Veterans Day 2022

This day and this weekend, we honor all of our nation’s veterans.

We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Laurence Binyon’s poem For the Fallen, written in September 1914

And we remember and honor all of America’s veterans for their patriotism and their willingness to serve and to sacrifice, their very lives if necessary, for us.

May God bless our brave veterans and their families. Never forget the sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

To our veterans, we owe so much, but most especially our


Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you, and your families.

May God bless the United States of America.



27 responses to “Veterans Day 2022

  1. Thinking of all veterans today and thanking them sincerely on behalf of a grateful nation.

  2. OK. What’s the deal? TGP thinks they’re trying to also steal the House! Don’t know what’s up. Everything was pointing towards it being impossible for the DemoncRATS who are behind in the counts to catch up because of the number of outstanding votes and where they were coming from. Here’s the FOX News results page:

    None of these pages are very informative plus they don’t do logical projections in order to show us what the trend is and the likelihood of which party will win the REMAINING seats. That’s probably by design because, I’m convinced, they ALL want Republicans to lose, including Republican RINOs, etc.

    TWF is taking SO LONG to count the votes? This is B.S. having BALLOTS coming in from outer space, seemingly, days after the election. AZ is ridiculous. They say they’ll be done and then keep moving the goalpost. Now it’s NEXT WEEK!

  3. The cameras supposedly fail, for some reason, and coincidentally a big batch of DemoncRAT “votes” come in. Now the Republican who was winning is in danger of losing. What a coincidence. Well, mistakes were made and they can NEVER figure out the problem but they’ll fix it and nobody’s to blame but it ALWAYS favors the DemoncRATS.

  4. Now look at this craziness:

    Remember when they said they wouldn’t let ICE interview DePape? Now they’re claiming the person was an imposter, pretending to be with ICE.

    ““[He] was afraid to communicate with people and his only kind of mode of being in the world was via computer,” former friend Linda Schneider said. DePape’s name has also been linked to a series of rambling blog posts disseminating racist and anti-Semitic theories, all of which were taken down following the attack.

    A search of the Richmond garage where DePape lived for two years also turned up two hammers, a sword, IRS letters, credit cards, and DMV paperwork.

    “[He] was afraid to communicate with people and his only kind of mode of being in the world was via computer,” former friend Linda Schneider said. DePape’s name has also been linked to a series of rambling blog posts disseminating racist and anti-Semitic theories, all of which were taken down following the attack.

    A search of the Richmond garage where DePape lived for two years also turned up two hammers, a sword, IRS letters, credit cards, and DMV paperwork. …”

    How did he register to vote for the Green party if he’s not a citizen? Has anybody ever looked to see if he HAS voted? He never should have. That’s a crime, too, if he did. Now comes a “friend” who alleges that he was always communicating on his computer. I cry B.S. on that one, too. DMV and IRS papers. Hmmm. So they didn’t know he was an illegal alien, either?

    Very interesting:

    “So… does one not get in trouble for impersonating a federal agent? It’s unclear whether there were any consequences for the ruse. And it seems this individual may have had some inside information on DePape. After all, it was not until the following day, November 1, that “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer on Canadian national David DePape with San Francisco County Jail, Nov. 1,” according to the Washington Post.

    On October 31, the day of the attempted visit, it was not yet common knowledge that DePape was a Canadian national, in the country illegally — however some conservative outlets had leaned heavily into the idea that he was “an illegal” as early as the 28th or 29th, because that fit their narrative better than “right-wing, MAGA-obsessed loon.” …”

    Was this person going to Epstein him or something? Why wasn’t the imposter DETAINED and charged?

  5. We’re supposed to believe that the court didn’t hold this decision until AFTER the mid-terms so it would help Biden? (I don’t care if it’s a Trump-appointed judge or not. There are SO MANY on all sides who are totally invested in this globalist agenda, probably true believers in the apocalyptic B.S. of “climate change” when the TRUTH is the desire to create a world-wide OLIGARCHY with the elites exempt while the rest of us wallow in squalor and eat bugs.)

    The judge could have issued this opinion BEFORE the election. It was illegal and unconstitutional and outrageous ALL ALONG and everybody knew it.

  6. Tiffany’s getting married. I hope there are lots of photos:

    We’ll see after tomorrow. Good luck to her.


    Innocent victim of the Bidens:
    “The former Delaware computer repair shop owner who blew the whistle on the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop said he is still afraid to go outside his home due to harassment.

    “I don’t really leave the house,” John Paul Mac Isaac said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

    Mac Isaac, the owner of what was “The Mac Shop” in Wilmington, Deleware, which serviced Hunter Biden’s laptop in April 2019 before turning it over to the FBI, detailed the saga in his forthcoming book, “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth,” which releases Nov. 22. …”

    I hope he makes a bundle on that book. He deserves it. He’s a HERO for turning it over to the FBI and look what happened. They’re so politicized that they’re more concerned about the Bidens future than about our national security.

