Life Has Never Been Better?

The elites of the world, who style themselves our betters and thus believe themselves to be born to rule the hoi polloi, are meeting (aka conspiring) in Davos, Switzerland. Make no mistake, they consider themselves to be masters of the future, in other words, masters of us all.

Below is a quote from one of these global elites:

They’ve modified their agenda since 2020, when the wannabe rulers of us all predicted the following:

1. “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”

2. “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower.”

3. “You won’t die waiting for an organ donor” — “They will be made by 3D printers.”

4. “You’ll eat much less meat” — Meat will be “an occasional treat, not a staple, for the good of the environment and our health.”

5. “A billion people will be displaced by climate change.”

6. “Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide” — “There will be a global price on carbon. This will help make fossil fuels history.”

7. “You could be preparing to go to Mars” — “Scientists will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space.”

8. “Western values will have been tested to the breaking point.” — “Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten.”

Notice the new addition to prediction #1: You will “have no privacy” but “life has never been better.”

They acknowledge that we’ll no longer be “happy about” owning nothing and having no privacy, but be assured:  When they’ve effected their fundamental transformation of world civilization, they are going to tell us all that “life has never been better.”

That’s how life will seem for them, but not for us. Here’s the test. Let’s challenge these UN-ELECTED wannabe dictators:

Why don’t you lead by example?

Why are you flying around on private jets, spewing tons of “climate change causing” CO2, to attend a meeting that you could have had on Zoom?

After pushing the entire population of the world to take an untested gene therapy, why are so many of you also demanding unvaccinated pilots to fly you to Davos?

Why don’t you all immediately open up all your personal records to public perusal? After all, if we are to have “no privacy,” then why don’t you lead the way? Let’s have transcripts of every meeting, every phone call, every email, for transparency’s sake.

Why don’t you all immediately give up all your own private property so that you, too, “own nothing.” No more mansions. No more limos. No more private jets. No more Wagyu beef, lobster, champagne, by the way. (Will you be happy about it?)

In 2030, will every last one of you live like everyone else (like you are mandating that We the People live), with no possessions and no privacy?

I have a life-size picture of that in my mind.

You insufferable hypocrites!

Truly, #8 is hilarious.

Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten.

Not forgotten, but surely you all have already decided to no longer abide by them.

After all, who died and left you rulers of the entire world? How dare you?!!!

What do you plan to do, engrave the U.S. Constitution and the Magna Carta on stone pillars in Davos so that they’re never “forgotten,” while your Agenda 2030 leaves no room for following these tenets of democracy and “checks and balances?”

You really must think we are stupid.

Speaking for We the People,

You disgust us.








131 responses to “Life Has Never Been Better?

  1. …. SHOW & TELL … ALL!!! >>>> STOP this B S !!! BIDEN!!!
    Secret Service Now Says It HAS Visitor LOGS From Biden Home

    NEWS …..
    Now Secret Service admits it has some Biden Delaware visitor records

  2. Tomi Lahren: Democrats A C T like they Don’t know how This >>>>>>> Happened ……..????????
    ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to NYC Mayor Eric Adams calling for federal help to address the Migrant Crisi$, as Whoopi Goldberg says Texas $hould $$$$$$ pay >>> New York. TOTAL NUTS!

    • THAT is a perfect example of liberal “logic.” Somehow TEXAS is to blame and responsible and should pay. NOBODY in the USA should have to pay for any of this. These illegal interlopers should immediately be sent back where they came from, either Mexico, which ALLOWED them to trespass through their own country in order to break into ours, or back to where they originated. And then we should send the bill for their return fare to their home countries. WHY should WE pay for this, whether we live in TX, NY, or anywhere else in the USA? Since the UN is ILLEGALLY funding their exodus, then we should either send the bill to the UN or EXTRACT IT FROM WHATEVER DUES WE PAY THE UN.

  3. Al Gore Bombs in Davos With Hiroshima-Fueled Wackiness
    If Gore truly believes this, then someone should give him professional help.

    People who know a little about atomic devices and Earth’s climate greet Gore’s ravings with snickers.

    John Ullyot
    “Al Gore’s allegations are, as usual, ridiculous and unprovable, designed both to virtue-signal his fellow Davos jet-setting climate globalists and to scare-monger others away from practical long-term energy solutions such as nuclear power,” said former National Security Council spokesman and U.S. Marine Corps veteran John Ullyot. “Gore has been spending too much time hanging around gas stoves.”

