What? Only 60%?

Jonathan Turley reported on an interesting poll about college students and their fear of openly speaking their minds, especially in classrooms.

The Buckley annual survey found that almost 60 percent of college students fear sharing an opinion in classrooms or on campuses. That tracks other polls by different groups.  Yet, colleges and universities continue to exclude Republican and conservative faculty members and maintain environments of speech intolerance.The poll shows a sharp increase from just last year with 63% reporting feeling intimidated in sharing opinions different than their peers. That is almost identical to the 65 percent found in other polls.

I had two thoughts immediately upon reading this article:

  1. What? Only 60%, after all the hard work woke liberals in academia have put into indoctrinating their students and putting the fear of anti-woke-ness into them?
  2. Even 60% must be mighty pleasing to Biden and his woke supporters, although the remaining 40% will spur them to action, seeing as how their goal is to have 100% of students intimidated into at least silence, if they can’t make them submit totally to wokeness, like mindless automatons.

What has become of our country? What sort of wimps are American parents raising? Worse, what sort of mindless, ignorant, narcissistic totalitarians are they raising?

Turley goes on to report another poll, this one even more concerning:

We have previously discussed the worrisome signs of a rising generation of censors in the country as leaders and writers embrace censorship and blacklisting. The latest chilling poll was released by 2021 College Free Speech Rankings after questioning a huge body of 37,000 students at 159 top-ranked U.S. colleges and universities. It found that sixty-six percent of college students think shouting down a speaker to stop them from speaking is a legitimate form of free speech.  Another 23 percent believe violence can be used to cancel a speech. That is roughly one out of four supporting violence. [emphasis added]

Those who think this way seem to have no problem putting thoughts into action. Just look at the number of conservative speakers who’ve been banned from college campuses on the excuse that administrations can’t guarantee their safety or the safety of audience members. Thus, the heckler’s veto wins, and the Constitution loses.

Some way, somehow, We the People have to come up with a solution to this lack understanding of the genius of our Constitution, or else our Republic is doomed.


40 responses to “What? Only 60%?

  1. Do read the full survey. It’s eye opening: https://www.buckleyprogram.com/post/buckley-program-releases-eighth-annual-college-student-survey

    63% were “often” INTIMIDATED into silence out of fear of their opinions differing from their peers.

    A quote from the article reporting the survey:

    ““More students are intimidated from speaking freely and more students are willing to intimidate others from speaking freely than at any time in the history of the survey. In many ways, America’s undergraduate student body seems to be abandoning the very ideas that made America the great country it is today. …”

    So we have the wimps and we have the bullies.

    58% are afraid to disagree with their professors! What exactly, then, is the purpose of being in college in the first place?

    A “plurality” of students don’t believe “hate speech” is protected by the Constitution! btw, WTF is “hate speech?”

    Intimidated? What ever happened to “safe spaces” on college campuses? I digress …

    Half of them believe that America is “inextricably linked to white supremacy!” INEXTRICABLY. Therefore, what’s a woke person to do? I have a suggestion: LEAVE.

    This one proves the success of INDOCTRINATION AND ENDLESS PROPAGANDA:

    “78% believe “systemic racism is a big problem in our society and white people still contribute to it, whether they realize it or not …”

    78%!!!! What percent of those answering this way are “white people?” Even scarier, 54% of those who identify as conservative believe that same B.S.!!!

  2. Hunter Biden’s Friends Are Preparing to GO After Those Who Investigate Him ……O’

    Hunter Biden’s Friends Are Preparing to Go After Those Who Investigate HIM … REALLY ha’ ..> friends he PAINTED???


    • Ha. Bring it on! It doesn’t really take very much investigating. It’s out there for those with the eyes to see. Like that Brinton guy. It gets worse and worse. Did you see this? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/sick-us-army-col-poses-uniform-pup-mask-secret-army-pup-kink-patrol-exposed/

      Not about Brinton but sure related to him, since these are “pup handlers,” too. Who knew? We learn something new every day, don’t we? Pup handlers and butt plugs. Where would we be without the left to educate us?


