You’re a Regular Riot, Pocahontas!

This is the sort of thing that absolutely cannot be made up. Here’s Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas, weighing in on Elon Musk’s plan to return free speech to Twitter:

One human being should not decide how millions of people communicate with each other, and it doesn’t make any difference who that human being is. One human being should not be able to go into a dark room by himself and decide, ‘Oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn’t.’

Seriously! She really did say that. With a straight face and seemingly oblivious to the irony of it all. Gaslighting? You be the judge.

Apparently, for lo these many years, Pocahontas was perfectly fine with a cabal of woke “human beings” sitting in a “dark room” deciding who “gets heard” on Twitter, by shutting down the free speech of anyone with whom the cabal disagrees, President Trump most notably included.

Pocahontas also must have been perfectly fine with the same cabal colluding with bad actors in the government to illegally and unconstitutionally deny the constitutional free speech rights of anyone with whom the Biden, and previously the Obama, administrations disagreed.

Elon Musk is now on record admitting that Twitter has interfered in U.S. elections. Apparently, despite the Democrats screaming ad nauseum about imaginary election interference by foreign and domestic “bad actors,” Twitter’s woke cabal, in collusion with the Biden administration, actually did interfere in our elections:

Twitter’s content moderation policies have been harshly criticized by free speech advocates, particularly on the right, who have accused the company of enforcing its rules against conservatives in a one-sided manner. The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story happened in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election and was believed by many conservatives to have been motivated by a desire to shield then-candidate Joe Biden from scrutiny over his family’s foreign business dealings.

“Twitter has shown itself to be not safe for the past 10 years and has lost users’ trust. The past team of ‘trust and safety’ is a disgrace, so it doesn’t have any right to judge what is being done now. They had a chance, but they sold their souls to a corporation,” one user commented on Reuters’ coverage of Roth’s remarks.

“Exactly,” Musk wrote in reply. “The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections.”

This is what upsets Pocahontas so much. The idea of a level playing field. Free and open debate. Having to defend, explain, and justify policies, instead of just imposing them by any means necessary, no matter what We the People–who actually rule in this nation–want.

The Democrats fear no longer being able to abuse their power by using the government to do an end run around the Constitution.

The Democrats will no longer be able to shut down debate and suppress “inconvenient truths” on Twitter. It’s a beginning.

This is what upsets Pocahontas and her ilk: the restoration of our Constitutional rights.

Speak up. Speak out. Act free. Remain free.



66 responses to “You’re a Regular Riot, Pocahontas!

  1. Mainstream media are finally “reporting” on the Twitter files that Musk has had published, showing that the Biden campaign (at least, if not also the administration) contacted Twitter asking for specific comments to be removed, suppressed, banned and it was “handled” by the worksters there. They’re trying to EXPLAIN it all away and make a false equivalency that Trump’s administration also contacted Twitter, but reading between the lines, since Musk’s mouthpiece didn’t specify, I’m thinking they contacted them over the banning of McEnany! I don’t trust the person revealing this information because he’s a leftie, himself, or at least “was.” This is another modified, limited hangout–isn’t that what they call it? Easing it out there to tamp down the “inconvenient truths.” Already the mouthpiece is saying there’s no obvious “government” collusion. But that’s likely a lie. In any case, if the Biden CAMPAIGN was colluding with the wokesters and they did as asked (mind you, a political campaign is a lot different from a government entity), then this opens the can of worms that is CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW. This is at least arguably “in kind” donations if not illegal on some other level. Why would social media be different from regular media, which are required to be “fair and balanced?” Of course, already the mainstream media are NOT fair and balanced and put their thumbs on the scale against conservatives simply by their choice of what they cover or don’t cover. Not covering the Biden laptop story is the equivalent of Twitter suppressing it. But there’s another problem here in that their ADVERTISERS are being screwed when they deliberately suppress the spread of stories, aren’t they? They’re paying for eyes to see and if social media are deliberately suppressing the stories, links, shares, then they’re deliberately also suppressing the eyes viewing the ads. Where are the lawsuits? Now Hobbs in AZ is alleged to have asked for help:

    “Katie Hobbs’s office contacts Twitter to have posts removed! So, the democrat candidate, who ran the AZ election, censored her political opponents, disrupted Election Day votes, and then threatened counties with prosecution if they didn’t declare her the winner. …”

    She’s GOVERNMENT, isn’t she?