    All of this suggests Three possible C O N – Clusions:

    Al Gore’s calculator has a twitchy button that adds too many zeroes to his fuzzy math.

    Gore is a cynical liar whose willful mendacity terrifies people into buying the Green New Deal, which is communism with beautiful, Earth-friendly bows and ribbons rather than sniper towers and snarling Doberman Pinschers.

    Gore truly believes the nonsense that he sputters. If so, someone should throw a butterfly net over him and whisk him somewhere for serious, professional help.

  4. The >> Real >> Purpose of Drag Queen Story Hour .. Ha!!!

    Those WHO have Voiced concerns about the Dangers that Drag events,

    • Every drag “artist” is a HATE ARTIST against natural women. (Did you see that now they’re “offended” by Aretha’s song? Henceforth I’m going to call biological women NATURAL WOMEN. It’s perfect.)

      Drag to women is the SAME THING as blackface to blacks. It’s insulting. It’s misogynistic. It’s HATE SPEECH. It’s criminal, imho. NO DIFFERENT than blackface. No different than Stepen Fetchit (even though he was black.) No different than Amos and Andy. No different than thousands of cartoons over the years stereotyping and ridiculing Jews.

    • This is who they should have teaching children about sex:

  5. if …Only … JOE BLOW …is a CON man… 4 EVER MO’

    ‘I, Joseph R. Biden…Do Hereby Proclaim January 22, 2023, as the 50th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Decision’


    “IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord

    • Remember how all these woke individuals, like Biden, love to accuse Trump and his supporters of being AGAINST the USA, AGAINST our democracy, and AGAINST our government? How does that square with Biden and all his woke supporters and all the pro-abortion left REFUSING to respect the LAW OF THE LAND, which is the SCOTUS ruling that there’s NO constitutional right to abortion? Why do they work AGAINST the SCOTUS, in effect perpetrating an INSURRECTION against the Court and a COUP against the Judicial Branch, actually ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE AGAINST THE JUSTICES by their words that say, WITHOUT EVIDENCE AND COMPLETELY WITH NO LEGAL FOUNDATION, that their decision is or should be null and void? They are ILLEGALLY marching outside Kavanaugh’s home and actually THREATENING his life. Are they being arrested and/or hunted down by the DOJ and thrown in prison without a hearing for years, like with the Jan. 6 peaceful protesters?

    • Such a PIG and a grand-stander. And he’s supposedly Catholic. NOT! In no effing way. It’s ALL politics. This is like how he’s lowering the flags to half staff for the Asians (were they ALL Asians?) murdered by another Asian (NO hate crime unless you’re going to consider anti-Chinese hate perpetrated by an ethnic Vietnamese. Surely, with his surname, he’s Vietnamese, no matter where he came her from) but Biden’s NOT lowering the flags to half staff for the tens or even hundreds of other Americans who are murdered EVERY WEEK somewhere across the USA.

      In fact, was there not a shooting of 12 people in another city over the weekend? Thankfully nobody died (yet) but why the difference?

      Biden doesn’t care whatsoever for these people’s lives. He cares only about using their deaths to advance a political policy. Why is it he sympathizes with and we “honor” only victims of MASS shootings but not the hundreds of victims across the nation killed by handguns EVERY DAY/WEEK? WHY do they NOT go after the guns of choice that are used by thugs in inner cities? We know why.

  6. Hilaria Baldwin pleads with paparazzi to ‘leave my family in peace’ following news that husband Alec will be charged in ‘Rust’ shooting

    A day after prosecutors said they plan to file charges against Alec Baldwin in the death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the actor’s wife, Hilaria, was photographed in New York City.

    She WoRE a sweatShirt that Read > “EMPATHY,” ? REALLY?
    Tell that 2 Halyna’s S O N ! go add another BABY HIL SO sad !

    >Empathy < is the capacity to understand OR feel what another person is EXperiencing from within their Frame of reference, that is, the capacity to Place 1 Self in another's position.