  8. The Epoch Times has a different take on the new indictment, concerning something I didn’t catch, although I did read it and it seemed odd at the time. They tend write things in such a way that things just happen without agency (e.g., in passive voice) or else they omit predicates (such as somebody unlocking the door first). You be the judge:

    “Authorities are now saying that Paul Pelosi did not open the door to the Pelosi residence when police officers arrived in late October, a change from before.

    In a motion to detain David DePape, the man accused of assaulting Paul Pelosi, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins’s office said that, after officers arrived at the home in California early Oct. 28, Paul Pelosi opened the door. …

    The indictment against DePape says something different.

    The officers who responded to Paul Pelosi’s 911 call “knocked on the front door,” it says. “The two officers who approached the door had their body-worn cameras activated. The two officers opened the door to see the foyer of the Pelosi Residence, Mr. Pelosi, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, DEPAPE in shorts, running shoes and a sweatshirt, and DEPAPE and Mr. Pelosi jointly gripping a hammer.” …”

    So they just opened the door, leaving one to assume that either it was unlocked and somebody said “come in,” or that somebody unlocked it for the cops and said “come in,” or maybe they just tried the door and it opened with nobody saying “come in.” In any case, see what I mean? They don’t say they opened an UNLOCKED door or that somebody unlocked it so they could open it or that somebody told them to come in. WHY NOT? This seems to be a detail that’s necessary for context, although presumably if one were able to SEE the body cam footage, then all the details would be known instead of implied.

    Apparently, the reporter asked the writer of the indictment and, “The FBI referred questions to Hinds.” Conveniently, “Her office did not pick up the phone or return a voicemail seeking information on the filing. …”

    Ha, ha. That figures. What a dumb bunny this person must be. They also asked the Police who deferred to the DA’s office! That office apparently didn’t bother to respond either, which seems typical when they CAN’T answer because either they must LIE or they must TELL THE TRUTH, which doesn’t fit the narrative they want to promote. Apparently, the Police Chief had already said that they cops did NOT open the door! Whoops!

  9. There’s a video at this link that shows the discrepancy, too. Allegedly, this guy spoke with a person who WATCHED the bodycam footage and says that Pelosi DID open the door, the cops didn’t.

    They won’t answer this guy’s questions about the discrepancy. He talks to the DA and asks why Pelosi didn’t run out towards the cops when he opened the door. She claims that Pelosi will have to explain this “potentially” to a jury. (Don’t bet on it. They’ll pressure this guy BIG TIME to accept a plea so there’s no trial, no discovery, no testimony under oath.) The reporter says they can’t explain why they wrote that the cops opened the door. One reporter says it makes no difference but it does when they basically lie in a filing to a court! I’m thinking they want to hedge so they don’t have to subject whoever actually DID either unlock or open the door to testifying and public disclosure. I’m guessing there WAS a servant or a security person there who they want to hide from having to testify, because that person will have to tell the truth, won’t he or she? OR maybe they want to lie without outright lying in the filings. Say the cops did “open” the door but WIDER, when they entered; but Pelosi or somebody else actually first unlocked it and cracked it open.

    There’s another video down below the first one, which also discusses discrepancies. It’s basically a repeat. They discuss all the conspiracy theories but you have to hand it to this reporter because at least he’s trying to get to the bottom of it and it’s interesting to see this guy being stonewalled and then get confused and feeling exactly like WE DO. iow, SUSPICIOUS.

  10. Here’s an interesting one that discusses the same OTHER elephant in the room, which is WHY they didn’t have better security.

    This writer seems to buy into the B.S. that they had only Ring cameras. Pffft! Right. For the home of the third most powerful person in the country, a home that could easily (obviously) be secretly invaded by a spy or any number of evil doers up to no good, for example–planting listening devices to use to (gasp!) blackmail powerful people. Duh.

    This person brings up something I hadn’t thought of: DePape allegedly knew all about who the Pelosis were and went there, allegedly, to kidnap Nancy or break her kneecaps or whatever, but this writer asks, given who she IS, obviously, and how much SECURITY the woman herself has (if you believe her home doesn’t have just as much) WHY would DePape even think he’d be able to attack, kidnap, or kneecap the House Speaker? Of course, they’ll tell you that he’s nuts, so that’s why he doesn’t think or act rationally; however, that sounds like B.S., too.

