged been on the force? When and how were they recruited? Were they chosen for that elite squad on quality/merit or some other characteristic (being facetious of course). Did they use the SAME STANDARDS in hiring these guys as they have historically used throughout the Memphis police dept. existence? WHY do they not FORCE officers to speak professionally to citizens? I’m serious. If these guys MUST curse, must be belligerent, cannot speak professionally and maintain a serious and professional demeanor, then they have NO BUSINESS being on the police force.

      EVERYONE is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVED GUILTY. Which means Tyre and every other person stopped by police deserves to be treated with respect. You don’t, as a PROFESSIONAL, immediately begin cursing out the detained citizen. Are there NO standards for officer behavior? They’re allowed to curse out and berate and belittle CITIZENS? It’s a small thing but it’s telling. THESE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS, and they SHOULD BE.

      • Mind you, the cops deserve presumption of innocence, too, but it’s hard to imagine after watching them pummel that guy like a GANG of thugs that they can explain it away. However, we don’t know what happened before he was stopped. Did he drive recklessly? Was that his car? Does he have a record or did he have a warrant out for his arrest? (It’s not clear and I haven’t seen it reported anywhere.) We’ve seen that he was smarting off at the officers (although that’s no excuse for them losing control. They’re the professionals.) WHY did he run? Was it to escape the abuse, which wasn’t wonderful, mostly verbal, though. The tasers didn’t work. I didn’t really see them spray him on the video, but I think it was said he was sprayed. It just is completely stupid to run, imho, even if within a block of mom’s home. It’s a horrible situation and I don’t see how anything good can come of them playing the race card, when race had nothing to do with it, from what I can see. There are a lot of other factors, though, like culture, both in the police community as well as the black community. Something has to change. Cops need to be more professional and citizens need to comply with the cops’ instructions, at a minimum. Who’s going to want to be a cop anymore? You look at it from any angle and the answer isn’t good. Only those who want power and to be able to “legally” abuse people will sign on. Who would want to be associated with an organization full of such disrespectful, belligerent, out of control, foul mouthed people? Then you have to consider that with cameras and new laws making cops responsible for what OTHER cops are doing, nobody with an ounce of sense is going to risk that. They’re going to try to charge or punish other officers who were present but uninvolved, but when you have an organized group of 5 thuggish cops of another color, what cop is going to stick his or her neck out to oppose them as they’re beating an innocent-until-proved-guilty citizen to death?

    • EXCELLENT article, btw, about the victims of the Capitol Police and the lack of ANY justice for them.


    If the sky’s clear where you are, look at the sky tonight to see the green comet. It’s in the north, about halfway to zenith, between the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper (I think). See the article for exact location. I haven’t seen it yet. Too freaking cloudy all the time. Halley’s Comet was such a bust, I’ll take anything.


    Turley on the disgraceful news media. They have no shame whatsoever. That’s why being woke is a cult. No thought, just allegiance to the orthodoxy. The less thought, the better. Drink your Kool-Aid.

  22. Resurfaced ‘Mister Rogers’ video features iconic TV star seemingly warning against transgenderism among kids
    Lyrics to Rogers’ decades-old song stated, ‘Boys are boys from the beginning, Girls are girls right from the start’

    In the subsequent stanza, Rogers sang about gender roles exclusive to each sex. He sang, “Girls grow up to be the MoMMies, boys grow up to be the DaDDies. Everybody’s fancy, Everybody’s Fine. Your body’s fancy & so is mine.”

  23. Biden Falsely Claims: ‘We’ve Reduced the National Debt, So Far, $1.7 Trillion in Two Years’

    In FACT, according to the U.S. Treasury, during Biden’s first 2 years in office—Jan. 20, 2021 through Jan. 20, 2023—the federal debt I N –> creased by approximately $3.7 trillion.

    On Jan. 20, 2023, two years into Biden’s presidency, the debt was $31,454,980,005,742.40, according to the Treasury. ??? O’ JOE!

  24. ….Ha’ ….GET BIT !!! bitch!!!

    Ocasio-Cortez explodes over vote to boot Omar, slaps notebook against podium: ‘Targeting women of color’
    AOC claimed that ousting of Omar was ‘extension’ of America’s ‘targeting of Muslim Americans’ after 9/11

    • By their “logic”, then muslims and women “of color” can get away with ANYTHING. Laws don’t apply to them, huh? I don’t think so.

  25. …. February 2, 2023
    IF > Trump is such a Terrible candidate, Why does everyone ….
    >>> F E A R him? <<>>>>>>> direction again. !!!! GO TRUMP GO GO GO !!!