    • I’m still trying to figure out the theory of the case. Is this because, as executive producer, Baldwin was where the buck stopped? I can understand charging negligent homicide or manslaughter in the case of the person whose job it was to set up the guns UNLOADED and SAFE. Is it standard procedure in all movies that the person NOT pull the trigger on a gun loaded with blanks or even with nothing? Is it standard procedure for EVERY actor to check every gun he or she uses in rehearsal or in shooting (no pun intended) a scene for a movie or TV show? I just can’t envision it. So is he only being charged because he’s the producer? Think of it this way, too. IF somebody like Barbra Streisand were the executive producer and something like this happened on her set, would they even think of charging her? (All this is said putting aside that I personally believe he’s a YUGE a-hole, which should have nothing to do with blind justice. Just playing devil’s advocate.)

  7. ….. SING JOEY SING ….. ha’ U JERK AZZ !!! 24/7
    DOJ Seizes MORE >> classified docs from Biden’s Wilmington home After 12-hour search

    The DOJ seized an additional six items consisting of classified documents from Biden’s Wilmington home

    • This is ridiculous. Now they’re possibly going to search more locations, like his other home (that he just spent a weekend at, probably cauterizing it of embarrassing information). When does the DOJ/FBI ever give advance notice and allow the potential perp’s lawyers to supervise searches? Why no subpoena or search warrant? They’re only doing this NOW to pretend that they’re not treating him differently because their excuse for RAIDING Trump’s home after his people/lawyers WERE cooperating was that more documents remained after Trump’s lawyers said all were turned over. Well, SAME WITH BIDEN. Additionally, NOT raiding the locations puts the lie to their claim that national security was the reason they RAIDED TRUMP’S home (but not Biden’s).


    Really upsetting video in this story. They seem to have gunned this guy down for no reason whatsoever. I can imagine that PERHAPS being primed for an “active shooter” and for some reason believing there was a hostage (even though the couple seemed to have been sleeping!), they thought the flashlight or phone or whatever it was he was holding (not a gun, though) could have been a weapon with a laser sight on it. Who knows? But after all this crap about George Floyd, wouldn’t you think they would hold off before shooting? He was in the light. They were in the dark. He probably couldn’t even see them, much less hit them. Why, for what reason, HOW, could they have gotten a warrant? It’s like a third world country.

    • The cops OBVIOUSLY lied because the video shows NO “verbal altercation” with the police. WHERE are the usual race-baiting, cop-hating LAWYERS (like helped Trayvon’s family) on this one? OR, do ONLY black lives matter to them? Don’t they care EQUALLY about justice?

      Someone in the comments says that he picked up a DRONE that the cops had sent into the trailer. Do you think that’s true? If so, then there’s no justification for them to shoot. A drone would have seen them in bed, being peaceful, and they should have recognized their own drone as a drone when he opened the door. What are ordinary citizens to do when they see something like this.

      Aren’t they supposed to present a warrant? Who wants to open their door EVER to the cops after seeing this?

      Also of note: It’s a blessing that they had that camera to record the TRUTH about what happened. Do we all have to set up nanny cams all over our house to ensure we have a record of outrageous behavior by authorities?

  9. Ron Klain Is Biden’s Brain (And He’s Leaving)….Ha’ ~~~~~
    A not-so-fond farewell to ONE of the Seediest Swamp Creatures around. <<<<< !!~~~~

    * Thom
    If the Founders, principles of that, men who signed the Declaration of Independence and actually fought in said war to create something that doesn't read like above were to gather in a lofty place, look down upon what has been done to their "work" by their posterity what would they say, write about what they see? What would they do? There is a history to that if ones bothers to look. A perfect Union was not on their to do list being well read and learned men. A peaceful Union was which should inform those that see nothing but conflict over what the original 13 "states" ratified and is treated like used toilet paper openly today. Where's the Union when what binds is trashed day in and out? Simple questions, impossible answers it seems.

    Reading the combined wisdom of say Caryn Johnson, I suspect some of those assembled might question the wisdom of all the blood shed back in the 1860s to set what she represents "free". For every Clarence Thomas there are say 9 Caryn Johnsons out there which are competitive with Jezebel from a little further back in history there. What was the point when better than 9 out of 10 of those you "freed" wish to tear down what they didn't build and have no respect for? That MO repeats there in many places throughout the world in fact where we have shed blood to set them "free" and they burn it all down the first chance they get. People just naturally don't respect and appreciate what is just given to them and they not earned and learned what the cost of that really is. People involved in real estate can show you the graphed difference all day long between "renters" and "home owners". The nation is overflowing with "rent seekers" who have little to no stake in what they are gifted. That started under "civil rights". That bred an expectation of reward for certain behaviors by protected groups. That would be offensive to what the Founders saw as virtue and would strengthen the nation. That's why they and their history have to be removed from the public square. It reminds of that which will not be spoken.