    • “In September, a group of Hunter’s friends sat down to strategize how best to defend him against the onslaught of investigations that were on the horizon at that time. They talked about legal avenues that were open to them as well as pressure points they could bring to bear on opponents. Hunter Biden’s friend and lawyer Kevin Morris chaired the meeting, and at one point, Hunter called into the meeting to offer his perspective. …”

      How the hell do you “defend” a perv like him? Although, I read in the “Twitter files” that one specious reason they gave for censoring any mention of his laptop and the photos on it was their policy against “revenge porn.” Now, maybe it’s just me, but how the hell does the media reporting on scandalous information left behind on a laptop that now belongs to someone else become REVENGE porn? Revenge porn is

      “Sexually explicit media of former partners posted on the Internet in order to humiliate them.”

      Nobody in the media who reported on the laptop and the perverted photos on it were “former partners” of Hunter, nor did they post these on the Internet to “humiliate” him. He humiliates himself all by himself and doesn’t need the media to help. Revenge porn became a “thing” to protect the privacy of (mostly) women and young girls who’d foolishly allowed boyfriends to photograph them nude or, for example, in cases like Paris Hilton’s. One wonders if Twitter et al CENSORED those videos and photos of Paris. They were certainly humiliating and yet, I seem to recall them all over the place. Nobody was protecting Paris from herself, were they?

  3. Just checked. Paris Hilton’s sex tapes are still on You Tube. Not censored. His lawyer friends are threatening defamation lawsuits. If it’s TRUE, it’s not defamation and besides, he defamed himself and nobody else.

    • It’s disgusting. I saw photos yesterday of thousands of people lined up or milling around, waiting to come in.The Mexican government is busing thousands of them to the border. Where are the Republicans on this? Crickets. They ALL know by now that We the People are against this illegal invasion. One of the ONLY things the federal government is tasked with is to defend our borders from invasion. THIS is an invasion.

  4. I may have more to say about this later but suffice it to say that it sounds as if Ms. Weiss is blaming Twitter and its employees SOLELY for the disingenuous and illegal decision to ban President Trump, AS IF the government had no role in it. At the very least, Moo pushed this. Of course, she’s never been in the government, but she certainly is involved in Democrat politics. How is it that Ratcliffe talks about this behavior by Twitter (and other social media by extension) as “fraudulent” and mentions Section 230 where they’re not to act as publishers (editing and censoring) but he doesn’t mention the implications concerning FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY towards shareholders or the implications of campaign finance law evasion. Was all this reported as “in kind” donations to those who benefited, namely Joe Biden? Is anybody investigating THAT? In addition, it could be seen as treasonous to actively work to interfere in the election to thwart the will of the people. Right? Doesn’t Twitter break laws (or at least contracts) when they deliberately REDUCE the views that ads get by reducing the “visibility” of accounts that have millions of followers? What price tag do they put on that? Same for the free advertising that DemoncRATS got. What’s the price tag for that? How do Twitter’s shareholders figure out how much money they WOULD HAVE MADE versus how much they did make on their investment when the company deliberately hobbled so many of its own accounts? Not to mention, didn’t THEY engage in fraud by deceiving people who THOUGHT that their words were being disseminated but they were secretly being stifled? Don’t terms of service swing both ways? I was amazed to read at TGP that one of the doctors who’s suing the government over social media collusion/censorship joined Twitter one day and has learned from Elon Musk that he was shadow banned the very next day! It’s a somewhat good sign that Musk invited the doctor to Twitter to see the emails and other documents that attempt to explain why they banned him.

  5. I read this morning that a company is moving its factory that builds electric cars from the U.S. to MEXICO. Isn’t that special? Mind you, in Mexico they’re not all in on the “great reset” or the “build back better” by hobbling your economy for the sake of being green agenda. What they are doing is drilling oil and producing and USING all kinds of fossil fuels, unlike here. So think how stupid this is. Electric cars to save the planet, that we’ll be expected to buy at exorbitant prices and that will go, maybe, for 2 hours or 300 miles or so, will be built in air-polluting Mexico using global warming-causing fossil fuels. This is like the virtue signalers today who drive EVs, thinking they’re better than anyone else, when the electricity that runs their cars comes from burning COAL. So Mexico poaches our businesses and jobs and what does Biden do? Didn’t he promise all the union workers who foolishly voted for him that his new green economy would bring them good jobs and more jobs? Not. Never. How does it align with this? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/12/12/watch-closely-u-s-intel-begins-positioning-mexican-president-amlo-as-enemy-of-north-america/#more-240836

  6. https://cnsnews.com/

    DHS: After Title 42 Expires, We Will Process Migrants Using ‘Title 8 Authorities, Which Provide for Meaningful Consequences’
    DEC 16, 2022

    Venezuelan migrants demonstrate while others flee from US Border Patrol agents of the El Paso sector during a protest against US immigration policies on the border, as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Oct 31, 2022.