  26. ….La L a … LA …. ha’
    Congress Just Threw Ilhan Omar > OFF > the Foreign Affairs Committee, & the Squad Went Bonkers
    The GOP > IS > Standing its Ground as a Matter of Principle.

    Ilhan Omar is “Black & Muslim” .. so she can say & do the most Flagrantly UNacceptable things, & IF you O’ppose them, U Racist.

    A House willing to THROW Omar off Foreign Affairs might have enough Sand to hold firm & get some Meaningful spending cuts
    in return for a small debt ceiling increase, & then more cuts in return for another increase later, & so on until it isn’t necessary to raise the debt ceiling. A House unwilling to dump Omar? Not a chance.

    So we’ll see, but this is a small, but nonetheless significant win today. It’s worth noting.

  27. O’ B A B Y * R I V E R * such a BEAUTIFUL BOY !

    Alexandra LAINS Newest GIFT from God … WOW!

  28. … the BIG O’ … Got >>> OUSTED!!!

    Pelosi: ‘Today, We Celebrate the Feast of St. Brigid: Ireland’s Patroness Saint and a Great Leader’

    Contemporary abortion advocates have Tried to Portray St. Brigid as an early abortionist—a Claim that has been Shot down by Catholic news outlets. .. once -AGAIN … NANCY the JERK-OFF

    • How freaking insulting to call a Catholic saint an abortionist.

      As for Ilhan, “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye.”

  29. Historicity
    There is debate over whether Brigid was a real person. There are few historical facts about her, and early hagiographies “are mainly anecdotes and miracle stories, some of which are deeply rooted in Irish pagan folklore”.[3] She has the same name and many of the same attributes as the Celtic goddess Brigid, and there are many supernatural events and folk customs associated with her.[9] Like the saint, the goddess in Irish myth is associated with poetry, healing, protection, smithcraft, and domestic animals,

    Suspected Chinese spy balloon found over northern U.S.
    “The United States government … is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon that is over the continental United States right now,” said a Pentagon spokesperson.

    Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to prep by firing ‘a clip’ at a target, and ‘aim for the head’
    “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025,” said Gen. Mike Minihan in a memo sent to the officers he commands and obtained by NBC News.

  31. > CHINA Published February 2, 2023 5:35pm EST

    US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states
    A senior U.S. defense official said the government is closely monitoring the suspected Chinese spy balloon

    • Yeah, like we’re going to worry that the Chinese are spying on us when every freaking day Google, Facebook, the Deep State, our own government spies on us. “You’ll have no privacy and you’ll never be happier!” Ditto for the “global government.”

    • When I go out to look for the comet, I’ll give the Chi-comms a wave.

    • And their mayor is SUDDENLY whining about illegal immigration. He asked for it; he got it. Sanctuary city, so give them sanctuary.

    Well Duh! Hunter >>> admits abandoned laptop is H I S ….

    Now he’s Demanding crackdown on those who Have investigated $candals … REALLY ??? GET BIT! U GRIFTER FAMILY!

    Later, a Media Research Center poll found that 36% of self-described Biden voters said they were not aware of the evidence behind claims that Joe Biden was personally involved in his son Hunter’s business deals with China, a claim bolstered by emails found on Hunter’s laptop.

    Thirteen percent of those voters (4.6% of all Biden voters in the sample) said that IF they had known the Facts, they would NOT have Voted for >> Biden the CON & SNEAKY CHEATER 24/7

    • He and his lawyers seem to have totally forgotten about the contract that gave the laptop to the computer guy (whom I don’t think Hunter paid, even), which means he has no claim on the laptop and the computer guy did nothing wrong. What a bunch of thugs these people are. It’s like how they recruited Beau to “help” disappear Larry Sinclair, when he became uncomfortable for Barry. This lawfare business goes way back with the Biden mafia family.

      • “One recent revelation was that Hunter Biden apparently demanded video sex from an employee, under the threat of withholding a salary check. …”

        !!! How the eff many more laws can this guy break? Regardless of whether the employee complains, this is still a crime, isn’t it? Fraud. Extortion. Sex trafficking?

  33. …… DEAD -HEAD – DICK – BRAIN JOEY the DUNCE!!!
    JUST IN: Hunter’s Business Partner Had Access to “Sensitive” Biden Docs, Moved Them from Biden’s Office

    • They’ve been moving them all around like checkers on a checkerboard. Why else is Joe hopscotching ahead of the FBI to every location? It’s ridiculous. Name another suspected perp who’s allowed access to the crime scene for days and THEN graciously is allowed to agree to the search. They act as if this is treating Joe the same as the REAL President. Now they’re going to pretend to search Pence’s office/homes, too. All for show.

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