    People like Ron Klain would be called "carpet baggers" post Civil War in the South. Carpet Baggers and the what Booker T. Washington would call, "There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public." are natural allies and feed off each other but in our enlightened times, such has been expanded to every non-white and non-male portion of our society based on examples set in stone during what was called the "civil rights" movement which is today just some rendition of the Marxist (least common denominator) race to the bottom. Look at what such as Ron and company push and how the standards of society fall and the local Jokers take over. None of that was possible post Revolution and would not have been tolerated. The Founders didn't fight a war to become Animal House.

    What Lincoln could not define as a "union" he was going to save by killing much of it is now steadily on a path to an epic scale suicide writ large. When "save the Union" didn't fill the ranks sufficiently for Abe there, it became free the slaves he promised he would not do if that meant destroying the Union… Politicians are just like that all the time. The what, when, how of our demise I'll leave to that portion of Climate Science that predicts such. All of our steps along the way to where we are today were small and insignificant so said those that justified each transgression against what tempered the hearts of evil men in pursuit of what always drives them. The "good men" are always sure they are right. The ancient Israelis spent 400 years in slavery, were freed not by their hand and what did they do with what they had been "gifted" under Moses and then destroyed around 722 BC mostly. The bulk of those freed died in the wilderness and never saw the promised land. Later, slaughtered, exiled twice and never to rise again like they had been under David or even Solomon. What destroyed ancient Israel? There's a very long list of charges there in the Old Testament I won't summarize here. God fearing people know what is written. Godless people like what occupies the King's Palace today don't care because what drives them is what drove all the evil Kings of the northern Kingdom of Israel and many of the southern Kingdom of Judea. Same old, same old.

    People like Ron Klain are merchants of death, a hired gun who gets what he can and moves on to his next assignment. Carpet Bagger might be too kind actually but that is essentially what Ron does for a living. Destruction is his game and what gains he gets from such his reward. The likes of Ron Klain can only do what they do if a society tolerates what he represents in the scheme of things. Ron here isn't Biden's "brain". He is not the problem either but the manifestation of the root problem. The Founders would not speak to what animates most today regarding the margins of the outcome of this. They would perhaps speak to something that sounds like WTF were you thinking? What they would do has its own history there. Pronouns, protected identities, classes didn't scare them. After all, just signing a silly piece of paper was a death warrant in their day. Can you imagine Republicans signing an actual copy of the original Declaration of Independence today and sending it to the current King in residence there in District One? What would good old Ron do there? What would he advise the King? We seem to be getting a preview of what Ron would do. That's traditionally what Carpet Baggers did too. The Ron Klains, the "don't let a crisis go to waste" cousin of Ron there did followed the same MO. Get in, get his cut and move on to the next Gig. Colonial folks used to run such folks out of town harshly. We've kind of forgotten the who and the why of the Founders and why that mattered. Ron's just a product of a system that rewards Carpet Baggers. He's not the cause of this.

  10. Et tu, Mike Pence? ……MO’ ???
    I have a few thoughts on the matter, in No particular order.
    1. …. 5.

    • Helping out his old pal Joe. Making a false equivalency. Thinking We the People will say it’s the same so let Joe off, too. NOT! Throw the book at both of them. AS IF we care what happens to that undermining RINO. He’s no friend to Trump. Let him go, too. He had no authority either so was guilty as charged, as is Joe, although I doubt that Pence did anything nefarious with the documents.

    • This is an interesting phrase, “potential classified documents.” How cute it will be if they turn out to NOT BE classified, but only after he’s helped Old Joe out of the bind and “no harm, no foul” for Mike. His insurance policy, iow. Confess to documents that only might be classified and then Trump will save his ass, no doubt, by saying he declassified them. (For old times’ sake.)

      I’m more convinced after thinking this through that Pence is fessing up to it in order to ensure that they don’t do anything to Biden. How can they now? Two VPs. Both with documents for a long time. Indict both or neither. So you know what it will be: Neither.

      Notice that Biden’s special counsel, unlike Trump’s, has a VERY NARROW assignment that doesn’t include following any evidence of possible crimes wherever it takes him. So nothing he finds on Biden’s corruption or Hunter’s shenanigans will be included in his final report and, in addition, should they want to prosecute Hunter they’ll say the special counsel’s investigation damaged the “evidence,” so he’ll get off, too.

