Weekend Open Thread

Everybody’s busy with early Thanksgiving preparations or else, as in New York, they’re shoveling snow, so it seems prudent to simply put up an open thread. Have at it, if you find time. We love to hear from anyone, about any topic.



44 responses to “Weekend Open Thread

  1. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/11/18/annual-best-of-the-best-thanksgiving-recipe-post/

    Got any recipes you’d like to share? Making anything special or new this year? That turkey covered in BACON looks really delicious.

    How are the prices in your neck of the woods? I remember when turkey at Thanksgiving was a “loss leader” and you could pick up a 20+ pounder for something like $5 (and sometimes even free with a $50 or $100 purchase). Now, a turkey that big can cost $50!

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, comes this story:


    LAB-GROWN CHICKEN “meat”. What more could you want? What will be offered next year? Lab-grown TURKEY? Mind you, it will look like a big blob of road kill. Will they shape it into a turkey form? Will it have bones? I somehow doubt that, so how will chicken soup be accomplished with lab-grown chicken muscle? Yum! NOT!

    Who will be eating REAL meat in the future, while we eat bugs and lab-grown muscles of unknown provenance, likely spiked with “vaccines”? The ELITE and those designated as oppressed minorities because it would be bigotry to expect them to eat anything but the “best” or, in the case (no doubt) of “Native Americans”, to expect them to eat anything that they didn’t hunt or kill in the “traditional” manner or which is part of their “culture.” Mark my words.

  2. Boebert WINS and her opponent mysteriously refuses to ask for a recount! Hmmm. I wonder why. “Senate race?” Nah. They won’t want recounts anywhere that their mendacity can be proven because, perhaps, the recounts will have to be fair. Don’t know if that’s true of Colorado but I’m guessing that there was massive cheating somewhere in that state that would prove either that they CHEATED in trying to unseat her or they CHEATED in getting a “win” for the Senate race. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/breaking-democrat-adam-frisch-concedes-republican-congresswoman-lauren-boebert/

  3. What a surprise! Just like in 2016, when Trump became the nominee, an independent counsel’s appointed so that they can be sure to keep the investigations of him going during his 2024 campaign and beyond, if necessary. This will drag out for the next two years AND nothing the House tries will stop it. Biden assuredly won’t. The PERSECUTION OF TRUMP continues:


  4. Consensus? Poll finds 41% of climate scientists don’t buy ‘climate change’
    Undermines promoters of ‘settled science’ narrative

    MIT emeritus professor Richard Lindzen recently called the current climate narrative “Absurd,” contending it’s driven by the Trillions of dollars diverted to Green Projects, grant-dependent academics and agenda-driven journalists. …..YEP$$$$$


  5. The Sort of Red Wave We Got

    * Joseph Gaudino
    .. Apart from the voter fraud there would have been a Tsunami Not a wave.
    Apart from voter fraud there would be no democrat party.



    Addressing election integrity issues, Trump “will Immediately Demand voter ID, Same-DAY Voting, & only paper ballots” to eradicate cheating & fraud.

  7. Tucker Carlson Presents a Look Back at Pelosi’s ‘Greatest Hits’

    What followed was a montage of Pelosi:
    Angrily insisting she has “a heart full of love,” but spewing vitriol about Republicans and accusing them of killing children by building a border wall,
    Claiming that then-President Donald Trump and Republicans have “doggie-do” on their shoes,
    Displaying hateful, public contempt and disrespect for the president of the United States during official Congressional proceedings,
    Reading poetry,
    Laughing at her own “jokes,” and
    Attempting to coin a new phrase. (“Open, Biden”???) …YIKES!!!


    • That’s great! My favorites are her seal clapping and the eyebrows that almost touch her hairline.

    • For a minute I thought she was going to say, “Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in!” Well, aren’t their allusions to the Pelosis being mobbed up?

  8. Fact Check: AP Falsely Claims No Evidence Exists ???
    Joe & Hunter Biden > Spoke About > Foreign Business > Deals

    VERDICT: FALSE. Republicans have submitted a recording of Joe Biden leaving a voicemail for Hunter Biden about a business deal with a Chinese energy company, along with whistleblowers that have stated Joe Biden was intimately involved in the Biden family business.


