Fake Biography? Hmm.

This story caught my eye the other day:

George Santos, whose election to Congress on Long Island in New York last month helped Republicans clinch a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, built his candidacy on the notion that he was the “full embodiment of the American dream” and was running to safeguard it for others.

His campaign biography amplified his storybook journey: He is the son of Brazilian immigrants, and the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat as a non-incumbent. By his account, he catapulted himself from a New York City public college to become a “seasoned Wall Street financier and investor” with a family-owned real estate portfolio of 13 properties and an animal rescue charity that saved more than 2,500 dogs and cats.

But a New York Times review of public documents and court filings from the United States and Brazil, as well as various attempts to verify claims that Santos, 34, made on the campaign trail, calls into question key parts of the resume that he sold to voters. [emphasis added]

The article goes on to report the results of the very thorough vetting that the New York Times did of the new representative. Among their alleged findings:

  • Businesses at which Santos claimed to have worked have no record of him, nor can media investigators locate any co-workers.
  • The colleges Santos says he attended can’t find any records of his presence.
  • IRS has no record of the “registered charity” for animals that Santos allegedly founded.
  • The “family firm” from which Santos derives dividends has no Internet presence, and no named clients, and evidence of properties his family allegedly own cannot be found.
  • In Brazil, a teen-aged Santos confessed to stealing a checkbook and making illegal purchases using the stolen checks, but the case has no record of adjudication.
  • In New York, Santos is alleged to have once been evicted for non-payment of rent.

It’s interesting to see how thoroughly and avidly the mainstream media will, on behalf of the Democrat Party, delve deeply into the background and claims of newly elected Republicans. It’s almost as if, knowing the “narrow majority” the Republicans will hold in the House of Representatives, the Democrats and their media stenographers want to pick off as many Republicans as possible, hoping to overturn that Republican majority. Ya think?

How is it that the media will so avidly “fact check” the resume and campaign claims of gay, Jewish men of color when they’re Republican? (Santos is both black and Hispanic.) Interestingly enough, the New York Times apparently asked Santos to produce “documents” to prove his claims, according to Wikipedia.

Where are the cries of racism and homophobia that are so familiar to those who ask questions about or attempt to fact check the sketchy biographical claims of Democrats like Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, or, dare I say it, Barack Obama?

Fact checkers were accused of Islamophobia with regard to Omar and Obama, but where are the accusations of antisemitism perhaps evident in the hounding of Representative Santos?

Will the New York Times investigate the allegation that Ilhan Omar married her own brother in order to help him stay in the U.S.? Crickets.

Did the New York Times ever ask Barack Obama to produce documents to prove any of the biographical claims he made? To this day have they asked Obama for documents to prove the many questionable aspects of his background? Have they dared to ask for his papers?

I seem to recall clearly that schools and businesses would refuse to answer questions about biographical claims made by Obama, way back when. Investigators were told that it was a matter of privacy. No information could be released. Universities even denied information about the attendance of Obama’s deceased parents. Why the double standard? Why do they now so willingly disregard the privacy of George Santos?

Never mind, we all know why.

I’m not excusing Representative-elect Santos if he fudged his resume, even though absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The New York Times should prove their allegations.

If allegedly lying about his background is disqualifying for Santos, then what about the many false claims that our current president makes, most recently his fable about getting a long-overdue Purple Heart for his uncle?

And then again, what about this guy?





38 responses to “Fake Biography? Hmm.

  1. Somewhere among the many comments on the first story I linked, somebody speculated that Santos works for Biden. Anything is possible these days. Before the mid-terms, there were many allegations that stealth Democrats were running as Republicans. As interesting, other commenters ask WHY the media didn’t vet this guy before? Well, obviously, if they did notice the discrepancies before the election, of course they’d hold that in their hand, on the off chance that they’d need it later. You know, like an insurance policy! For sure the DemoncRATS and mainstream media wouldn’t out the guy until it was to their political advantage to do so. Would they out him while the Republicans would still have an opportunity to replace him on the ballot? OF COURSE NOT. Who funded this guy’s campaign, many are asking. Well, all of us should want to know the answer on the off chance that maybe it’s not somebody you’d expect (like the Kochs) but more like somebody you’d not expect (like Soros). Like TCTH points out: BILLIONS are at stake. This is 4-D chess. They’re going to pull out any trick in the book to keep and maintain power, just as they pulled out every trick in the book to steal elections. By any means and every means necessary. It’s overwhelming force. Shock and awe. We the People may not stand a chance ever again.