  11. JOE BIDEN ……
    Texas leads 20 Republican states in Suing Biden admin over Migrant parole program
    Program allows 30,000 Migrant from certain countries a month

  12. OK LET’S …… carry …. ON…. KIDDIES!!!

    HERE IT IS – THE SMOKING GUN: The 20 Point Email of Classified Information from His Father that HUNTER > Biden SENT …..
    to Burisma Board Member in April 2014 … + 647 Comments


    It would be interesting to know if, considering all that’s happened and out of an “abundance of caution,” Garland is going to send his troops/raiders up to Chicago to go through the 33 million documents Obama has stored there. NAH!

    So Trump provides the distraction from the growing outcry, from putting Garland on the hotseat and forcing him to LIE about how he holds everybody to the same standard, giving the anti-Trump, anti-MAGA people the fodder to claim, “See, Trump is biased and he has a double standard, too.” WTF?!!!


    The family didn’t release her death certificate but somehow the media got it. Are they open records? Why not BIRTH CERTIFICATES, then? IF they’re not open records, then how did the media get it and why, then, can’t they similarly get Barry’s BC? In any case, it was heart related so …

    Her sister thinks it was the vax.

  15. Comer: ‘Our Investigation Centers Primarily Around the Money Trail…to Biden Family Interests’

    Comer said if his committee is stonewalled in its attempt to get information, as it most likely will be, “We will Hold them in
    C O N’ -tempt — we’ll start issuing subpoenas. It’s a shame we have to do that, but we’re going to do whatever we can to get the information we need.”

    “When should we expect the first subpoena?” Maria Bartiromo asked the chairman.

    “Very soon,” was all he said.

  16. .. O’ NANCY & PAUL 2 … OUR U$A >>POLITIC$ !
    TRICKs of the TRADE ??? ….O’ $URE!!!
    Pelosis SOLD > Google Stock 1 Month Before DOJ Announced Antitrust Lawsuit

    • I’m sure they’ll simply say that “they all do it,” as if that makes it okay. It’s amazing how these people enter Congress middle class and end up millionaires in record time. Talk about insider information.

    ‘Our family’s sick’: …> YEP YEP YEP!!! & WORSE!!!

    ‘Our family’s sick’: Why Hunter Biden lied about paying $50,000 monthly rent
    The true story of how president’s son botched a mission in California

  18. Report: Penn Biden Center June Event >> Allowed Attendees >>>>> ‘Unmonitored’ Building Access !!! O’ JOE!!!

    * MiMi002 Pasquale Rossi … > edited ??
    Obama is the one that needs his offices and homes searched….notice how he hasn’t commented if he will do Sweeps of all of his office & residence locations??? Swalwell & Schiff have already had their gooses cooked by being denied security briefings & chairs on the intel committee.|23112138|Report%3A%20Penn%20Biden%20Center%20June%20Event%20Allowed%20Attendees%20%26%238216%3BUnmonitored%26%238217%3B%20Building%C2%A0Access|

  19. BUTT’ of COURSE …. why NOT … > just DO IT!!!

    Will Gavin Newsom Renounce His Catholicism?…??? !!!
    The governor claims allegiance to the Church, but his true religion appears to be leftism.

    • Seriously? Another one? Another phony Catholic? No such thing as a “cafeteria Catholic.” San Fran Nana isn’t even supposed to receive communion. I never heard that he was Catholic.

    • Wowee. What ELSE could that admission mean than that he put his own mother “to sleep?” If it’s a mortal sin to kill oneself, then what is assisting someone to do it?


    Oscars. ALL WOKE, ALL THE TIME. I don’t know about Till, but maybe the movie sucked big time, maybe the acting did, too. OR maybe somebody mixed up “Tar” with “Till” and the rest is history.

  21. They slipped and said if Pence announces he’ll run for president, THEN they will “decide” to appoint a special counsel to investigate HIM. The Deep State want to keep Pence out of the race because then HIS votes would go to “anybody but Trump.” They don’t want Trump OR Biden, according to Gaetz’s theory:

  22. This would seem to be YUGE. How can a judge stand for this? Their lawyers were tipped off to this. It appears that somebody in the government accidentally on purpose caused a “glitch” in the video right at the point where Ray Epps appears to “orchestrate” the breach of the police fencing and the police line. The glitch just happened to obscure Epps leading the charge. A mistrial would be called for, it would seem. How many other trials and convictions SHOULD BE in jeopardy, how many other arrests should be, when they’re based upon HIDDEN and/or edited/compromised video. Did their lawyers get the unedited video?