  9. Steve Bannon Fires Warning Shot: Biden Family Is About to Have their Entire Depraved and Perverted Family Exposed to the American People (VIDEO) > * @ Jim Hoft


    * MIKE •
    A lot of ignorant leftists will not be prepared for the revelation of how sinister and evil powerful govt figures are;
    They’ll refuse to believe it

    * Look • edited
    Hunter likes to show his pecker.
    Daddy swims nude in front of female secret service agents.

    * Merri •
    Wow, get the popcorn! This is going to be better than any stupid hollyweird movie

    * BenfromMO •
    Come on, he already had a pornhub account where he had sex videos of himself with his underage Niece. That didn’t even get him arrested. He is not going to jail. That ship sailed.

    We also have Daughters diary. These 2 > things should have
    been front page news 4 > months. .. Stop misleading people.
    Sadly I think you are correct. Satan looks after his own ..!

  10. Braids, bias, & >>> a Black first >>> ? lady ….????

    Time and again, the former first lady MisUses public fondness
    as an excuse to express.. >>>> H E R >>> Hatred !!! YEP!


    • A chip on her shoulder so big that it explains her (?) need for those “toned biceps.” I’m so sick and tired of her (?). What’s interesting is that one review I read implied that it’s all a bunch of drivel that you have read elsewhere. iow, alleged plagiarism? Probably ghost written, anyway. I mean, did anyone TRY to read her master’s thesis? I did and it’s pitiful. I know 8th graders who write better than that grad student and who would expect that her writing would IMPROVE after grad school? Not likely. So, like Barry’s books, ghost written, most likely. I see that Moo was “mirroring” her hostess, the noted lesbian, in dressing butch. Or is that her “real” self coming out?

      I am SO SICK of people who pretend that only black people wear braids! MANY cultures over thousands of years wore braids. White people. Black people. Yellow people. Red people. Brown people. Little people. Big people. Male people and female people. ALL wear braids. Braids don’t belong to anyone and nobody that I know of gives a rat’s ass what people do with their hair. Only RACISTS assume that they’re able to read other people’s minds and find racism there. No, Moo. Braids do not belong to blacks and no whites I know of are afraid of your damned hair, straight, kinky, fluffy, puffy, braided or not. Oy vey!

      She carried a “light” alright, a black light.

  11. O’ ….what a DRAG *** .. ONCE AGAIN ….
    Survivor of Colorado Springs gay club shooting that left five dead and 25 injured says he mistook gunshots for music before hiding – as cops consider hate charges against 22-year-old suspect who was arrested for bomb threat last year


    • Yep. And this is yet another one who happened to be LET GO and still allowed to buy or have or keep or carry a gun, in woke Colorado. WTF? Why did they not only let him go after dropping the charges for some unknown reason but ALSO SEAL the records of the case? Did they plan to weaponize him like a MK-Ultra automaton, like so many other Jason Bourne golems?

      I read somewhere that this guy is the grandson of a retiring, Trump-loving representative from CA. Now, IF TRUE, and who knows given how they lie or put out misinformation without doing due diligence, is it now that the sins of the grandsons are visited upon the grandfathers? Blamed on the grandfathers? Well, why not, if they are going to blame Trump, too?

      This guy tried to kill his own mother, the daughter of said grandfather representative. IF you’re going to blame all kin of alleged murderers, then what about blaming JFK for what his nephew did allegedly (rape) or his brother (sexually harass) or (was it another?) nephew, allegedly kill that young teen girl?

      Or how about the brother who let another young girl drown after driving his car, while drunk, into a lagoon? Is that, say, Maria Shriver’s fault? Can we extend BLAME that far, say, all the way back to lovely Rose, the matriarch? After all, who was supposed to teach all these scofflaws right from wrong? Not that JFK was immune, he who committed adultery in OUR WH and frolicked nude in OUR swimming pool with starlets.

    • I’ve seen three different photos of this alleged killer and not sure which is the real one. No surprise that, once again, the killer will be hidden from view, perhaps NEVER to be seen. Why did cops in his first case, the alleged bombing and attempt to kidnap/hold his own mother, say they’d release his mug shot later but they NEVER DID and so now nobody knows who he is or what he looks like. There’s a photo going around of a family group in which, I assume, he’s supposed to appear. The older man in the photo is the CA retired representative. I’m assuming that the very big, chubby teen at the right is the alleged killer. If so, then why doesn’t he resemble any of the photos that are alleged to be him?