    • Turns out, the CONTEXT of Taibbi saying there’s no government involvement was that he was talking about FOREIGN government involvement, not U.S. government involvement.

      This is typical leftist behavior: take a quote out of context, distort deliberately the meaning the person intended, and then respond to/critique that FALSE interpretation of what the person said:

      Now they’re distorting and deliberately misinterpreting, once again, what President Trump said about the stolen elections:

      “MARGARET BRENNAN: So yesterday, the front runner for the Republican nomination, the standard bearer for your party, posted on Truth Social, and we know he lost the 2020 election, but continues to claim he did not. “A massive fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the Constitution.” Should the standard bearer for the Republican Party, the front runner for the nomination for the presidency for your party in 2024, say this? …”

      IMHO, and I may be wrong, but knowing President Trump and how he shortcuts when he speaks, assuming people KNOW instinctively what he REALLY means, I think he MEANT that ALLOWING THIS THEFT TO STAND LAYS THE GROUNDWORK FOR THOSE WHO STOLE THE ELECTION TO END “ALL RULES, REGULATIONS, AND ARTICLES, EVEN THOSE FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION.”

      And that’s absolutely what’s happened. Biden is not legitimately, imho, in the WH and yet he IS RULING with his pen and deliberately circumventing and IGNORING the laws, rules, regulations, articles, and the CONSTITUTION in order to impose as much of the Obama/globalist “reset” to fascism as possible while they hang onto power by CONTINUING and RAMPING UP the process that allowed them to steal the presidency from Trump AND FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Now it’s been polled and 71% of those polled said the midterms were fraudulent.

      SINCE the Republicans DID allow the election(s) to be stolen without even trying to rectify this, then why wouldn’t Trump say and believe that by allowing this they have opened the door to the Constitution being thrown out? He’s not ADVOCATING it. He’s saying that they’ve given the woke leftist commies the GREEN LIGHT to go ahead and keep pushing the envelope, which Biden is doing. That’s my opinion. IF Trump says it’s not what he meant, then I defer to HIM but ONLY TO HIM as he’s the only one on Earth who knows what he meant when he said it.


    “Incoming House Democrat Whip Katherine Clark on Sunday appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to discuss the new Congress.

    … Katherine Clark says the younger Democrats understand some of the issues, such as ‘climate change’ on a deeper level. …

    “I remember my middle child waking waking up with nightmares over concern around climate change,” Katherine Clark said.

    Either this never happened or Katherine Clark’s bad parenting and lies about climate change caused her child to have nightmares. …”

    Likely the latter. I absolutely believe that her child and many other children are terrified of “climate change” BECAUSE THE MEDIA AND DEMONCRATS AND GLOBALISTS HYPE ABOUT IT.

    These are child abusers. Instead of protecting their children from fearful things (like monsters under the bed or fantasies about “climate change,” which is an on-going, natural process since the world began), they DELIBERATELY terrify their children for political reasons. The more scared they are, the more “woke” and compliant they will be when the “only solution” to the impending (fantasy) disaster is to GIVE UP ALL THEIR FREEDOM AND KOWTOW TO THE NEW ELITE OVERLORDS, who WILL BE enjoying Wagyu beef and all the perks of wealth while the majority of the people will be eating crickets (if they’re lucky) and living like serfs.


    They’re going for it. Like the third world countries we now resemble, they’re going to indict and arrest President Trump. They have no other choice, when you think about it. In for a penny, in for a failing dollar.