  23. >>> POLITICS <<>>“It’s Never too Late to S T O P Lying,” …..
    tweeted political commentator Jim Treacher.

  24. This might B E … ? … the 1 that Does JOE Biden ..IN ? O’ Sure

    Joe Biden was a Lousy’ Congressman. He was a Lousy’ Senator.
    He’s a Lousy >? President???
    He is a Liar.
    He is a Grifter.
    He is Plagiarist.
    The self-described PooR- Rest man in Congress is a Multi-Millionaire, OWN-in’ …. >> Several Mansions. ?? >> WOW!
    Biden Inc has made $31 million… <<< ??????? O'

    Biden, top aides covered up secret document discoveries from public: report

  25. Miranda Devine: Hunter Biden’s email reads like ‘Classified’ DOC-ument
    Suggests there Might ??? be Link between message & papers held by JOEY >>> Biden

    • That was a great find and insight. It certainly doesn’t sound like something he wrote, more like something he copied and condensed. Insider dealing. Who would every suspect? (Snark.)

  26. @ comments…. ^^^
    * Mr. Ed.
    So when Exactly are all those Laptop Files, & I do mean all,
    Finally going to be Released O R >>> Leaked to the public?
    ??? Doesn’t the public have a Right to Know? ?????

    * Yeah… probably about in 30-40 years along with All the Pandemic Medical Reports & Documents…

    “The first SON is already under Investigation by the US attorney’s office in Delaware for possible Tax Fraud, Illegal foreign Lobbying, money Laundering & Lying about his Drug USE on
    a ……
    G U N – Purchase Form” ????????? HELLO???

    * Joe Biden wants to Play the Trick he did in Ukraine. CORRUPTED BIDEN received Million dollar…

    * This guy never worked a day in his life.
    He manipulated his father’s influence.

    He is a Millionaire withOUT Working.
    It’s NOT Old money, >>>> it’s Stolen Money.

    * ALL those involved in Covering up for Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal should be Sued for OBSTRUCTION OF FAIR ELECTION in 2020 …..YEP!!! JUST DO IT!!!

  27. > Reflections on a Visit to the Southern Border !!!

    I took a trip to the border last month to SEE what WE could SEE.

    We attended the TPUSA AmeriFest convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Afterwards, >> we headed to the Border…


    Sure. And then the complicit media will tell us what they see. I’ll be amazed if it’s released IN FULL to the public, unedited, I mean.


    This was epic, and eye-opening. He talks about facts I’d never heard before concerning the non-investigation of Epstein’s death.

  30. ZERO is NOT MUCH is IT? ….

    CNN’s Van Jones says Tyre Nichols’ death might have been ‘driven by racism’ despite Black cops being charged
    The five Memphis police officers, all Black, involved in the arrest of Tyre Nichols were charged with murder

    • Liberal “logic.” Why not? “The White Man” is responsible for ALL ills in the entire world, throughout history. Right?

  31. Vermont border Apprehensions in last Three months more than past >>>> …. Two Years combined ….O’
    Robert Garcia, chief patrol agent for the Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector said that the sector had a nearly 743% increase over the same prior-year period

  32. WATCH: Donald Trump Delivers keynote address in …
    …. New Hampshire
    President advances ‘America 1st’ message

  33. the Death 4 Diamond Hardaway of ‘Diamond & Silk’

    * Haley
    SILK was the Quiet One OF the Duo. When Trump said, he did not Really know SILK he means that he did not Know her Innermost Thoughts > WELL.

    Geesh, why Does the News always Insist on Twisting Words
    …. > to fit AN Agenda.

    I know lots of People Superficially, & I also would say >>> that
    I never Really knew them.

    Each day it seems NYpost reveals its lost its thread & has joined the Dark Side ….nasty nasty … FOLKS!

    >>> >>> RIP Diamond ! <<< <<>>> kinda lacking these days!

  34. 2 BE OR NOT 2 BE !!! ??? .. WAKE UP USA ! SOUL SICKNESS

    Man seeks assisted suicide over gender transition regret
    ‘Cannot be reversed or relieved’

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