  2. I believe that, should they manage to force him out, there would have to be a special election, during which the DemoncRATS could pull out all the cheating stops to take the seat. In the meantime, there’d be one less representative to vote on the Republican side. iow, the Republican majority would be reduced in either case, if the special election flips the seat or if it sits vacant for a while.

    • https://www.thedailybeast.com/republican-george-devolder-santos-got-cash-from-andrew-intrater-cousin-of-russian-oligarch-viktor-vekselberg …+ mo…comments!!!


      Also fault the Republican Party and local citizens who failed to ask who he was. But there is one more thing they missed. It was
      in an article a few weeks ago about Russian intervention in American elections. Russia admitted to providing him campaign funds. There are some very interesting details to his life. I know that unless you hit the lottery you don’t go from getting kicked
      Out of 2 apartments in 2015 and 2017, to corporate management working for securities firms (of course there is no proof) … so the question is: Where did he get access to hundreds of thousands of dollars, potentially millions in assets? All without a job? Another little thing that is so basic… he’s living in rent controlled buildings (and never paying the rent) yet he claims to own real estate in the millions? And his alleged positions with financial companies… with no experience (other than stolen checks) and no education (HS GED)?

      C’mon folks, this dude REQUIRES an investigation into who he really is. Did NY and Republicans just welcome a foreign asset into Congress?

      He’s an ASS’-et to someone, but 1 Thing for Sure.. it Isn’t the USA.

      • Wow. Coincidental similarities to Barry: Connections to Russia (Mom worked there, no?), odd sources of funding for a meteoric rise (law school to state senator to U.S. senator to POTUS), questionable biography that can’t be fully verified, and apparently being in two places at once (like Indonesia and simultaneously in grade school in CA), among other things. My guess is that they play these Republicans like a violin. The guy’s gay, he’s Jewish, he’s an immigrant, he’s black and “Latino” in his words, so they don’t DARE to question him or not accept his candidacy. The DemoncRATS were planting FAKE REPUBLICANS all over the country. My guess is that these guys were deliberately placed there, propped up, helped to win, and then the planned demolition–all to STOP whoever the incumbent or the better candidate the Republicans would run. Then they can concentrate all their forces on stealing the special elections for DemoncRATS. Wait and see. How many do they have to knock out?

      • Santos said, “It’s not like Ukraine is a great democracy. It’s a totalitarian regime. They’re not a great bastion of freedom,” the congressman-to-be told the paper.”


        Nevertheless, the guy appears to be a Trojan Horse.

  3. ROCK & ROLL … USA?
    At least 2 people were killed & 11 were injured in the magnitude 6.4 earthquake that rocked Northern California early Tuesday, local authorities said.

    The temblor, which is the Strongest earthquake the area has seen in years, also damaged infrastructure & cut off power to tens of thousands of homes & businesses around Humboldt County, about 250 miles north of San Francisco.


    * s …
    “.. MO’re than 71,000 people Were in the DARK.” Should be 40 million in the Dark, it is California 🙂

    • Ha, ha. Good one! Are there really 40 million in CA? Yikes! That’s, like, 9 or 10 times the population of the entire country of Croatia!

      Has Al Gore been traveling? Some of the coldest weather in decades is being predicted for all over the middle of the country this week, even all the way to the Gulf Coast–freezing temps. Blizzards! WTF? That’s “global warming,” for you.

  4. You’Re Being Provoked .. PURE CRAP !!! YEP ! 4-Sure
    Everything Team Biden is doing is systematic & strategic, even if it doesn’t look that way.
    AGAIN !!! >You’re Being Provoked <<>> doesn’t look that way. <<< !!!



    • It doesn’t look that way if people look at BIDEN, because he’s a dolt and obviously doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. Where it looks strategic because it is, is to find the man behind the curtain (Barry) and then you recognize his evil ways.