  4. Biden walks into lobster trap … ALL … LET’S GO BRANDON

    • Yum. I haven’t had lobster for YEARS and years. Remember the story about how it used to be considered trash food and fed to convicts and the poor, because, I guess, it’s a bottom feeder/scavenger? How times have changed. Things that we ate as kids because they were CHEAP are now commanding high prices. For example, chicken wings and thighs! Round steak. Oxtails. Soup bones. Those last two are my favorites. Oxtails used to be SO CHEAP. And they’d GIVE YOU soup bones for free.

    • I can’t see how this isn’t illegal. Congress appropriates money for these agencies to do the jobs they are supposed to do, not to act like slaves for ILLEGAL aliens.

  5. Rep. Comer to Newsmax: FBI ‘Darn Well’ Knew Hunter Biden’s Laptop Was Real …. ???

    Simply put, there Might be Concrete Evidence that government officials “worked closely to Suppress THIS story,” Comer told Newsmax Monday evening, while appearing on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

    Democrats never stop! Now Push >> 4 voting at SWEET > 16
    Exclusive: Joseph Farah is gobsmacked over efforts to empower more teens with the franchise

    • They can probably count on the teachers handing out ballots to their captive audience, standing over them so they fill them out “correctly,” and then HARVESTING them for the “win.” Any student who resists and votes for any other than teacher’s choice will see his or her ballot filed in the trash.

  7. GO ….. >>> WALKER <<< … GO !!!
    Georgia Senate Runoff: Early Vote Favors Walker
    The size & composition of the turnout contains encouraging data for the GOP candidate. ….??? & the END VOTE…IS

    • Isn’t it interesting how, when the DemoncRAT is annointed, they can manage to count the votes and declare the winner election night? They must be very sure that they have enough (bogus?) mail-in and absentee ballots on hand to ensure that this call remains the same.

  8. JUST .. >>> H O W MUCH PROOF DO … > U NEED???

    READ MO’… Comments… below…
    * Nathan Blue
    Biden is not the US President.
    He’s a dictator. The deep state and globalist cabal replaced our democracy with their tyrannical one-party police state.

    Take care of yourself and understand the same oppression the CCP, Putin, Maduro, and every other totalitarian state uses on it’s people will be used on you.

  9. Worried MUCH JOEY ??? U SHOULD BE … YES SIR!!!

    • Of course they do and they’ll probably get away with it because the media are complicit and also dismiss this as a “nothing burger.”

  10. The Media Undertakers Must be Getting Exhausted

    ….. >by Clarice Feldman
    Now you’d think this was a big story and would garner attention on the front pages of the Washington Post and New York Times. You’d be wrong — the Fourth Estate biggies apparently like suppression of dissent and are happy to keep their readers from knowing what Taibbi reported.

    Charles Lipson posted those papers’ Front Pages — nothing there on this. …O’ ???????
    “The biggest story Friday night is the release of Twitter DOCuments Showing how the company’s previous executives Killed the Hunter Biden LAPtop story. Yet here are the webpages from the late Friday night for the NYT & WaPo. Radio Silence.
    They >>>Killed the Story about >>>Killing the Story.” WOW!

    • Did you see how the reason Musk fired Baker is that he was “censoring” the released documents? You cannot make this stuff up. Musk needs to go there and look at the documents in person. He seems to have tried to clean house but he still needs to SANITIZE, too.

  11. Secret Service Keeps changing story about Hunter Biden’s gun
    ‘A curious thing happened’

    • Yeah. Judicial Watch is on that one. It never ceases to amaze me how these people can do a 180 without any repercussions from previous lying and evading laws.

  12. I suspect there is panic at Bad Rock
    Check out this ultimatum:

    Lloyd Austin to White Hats: Surrender or Else
    By Michael Baxter

    Officers in the White Hat community have been receiving letters authored by the criminal regime’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, which hold an ominous ultimatum: relinquish command in exchange for possible amnesty, or prepare to face the music, according to documents reviewed by Real Raw News and sources familiar with the issue.