    • ANOTHER MASSIVE FAIL on the part of woke liberals who refuse to prosecute crimes. Even if, and this isn’t a given, the mother didn’t want to press charges, the STATE or the community officials could press them on behalf of all the citizens who were at risk, potentially, if what was alleged was true. They don’t HAVE TO have the permission of the victim. So they could have charged him, BUT they used a violence interruption team to negotiate with him to get him to come out. A typical WOKE policy and look what came of it. IF he did this, then he killed all those people when he could have been prevented from killing them HAD THEY NOT BEEN SO WOKE AND LENIENT. When will this end? When will they realize that their own namby-pamby, soft on crime policies are getting people killed? The motive doesn’t matter. These poor people aren’t any less dead just because the guy might have done it out of hate. Who kills people if not for reasons of hate? Let’s get real. All murderers are haters. Are their murders WORSE than they would have been had they not been “LGBTQA+”? Are some people more valuable than others? Dead is dead. Murdered is murdered. ALL PEOPLE’S LIVES MATTER. NO MURDERER’S MOTIVATION REALLY MATTERS MUCH. WHAT MATTERS IS THAT PEOPLE DIED, HE’S (ALLEGEDLY) RESPONSIBLE, AND HE’S THE ONE WHO MUST PAY THE PRICE. May these poor souls RIP.

  12. In no way defending the alleged murderer, but we USED TO HAVE a fair system of justice where a person was PRESUMED INNOCENT until proved guilty. Now, the person, at least when it comes to charges, is PRESUMED GUILTY until proved innocent. Just consider how STUPID this sounds:


    “According to online court records obtained Monday, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich is facing five murder charges and five charges of committing a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury.”

    Michael Allen, the District Attorney for Colorado’s 4th Judicial District who is handling the case, said on Morning Joe that a motive had yet to be determined, but that the case was being considered bias-motivated. Allen dodged a question about reports Aldrich was accused in a bomb threat case against his mother last year citing privacy rules. …”

    What? They don’t know the motive yet but nevertheless they charge him (her? I mean, we can’t presume pronouns, can we?) … anyway, they charge the person with bias MOTIVATED crime, even though they don’t know the motive! So PRESUMED guilty until proved innocent. Isn’t that back asswards? I love, though, that he (she?) apparently has “privacy” rights, even though it’s public record that he was accused by his mother of threatening her and even though it cost the taxpayers who knows how much money to respond to that incident for hours with their woke crisis management team to NEGOTIATE him coming out and even though it cost additional money to arrest him, take him to wherever, where they then decided to just drop charges and SEAL the records! WHY?

    How does anybody know whether this guy is gay himself, is transgender himself, whatever? Upon what EVIDENCE, when they admit they don’t know the motive, do they charge a bias MOTIVATED crime?

  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/colorado-springs-suspect-had-firearms-despite-violent-threats-made-last-year-11669049715?mod=business_minor_pos6

    “Authorities are probing how the alleged gunman in the deadly shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Colorado Springs over the weekend was able to obtain the firearm used in the attack given the man’s troubled history, according to two law-enforcement officials familiar with the matter.

    The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, was arrested on murder and hate-crime charges, according to court records. Five people were killed and 25 injured when a gunman, identified by police as Mr. Aldrich, opened fire inside the nightclub late Saturday.

    Over a year ago, police confiscated firearms from Mr. Aldrich after he held his family hostage at gunpoint, according to the officials. During the June 2021 incident, Mr. Aldrich’s mother told police her son was threatening to hurt her with a homemade bomb, weapons and ammunition, according to an El Paso County Sheriff’s Office account of the incident at the time.

    Mr. Aldrich was arrested on two counts of felony menacing and three counts of first-degree kidnapping. No explosives were found, the sheriff’s office said at the time. It was unclear whether Mr. Aldrich ever got the seized guns back, the two officials said.

    According to one of the law-enforcement officials, officials never proceeded with the case. Ultimately, the case files were sealed, after Mr. Aldrich petitioned the court, according to the official. …”

    How interesting! Did we read before or hear before that they confiscated guns? Why would they release him, dropping the charges, and then sealing the records, ALLOWING HIM TO BUY MORE GUNS? Or, upon getting his petition to seal granted, did they give his other guns back? Did he then use those guns to murder people? There is a red flag law in CO but for some reason they didn’t use it. Why not? Connections? If there’s a “woke” prosecutor in CO, then it would seem that person would throw the book at a cisgender (presumably) white person threatening to kill his mother and having had guns confiscated from him. Right? As usual, nothing makes sense here.