    WH: ‘If Republicans Are Serious’ About the Border, They Will Provide $3 Billion for Border Funding

    Migrants walk across the Rio Grande to surrender to US Border Patrol agents in El Paso, Texas, as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on Dec 13, 2022.

    Sen. Hawley on Biden’s SW Border Chaos: ‘This Is Their Plan, and They Are Executing It’

    Aerial view of migrants camping on the banks of the Rio Bravo river (or Rio Grande river, as it is called in the US) in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico, taken on November 15, 2022. – A US federal judge ruled on November 15 that the government could not use public health rules to block the entry of asylum-seeking migrants, marking the apparent end of a controversial Donald Trump-era policy that has been criticized as cruel and ineffective.

    GOP Congresswoman Introduces Bill Requiring DHS to Report a Comprehensive Southern Border Strategy to Congress

    • Biden’s plan is to PROCESS THEM ALL IN in their “safe, orderly, and humane way.” As usual with DemoncRATS, they skip right over the discussion and decision that belongs to THE PEOPLE and their representatives, and go right to the HOW they’re going to do it, come hell or high water. No input from the citizens on whether or not we should ALLOW “migrants,” just bragging about HOW they’re going to process them IN, no matter what We the People want.

    • Another judge dismissed Finchem’s suit, with prejudice, meaning it can’t be filed again. So much corruption. Beyond belief. So many COWARDS. This is NOT justice. Far from it.

      • Forgot to mention that they will probably make Finchem pay the opponents’ lawyers’ fees and maybe even a fine, in order to CHILL anybody else who decides that they have a right to object to stolen elections.

  7. Source: Withheld JFK docs show CIA had role in his death
    Tucker Carlson reports on latest release from assassination archives


    • So there was something to the conspiracy theory, after all!??

      Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not amused. I guess we should take comfort that they learned a lesson since then and only undermined and totally destroyed Trump by their propaganda and interference in the election, by spying on him, by leaking, by persecuting him for imaginary crimes, all in collusion with the DemoncRATS in Congress.

  8. ACT UP ! DO WHAT U>DO >B E S T !!! NASTY WITCH 24/7

    Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were paid $100 million to make a documentary in their latest Effort to bring Down the Royal Family.

    The left HATES the Royals.


    • It’s all about the Benjamins, huh? $100 MILLION? I’d say people should boycott it to prove to companies that make things like this “documentary” learn a lesson. When I first saw that clip of Meghan faux bowing to the Queen, my first thought was, “look at Harry’s face. He’s not a happy camper.” I’m truly surprised by the number of people who seem to have had the same reaction, even progressives. She’s a nasty little piece of work. Harry didn’t see what hit him. I can’t stop thinking about that photo of Harry and his mother’s groom. (Not Charles, the OTHER groom–the horse groom.) If true, it would explain SO MUCH, including the estrangement.

    • She was against it before she was for it. Of course, back then, it was when Trump was for it and they called him, iirc, xenophobic and racist against the Red Chinese.

      As for her photo, I think the one at the second link is an older photo. She looks bad in both of them, imho.

      • I should have used tineye first. Both images are stock images. The image where some guy says she is attending a military tribunal is an older image. Impossible to tell if there is any truth to the story.
        I remember I used to read Lame Cherry. Eventually I realized he was telling me everything I wanted to hear but nothing ever happened.
        There is so much dis-info about.
        I thought the Trump wind-up (joke) about non fungible token trading cards was pretty good.
        Mike Adams totally lost it and so did a bunch of other Trump followers.
        I knew he as having a laugh.
        Something was supposed to happen on the 17th.
        I don’t think anything happened.
        They said (prior to the 17th) if you know you know, If you don’t know, you’ll find out.
        Well I didn’t know
        I didn’t find out.

        That’s what usually happens.