  5. WHY Did the FBI WANT Joe Biden 2 Become President? ? * ? * ?

    Just imagine for a moment that Donald Trump, Jr. (or Eric) sat on the board of directors for a Foreign company & “earned” millions of dollars for literally doing Nothing! He Didn’t Know
    the industry & Didn’t speak the language. The ONLY thing Junior Brought to the table was his LAST Name? He made Deals with foreign agents & foreign corporations to acquire rare materials like cobalt (used in electric cars) that was Sold to Chinese interests for ProFit. While on an extended Drug Binge, he took a computer with lots of Incriminating Evidence to a repair shop & forgot or didn’t Care what he’d done with it. Then he ignored ALL the calls from the shop telling him to come pick up his computer. That would be huge news, wouldn’t it?

    Of course, Donald Trump, Sr. would be crucified. The media coverage would be NonStop. After years of Witch Hunts, they would finally have Legitimate Criminal Behavior to Investigate. The thousands of hours of airtime devoted to fake scandals would finally have paid off. .. F’ J B & SONNY BOY HUNTER!!! 24/7


  6. O’ SHIFTY SHIT!!!
    Musk Asks Schiff IF He Approved ‘State Censorship’; Advocates Modern ‘Church Commission’ To Investigate FBI Corruption

    Update: Rep. Schiff has replied to Musk’s question… and just like every politician before him, has Failed to Answer the Question… instead choosing some Snark & distraction to a narrative of his choice…


    • The latest is that the FBI/DOJ was misusing a grand jury to get secret subpoenas of emails, phone calls, and other items that Google can access of Nunes and another Republican staffer, both of whom were investigating the FBI/DOJ corruption with regard to spying on Trump and setting him up via the bogus Steele dossier. This is a direct violation of their “charter,” so to speak, as well as the constitution in that it violates separation of powers. Congress should ALL be outraged because what can happen to one party can happen to the other, as the winds of change blow. However, the DemoncRATS, via their many-tentacled methods (like vote fraud, Trojan horse candidates, false flags, illegal spying, infiltration, etc.) never plan to give up power and control of Congress. They’re currently working, by any means necessary, to steal back control of the House of Representatives. Watch them. I’m convinced the reason Trump is supporting McCarthy is that he fears they may actually elect another DemoncRAT Speaker. I believe it’s possible, if enough Republicans turn their coats.

    • Confirmation of what we could easily guess. It surprises no one. Yes, obviously, too. It’s about JOE not Hunter, but part of the Soros “plan” to deal with the possibility of the truth coming out will be to DEFLECT it all towards Hunter and his “illness” (drug abuse) and criticize everyone who doesn’t sympathize with poor little rich boy Hunter. The elephant in the room, which they trust everybody will ignore (especially those in the media), is the FACT that Biden is up to his eyeballs in these shady dealings in Ukraine, China, and virtually around the world. HE KNEW. HE LIED when he said he had nothing to do with Hunter’s business dealings.


    Afghan Refugee, Brought to U.S. by Biden, Deported After Sexually Abusing 3-Year-Old Girl


  8. TX Gov to Biden: ‘This Terrible Crisis’ at Border is a
    >>> ‘Catastrophe of Your Own Making’




    > Gen. Kellogg: TRUMP> did REQUEST> Nat’l Guard Troops
    ON Jan. 6th; asks Congress to> Release H I S Testimony !


  10. Deep State Suspicions <> The CIA …. The FBI


    * ANTHONY Joseph MARRA …..>>>… * @ COMMENT …
    Who authorized the FBI, CIA, etc. to track our every word? The same people who authorized the invasion of our country by millions of illegal aliens, the creation of the Steele Dossier, the Mar-a- Lago raid, the harassment of all of Trump’s associates,etc. Answer: The Obama team , also known as Biden’s staff or perhaps more accurately, the Politboro, probably led by >Susan Rice & maybe > Obama himself.

    * Robert Wigley
    Absolutely. They are the cancer that has infected our culture, politics, media & businesses.

    The election (insertion) of Obama is the greatest attack on America in the history of our Country.

    * Steven F Solomon
    Ahhhh, BUT, THEY are players in the BIG plan. Follow the trail and it will lead to the Globalists,WEF/Elites & their Great Re-Set.
    They are destroying our Western Civilization from within just
    like they are doing in Europe and the U.K.