  14. https://news.yahoo.com/anderson-lee-aldrich-know-suspect-170732663.html

    That one has information about the suspect and his family. OMG. Big news. His grandfather, if it is his grandfather, “reportedly” praised the Jan. 6 “riot.” Ooooh. Also has “links” to the Mormon church! Anything else? I read a mainstream media story today that helpfully (not!) said that in Colorado Springs there’s the Air Force Academy and also it’s the head of one huge Evangelical Christian church–completely apropos of NOTHING. The story also said that some people state “FALSELY” that drag shows aimed at children are intended to groom children towards LGBTQ whatever. FALSELY. Is this not injecting bias and person OPINION into what’s supposed to be news? When and where was it absolutely PROVEN that NO drag queen activities aimed towards children are NOT ever intended (motivated?) to “groom” children? It hasn’t been. Why do they ASSUME hate/bias motivation on behalf of the suspect but PRESUME innocence on behalf of ALL participants in drag queen events that include, specifially, children? Such bias. This is NOT journalism; it’s propaganda. There is what I presume to be, based upon teasers that made me click the link, the suspect as he surrendered last year and was arrested for threatening his mother. I’m suspecting that the “other home” where he was arrested and where he took shelter was probably the grandparents’ home, where he lived, according to one story. This home where he was arrested was “nearby” his mom’s home and other stories said the grandparents lived “nearby.” Now, don’t know which set of grandparents this would but the mother’s father allegedly, if it’s the same family, is a CA representative. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/21/us/anderson-lee-aldrich-colorado-springs-shooting-suspect

    Just a pic of a very big guy (stories say he’s big) with his back to the camera and hands up. Why are there no mug shots or other photos? This is so much like other suspected FFs. And it happens on the eve of some transgender national memorial day just proclaimed by Biden. How coincidental!

    Ok. So at the link you have to click another link under the still photo and they have some video of the arrest embedded in the video that comes up. It starts about 2 mins. in, but you still don’t see his face.

    Obama File with Exhibits
    Affidavit of Paul Irey
    Obama file Exhibits 1 – 7
    Obama file Exhibit 8 – Part 1
    Obama file Exhibit 8 – Part 2
    Obama file Exhibits 9-13
    Obama file Exhibits 14-21
    Request for Docs under FOIA and Emergency Motion for Reconsideration
    Exhibits sent to Inspector Generals and Congress

    Defend Our Freedoms Foundation (DOFF)
    29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Ste 100
    Rancho Santa Margarita CA, 92688
    Copyright 2014

  16. ‘Insanity’: Now they claim more than >>> 130 gender options, including ‘gender[bleep]’!
    ‘Adults can barely make sense of this nonsense, let alone children’


  17. Gospel of Luke Ch. 9 and 2 Thessalonians Ch. 3
    The Holy Bible (KJV) ^


  18. The Right’s Agent … Provocateur: Lucianne Goldberg, 1935–2022
    She loved a good fight — but also knew what was worth fighting for.


  19. Biden’s perverted pandemic prostitute presidency is about The Great Reset
    The US is going to end as a nation when Title 42 expires. It will be Biden’s plan- and legacy. When he’s not hunting down a young girl to sniff or grope (or a daughter with whom to shower), Joe Biden is usually on vacation. During the few hours he has the…

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  20. Michelle Obama Said There Is “Discomfort” In Marriage And Threw The Internet Into A Frenzy
    Forever FLOTUS opened Up about Her ? marriage journey
    …. >with Barack and it left folks with a lot to say.

    However, one user wisely assessed: “I want people to understand that Michelle Obama i$> $elling a book right now, & viral quotes are part of the campaign.” But as the former First Lady knows, it doesn’t take much to get the people going. …> HA!!! O’SURE!


    • She’s always selling “a” book, but never one she (?) wrote. It’s discomfort, of course, whenever a spouse isn’t into whatever “gender” you are (or were. Whatever.)

  21. O’ … LET USA COUNT the EVIL > W A Y S !!! EVIL EVIL !

    Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud
    Database latency — a geeky term, but that’s how they did it!

    Here’s the Fraud Equation taking place Across the Country:

    * Count the in-person votes on election day.
    * Count the early, in-person votes.
    * Shut down the system (Atlanta water leak, Maricopa County
    * Bring in undeliverable ballots gathered when you changed
    voters’ names, addresses, or zip codes, then changed them back.
    * Determine the votes you need to win. Press the “WIN” button.