        • I didn’t think of tineye, either. She always looks awful, if you ask me, but the funny thing is that both she and Biden can suddenly look way younger–no wrinkles, no sags. I’m convinced it’s probably the same stuff they use in Hollywood to “age” someone, but in their cases it’s in reverse. There are fillers and botox and tapes that pull up the loose skin. I’m sure they use all of the above and We the People have to pay for their cosmetic work. The Trump thing with the trading cards was bizarre, but it probably was poor timing and, as before, I’m also convinced that there are infiltrators in his circle who are out to destroy him by any means necessary, so “supporters” are really plants and these “mistakes” are anything but.

  9. Joe Biden roasted for busting out ‘old school, anti-Irish’ slur, claiming he’s Italian: ‘He needs help’
    One user called Biden’s comment ‘casual, old school, anti-Irish stereotyping’


    • It’s impossible to keep up with the slurs and out of line statements that guy makes. He’s sexist. He’s racist. He’s anti-Irish while claiming to be Irish. Is there any class, other than gay PEDOPHILES, that he doesn’t insult? He likes pedophiles because, well, …

  10. Have a look at the guy Biden feted yesterday. He wants your kids to, well, read on

    Nathan Blue + many MO’ Comments….
    Gay = pedophile. * That’s what it’s about.
    I don’t recognize the class gay “class” because it doesn’t exist.

    Gay people don’t exist. Just people and their choices. Created false “classes” to hide simple pedophilia is what has helped destroy this country, by design


    • Well, Biden believes that he gave his deceased Uncle Frank a Purple Heart that he never earned, so why can’t he believe gays are kicked out of restaurants regularly?

      Isn’t that guy a wonderful role model, who advocates children suc*ing d*cks? Why not fete him in OUR HOUSE? Consider the people who are rotting unconstitutionally in DC gulags for only walking into OUR HOUSE, the White House, while this pervert is invited in and feted. It’s deliberate and it’s to deliberately put a thumb in the eyes of the American people.

    • What do you call the “class” of people who have sex with shoes, I wonder?

  11. …..F >>> FAUCI
    Dr. Fauci’s Amnesia

    “I never aspired to a major administrative position and relished my identity as a hands-on physician and clinical researcher,” wrote the man who at the height of the pandemic found time to pose for an InStyle fashion shoot. …..


  12. ??? ??? Have we been living in a dream? ???
    Has American Democracy Been a Hallucination for Nearly 60 Years? ???


    • A nightmare, for sure, at least since the new millennium. Pre-Obama was somewhat okay, but once that one came on the scene, everything went sideways. And yes, so-called “democracy” has been a grand illusion for a long time, but for sure since 2016.

  13. ??????? W H A T ???
    Bill to ban biological Males from Girls’ sports teams Fails???
    in Ohio General Assembly
    Republican Gov. DeWine has come out against legislators getting involved with transgender student-athlete issues


    • Shameful. Title IX was created to help FEMALES get EQUITY and now it’s being used, hijacked, to help MALES to prevent female equity and also to STEAL the “second class” accolades that females were allowed to have, not to mention their scholarships!

      • This a-hole says, “”This issue is best addressed outside of government through individual sports leagues and athletic associations, including the Ohio High School Athletic Association, who can tailor policies to meet the needs of their member athletes and member institutions,” DeWine has said. …”

        Outside the Constitution and Federal Law? I’m sure he’d have the same attitude if, for example, any “individual sports leagues” or “athletic associations” decided to discriminate on account of RACE. Right? Suppose some league decided that people who only identified as handicapped could be in the Special Olympics.

    • Ironic, huh? Another one who “died suddenly.” Also “suddenly” it’s reported that the FDA now semi-admits that the vaccines are causing all kinds of bad conditions associated with blood clots from the vaccines. Well, they hedge and say it’s not PROVED it’s the vaccines but there’s a statistically significant association, which in the past always was considered proof. Scientific proof.

  14. Detransitioner who had breasts removed as a teenager reveals doctors pressed ahead with surgery even though she told them she felt suicidal that morning
    The now 25-year-old said the top surgery she had aged 19 is her ‘biggest regret’
    Another detransitioner was just 16 when she had both of her breasts removed
    She said doctors could have prioritized her mental health issues as a first step


    • Yeah, prioritize the mental health issues, seeing as how the entire syndrome is MENTAL ILLNESS. Delusions. It’s a PSYCHIATRIC disease, not a developmental error, or whatever they use these days to explain the psychosis/dysphoria. It’s a shame for her that they can’t create FUNCTIONAL breasts but they can at least build back something that looks like breasts. I hope they didn’t mutilate her bottom, too.

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