    At least 65 officers across all branches of the armed forces have received letters accusing them of “treason,” and demanding they “voluntarily terminate command and surrender to proper authority.” The proper authority is Lloyd Austin.

    A source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office said that Austin sent Gen. Berger a personalized note with instructions to publicly condemn President Donald J. Trump, to overtly recognize Joseph R. Biden as the lawfully elected president of the United States, to order his forces to at once “cease and desist


    while you are there you will find a few more articles about this subject.
    I am not going to post multiple links but this seems to be a big deal.

    • If there’s anything to this, I wonder if what’s happening in Brazil inspired it?

      • This story, which I just watched on the BBC (think so) may help clarify what is occurring.
        The report was that a cooo had been stopped in Germany. How was that going to work? I thought.
        Police arrested a dozen or so followers of some woman who was “so dangerous” they removed her by helicopter. There was some Count von Schlossenfloffer (or something like that) who claimed royal rights to the throne in Germany. The small group were described as “right wing extreemists who talked about a shadowy deep-state”. How they were going to seize control wasn’t explained.
        The news guy then helpfully explained that this was very similar to the cooo in the usa that happened on jansix. Right wing extreemists there too!
        What’s it all mean?
        I think it’s panic at Bad Rock precipitated by that Musky guy.
        I used to fish but never caught a Musky, only Northern Pike.The Boy Scouts used to say “Be Prepared”. I had the manual once but I lost it.

        • Yes, and these were QAnon followers, too! Who knew the quasi group of insurrectionists that doesn’t exist in the first place was INTERNATIONAL?! What a threat they are. More evil and powerful than Al Qaeda! These people are so ridiculous. It’s all for show. Kabuki theater. Some guy who’s descended, he claims, from aristocracy that was dethroned long ago. It’s very likely, isn’t it, that QAnon people would FOLLOW a former GERMAN royal. Upon what basis are they “right wing,” btw? The German government is going off the rails, just like ours is. They can’t even tie together the so-called conspirators from Jan. 6 but now we’re supposed to believe it’s an international cabal? Whatever it is, no doubt a big part of it is to create a justification for further crackdown on free people, sort of like Zelenskyy is trying to pull in Ukraine and unfortunately succeeding, with his banishment of the UKRAINIAN Orthodox Church and seizure of their assets! Is this what Roman Catholics have to look forward to in the USA?

  13. Raphael Warnock: I Support Abortion Because “It’s Exactly What Jesus Would Do” >?>> REALLY WAR-KNOCKED-OUT !!!

    In an interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid on ‘The Reidout’ on Monday, Warnock, who has voted for abortions up to birth, tried to justify killing babies by saying that it’s OKay from his standpoint because he is a pastor.

  14. USA TODAY ….La LA La …
    US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez under investigation by House Ethics Committee …..O’ BABY!!!

    * Thomas ….+ Mo’ comments
    Nothing new here. I’m sure just about all members of congress have benefited financially from their elected position. What ever happened to the bill that addressed stock trading by congress & their families?

    That thing disappeared faster than Congress members leaving for summer break. Is this the best we can do? I think not!

    * george
    They really count on us being stupid while they become millionaires making 175 thousand a Year. The person responsible for this, thankfully the outgoing speaker, made the most. I knew it wouldn’t take that Big Mouth Cortez long before she started Lining her pockets!

  15. Karine Jean-Pierre $ays Biden & Harris have lowered price$

    With a $traight face.

    • Only someone as idiotic and vapid as her can pull off the straight face. She has no shame, either, so it’s easy. Automaton, perhaps?

  16. >>> AMERICAN NEWS !!! > Dec 7, 2022
    Bus load of Nicaraguan Migrants Dropped OFF at Kamala Harris’ DC home
    Since claiming in September that the Unites States had a “secure border”, over 125 Migrants have been Dropped off outside the gates of >>>> HER official residence in DC.