    * >>Wait for the Republicans to file a lawsuit Months later.


    • Gateway Pundit reports another way, more insidious, that they used to harvest ballots: They deliberately change the zip code on thousands of voters’ addresses. Then they mail out mail-in ballots. When the ballots are “undeliverable,” then they harvest them up and save them. Then immediately they change the addresses back the way they were, so it never shows up that the person’s address changed at all. The person isn’t aware that they missed their ballot. They get all their other mail, just not the ballot mailed from the election board to the WRONG address, because the zip code was temporarily screwed up. All it takes is an insider in the election office with access to the database (or a hacker that can do it) and then that same insider to have access to the ballots returned as “undeliverable,” so they’re never logged and the voter is never sent a new ballot. They mail ballots, in some states, to ALL voters, so in some, probably many, cases, the voter doesn’t even miss the waylaid ballot. None of this is discoverable based upon databases that Republicans use to verify voter rolls, because the “change of address” isn’t legitimate so doesn’t get reported to those databases. It’s easy enough to do when you’re someone who believes in a “right” to STEAL VOTES and cast them for their choice, because they KNOW BETTER what’s “good” for the country. THIS IS WHY people like Jill Bidan are so in our faces with her theme for Christmas: We the People. They’re gaslighting us and snarking at us at the same time because THEY KNOW that they’re stealing our votes and they also know that we know they are, but there’s nothing we can do about it, is there?

  22. White House claims President Biden has BEEN to the Border despite >>>> NO….. record of any visit
    Biden drove past the border near El Paso, Texas, on the campaign trail in 2008


  23. Balenciaga parent company CEO, wife $alma Hayek $ilent on
    Ad controversy involving Children, BDSM >>> teddy bear$
    François-Henri Pinault Serves as CEO of Kering, Balenciaga’$
    parent company.

    Kim Kardashian, the brand’s biggest ambassador, was ONE of a few notable figures to release a statement signaling her Disgust with the Campaigns. She appreciates Balenciaga’s decision to pull the ads & their apology, she’s “Reevaluating” her relationship with the brand. …??$$?

    “As a Mother of Four, I have Been Shaken by the D I S -Turbing Images,”


  24. Republican Sen. Cynthia Lummis Won’t SAY If a Baby Has
    a Right to a Mother …. ???

    Later that day, Lummis Joined with 11 Other Republican senators and 49 Democrats in voting for the Respect for Marriage Act, which passed >>> 61-36 (with 3 senators Not Voting).

    At the U.S. Capitol on Nov. 29, CNS News.com asked Sen. Lummis: “The Respect for Marriage Act recognizes a right to same-sex marriage. So, does a baby have a right to a mother?”

    Senator Lummis answered: “I don’t know where you’re going with this but I don’t like it.” <<< REALLY ???



    • The Devil is Having a Heyday …???

      “The wicked freely Strut about when what is Vile is Honored among >>> men.” ? & WOMAN ???


      • For sure. Have you seen all that Balenciaga stuff? Disgusting. It gets worse every day. Cannibalism and dismembering and disemboweling of CHILDREN.

    • How about if they have a “right” to a FATHER? That’s more pertinent in the case of children who have no OFFICIAL father. Marriages are certified/ratified/legitimized by governments. Why aren’t children, at birth, LEGITIMIZED by the government on their birth certificates such that a mother AND a father MUST be listed and IDENTIFIED and VERIFIED. We know the mother, obviously, but the fathers should be named and verified via DNA because the children have a RIGHT to be supported by their parents who are responsible for their very existence. It’s long past time that the TAXPAYERS get off the hook of responsibility to support from cradle, and sometimes to grave, these “illegitimate” children.

  25. Elon Musk Keeps Dishing Dirt on Twitter, This Time About Election Interference …. @Red State

    on Wednesday he CON-firmed someThing Many have been saying for Years. Namely, the Social Media Company has been Purposely Interfering in Elections, attempting to Push a Specific OutCome.

    If you were following politics way back in early 2021, you may remember a story that broke (click here to read my write-up on it) describing a “secret cabal” that Colluded to Rig the outcome of the 2020 Election. >>> Here’s how TIME described it……


    • I’m waiting for him to reveal the evidence of the government collusion with social media to ban and censor their political enemies.

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