    “The War on the West” by Douglas Murray
    This book is a great read.

    * ANTHONY Joseph MARRA
    Right on. Thanks for the book reference. Klaus Schwab, George Soros, & the leadership of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have the world & its leaders by the short hairs.
    It is amazing, how they have successfully implemented their plans & created such Havoc in the world in just a Couple of Years. Of course, they have been getting all the Pieces of the puzzle in Place for Decades. The Obama presidency was the “GO” Signal. Happy holidays.

    * David Richter
    At this point it is smarter for an agent to join in whistleblowing than having the fingers pointed at you.

  11. sicksilly FOOLS … YIKES ….O’ SO >> SICK !!! video…NO
    Another Girl Assaulted By Trans Student In HS Bathroom,
    >>> Media Quiet


    • This is what “women’s rights” look like in 2022. What rights? We have none anymore. This is the biggest misogynistic joke ever played on the female sex.

    • But he’s a Catholic. A good faithful Catholic. Right. Just like abortion-loving Pelosi. The disgraceful Kennedys. All of them, hypocrites.

  12. how CuTE CLAP CLAP PELOSI IS ? really nan the destroyer?
    Section on Page 610 of 4,155-Page Bill Renames San Francisco Federal Building ‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building’…
    & PAUL 2???


    • Oh, please! Whatever happen to the tradition of not naming things after people until they’re deceased? My guess: It only still applies to anyone who’s not a DemoncRAT or “woke.” Actually, those people don’t get monuments living or dead, so it’s a moot argument.

  13. The Radio Patriot * … W O W !!! CHEATIN’ RAT’S 24/7 !!!!!
    THE RADIO PATRIOT * Because “WE’ have so many words
    …>>>Scott “Panicked” Jarrett

    I would NOT want to be him, or Katie Hobbs, et al. They must
    be freaking out. BIG time. Panic! …. > IF ONLY …

    Ben Bergquam GETTR caught UP with Scott Jarrett, Director of Maricopa County Elections, & confronted him after possibly Lying under Oath, First saying yesterday that a 19” inch image Couldn’t BE printed on a 20” Ballot (paraphrased) & then today Admitting that IT Happened in the 2020 General, the 2022 Primary as well as the 2022 MID-term election!


  14. https://forward.com/news/529130/george-santos-jewish-lie-genealogy-records/

    I have to point out that these people use completely unreliable sources for their so-called evidence. Anybody who’s spent any time at all on genealogy research knows you can’t take genealogy websites that allow user-uploaded trees and “research” and “data” without a big grain of salt. There’s nobody vetting the data. There’s no requirement that people provide verifiable documentation, such as actual birth certificates (signed and sealed), and not just something written in an obituary or perhaps ASSUMED by relatives or told second-hand in oral history. Even death certificates are suspect because the “informants” often go by assumptions or family history or simply don’t know so they guess. The authorities don’t verify it. If the relative says the deceased was born in the USA, then that’s what they put even though there’s no birth certificate presented to prove it. Just because they can’t find the people in the immigration records that are available online, doesn’t mean they didn’t emigrate! Records online are incomplete. For example, unless they went through Ellis Island or somewhere else with records to document their arrival, you can’t assume they did NOT come here. Even if they supposedly did come through Ellis Island and you can’t find a record, it doesn’t mean they didn’t immigrate. Names were changed. Names were misspelled. There’s a plethora of information and documentation that would make a case. You can only imagine the potential lack of such documentation in a country like Brazil. Of course, it’s on Santos to prove it, if he chooses to; but these people aren’t disproving it by saying they can’t find records or relying on user-supplied family trees that have nothing documenting their assumptions. Ancestry has tons of family trees and most of them have many, many mistakes or at least false assumptions in them. There are so many variations of my own family tree online that I know for FACT are wrong because I don’t enter ANYTHING into my tree until I can PROVE IT with official documents. I know for a fact that my relatives have made many false assumptions and even when I prove them wrong with documents, they stubbornly stick to their bogus trees because to do otherwise means to admit that they’ve done hours and hours and hours of research and documenting, following the WRONG PATH. iow, they researched somebody else’s family, not their own. I’m just sayin’.

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