  17. WATCH: Brittney Griner & Russian arms dealer Cross Paths
    >>> on tarmac during prisoner > swap ….??? O’ .. WOW?

  18. Meet the ‘Merchant of >>> Death’ Biden Just Traded
    4 …. Brittney Griner !!! REALLY ??? REALLY ??? WTF ?

  19. Brittney Griner Released in Prisoner SWAP??? $ ….
    >>Notorious Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout ….. WHY???

    • Did you know that Griner’s been married twice, both times to women and that the first marriage ended in divorce? It was contentious. There were two children born during the marriage, twins, the result if IVF. The “wife” gave birth to the twins. During the hearing for the divorce, because it was a bone of contention and Griner apparently didn’t want to be responsible for the kids after the divorce, it was necessary to investigate whether Griner was the “FATHER” and had “participated” in the creation of the children. Of course, as with most such cases, the records are probably sealed. The story is scrubbed from the web, of course, but exists in the internet archive. It’s likely, according to many, that Griner is not born female, but is most likely intersex, like Castor Semenya and probably has a Y chromosome but indeterminate external sex organs because of an extra X chromosome or resistance to testosterone. It’s hard to find truths about Griner, because whatever was out there is scrubbed. It’s a conundrum whether someone has the right to privacy in such situations because this may mean that biological women are denied “firsts” by someone who is biologically male, no matter what developmental issues may also exist. Why would a court refer to Griner as the potential “father” instead of “parent”?

      If one is intersex with XXY chromosomes, it’s possible to become a father via IVF, so long as there are testicles, descended or undescended. One story I read suggests that Griner was born with ambiguous genitals and had surgery and testosterone blockers to effect being outwardly “female.” It’s speculated that the reason Griner didn’t go to the Olympics was to avoid the sex and endocrinology tests required at that time.

  20. DID WTP KNOW THIS ??? some GOOD NEWS!!!
    Donald Trump’s niece Loses lawsuit over “in -HER- ITance” !
    (defrauding her out of a multimillion-dollar inheritance?) NO!!!
    Reuters … Nov. 15, 2022

  21. Brittney Griner Represents the Best of America
    Unless your preference is Viktor Bout.

    Oh our Brittney, Oh our Brittney, ….COUNT …M E OUT!
    With your hash oils for to dine: …..

  22. NBC News issues correction after reporting Biden had a ‘choice’ between Griner or Whelan in prisoner swap
    NBC News said it ‘MISS’tated the choice the Biden administration was given over hostages’ ….WTP DIDN’T JUST ASK US !!!

  23. Russian state television MocKs U.S. for Brittney Griner…. prisoner >>>>> eXchange
    Griner returned to the U.S. early Friday morning

    “His first problem is that he is White,” the moderator said,
    “His second problem is he is a MAN. His third problem:
    He is a heterosexual. …. WOW … 3 STRIKES & your OUT!!!
    YOUR A DOPE !!! 24/7 .. WHAT A SAD OUT-COME ! 4-what ?
    “This is not something that can be forgiven today. It’s just a catastrophe. Yes, here Griner beats him in every aspect.”



    Alphabet Inc (Google, etc.)
    AT&T Inc
    Apple Inc Comcast Corp Cox Enterprises
    IBM Corp National Amusements Inc
    Meta (Facebook, etc.) Netflix Inc
    Microsoft Corp Walt Disney Co
    Oracle Corp Warner Brothers-Discovery

    • Wow. That’s really something. I find it hard to see Prince Charles in that young man, but to be fair her brother is a “ginger,” too, although that “ski jump” nose is not evident on him or on Diana or on Charles. I DO see Charles in the older son. There seems to be no love lost between Harry and Charles, either. Perhaps this explains the estrangement and the desire to sort of cut him out of the royal family, so to speak. Someone said in comments that they refuse a DNA test to stop the speculation. Hmmm.

      • CLICK on the photos.. to see more above & comments.
        Most of the time it works ? … long ago …
        Charles confirmed …yes harry u r my …? son??? HA’ ???

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