    I read an article somewhere by a security expert who is deeply involved in protecting people like Nancy. HE SAYS that the very kind of advanced AI-using security system discussed in the linked article is exactly WHAT they most likely have at the Pelosi residence, whether she’s there or not. However, one has to wonder if Paul himself is able to OVERRIDE it by, for example, giving someone a key or permission to come and go (somehow) or the security code, etc.

    iow, can he put into the system the faces or identities of acceptable people so that the AI system does NOT alert when that person enters? Just a thought.

    From the article:

    “In today’s technological age, security cameras have become more sophisticated than ever before. … [T]alented individuals have developed AI technology that can identify items such as weapons, vests, and masks. The camera can also alert authorized personnel if anyone carries such items within the camera’s field of view. …”

    The security expert whose article I read elsewhere (but I didn’t link it here) said that there exist AI-using systems that can identify individual people, using facial recognition. So the assumption is that somebody has to train it who’s acceptable.

    What if, for example, there are workmen (or women) on premises who wear vests and masks or use items that look like weapons? Then, obviously, there would have to be an override to keep the system from constantly alerting. Right? That house WAS obviously under some kind of maintenance or construction, based upon all the ladders and other equipment stowed in a pile on the back patio, right near the broken doors.


    Interesting. Even the “scientists” don’t believe in the “science.” Well, it’s only an EXCUSE to oppress us all, here in the West, to it’s no surprise to us, is it?

    This goes along with another story I saw somewhere pointing out that of 50 “climate models” predicting global warming, 100% of them were WRONG.

  12. Joe Biden Skips ??? W H Y ??? NO ICE CREAM JOEY ? …U
    SICK … son-of a TURD!!! & WORSE!!! …
    Important G20 Dinner >>> After >>> ‘Full Day in Meetings’ ???|22610408|Joe%20Biden%20Skips%20Important%20G20%20Dinner%20After%20%26%238216%3BFull%20Day%20in%20Meetings%26%238217%3B|


    FBI Director REFUSES??? to Say I F bureau Had sources
    >>> ‘Dressed as Trump >>> ? Supporters’ in Jan. 6 RIOTS!

    FBI director refuses to say if bureau had sources ‘dressed as Trump supporters’ in Jan. 6 riots

    A …. MUST …. READ!!! a MUST !!!

    • We know the answer already: YES and a LOT of them. Let’s hope that there will be House committees now that will look into THIS aspect of Jan. 6.

      That book look really interesting.

  14. The 51 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump’s announcement speech ?????

  15. I can’t believe they put McConnell in charge AGAIN and that it looks like McCarthy for Speaker. WTF? I’m convinced that the RINOs, GOPe, and the DemoncRATS all got together and made a deal. They “allowed” the Republicans to take the House, just barely mind you, so long as McCarthy (who had a long talk with Biden before the races were called) so long as they agree to stop any impeachment, not allow any real investigations into Biden and his family, “work with” Biden on his progressive B.S., and ALL cooperate to expunge Trump and “MAGA deplorables” from the entire environment. Tip of the iceberg and no surprise that the same corruption seen among the DemoncRATS is visible with those RINOs:

  16. An REAL investigation into THIS outrage should lead to numerous charges for campaign finance violations and illegal “in kind” donations:

    WHY the hell could they NOT find a member of Congress to warn Google before THIS election, where they pulled the same crap even after being warned off before?

    This is patently illegal when businesses secretly misuse their powers to AID one party over another. How is this any different than if ATT, for example, just refused to put through telephone calls with Republican outreach?

  17. And THIS is just another piece of the puzzle:

    Label conservatives as threats to “democracy” or “national security” and then INTERFERE in their exercise of their constitutional rights.

  18. They’re predicting a potential 6 FEET of snow in Buffalo NY this weekend. Is Al Gore in the Buffalo? That’s what we’re talking about: global WARMING.

    • No doubt what she really looks like. I would LOVE to know what both she and Biden put on their faces to make them look so taut. Is it stage makeup? Prostheses like in the movies?

  19. The election coup here and the Deep State

    well, first of all, what they are capable of doing
    that story leaked to the press by an anonymous US intel official.

    Now, about the coup
    Three Prime Ministers, all deep state, all in with Klaus Schwab and the young global leaders training program says Amazing Polly
    1st Boriss Johnson – he always used a Deep State given phrase “Build Back Better” but he did some stuff that definitely was not wanted like Brexit and tearing up vaccine passports, so they got rid of him using some made up scandal about inappropriate touching at a westminster function and in the ensuing faked up scandal, Boris got removed from office.

    Then there was an election to replace him, the voters were the paid up members of the Conservative Party, maybe 150,000 voters.

    But the wrong candidate (Liz Truss) won. You could see from her 1st day in the office that she was the wrong candidate as the press uniformly found fault with everything she said she wanted to do.
    So they got rid of her in 44 days by crashing the UK bond market and everyone said look at how terrible she is. So they got rid of her and the third time, without any vote they installed, ta-da

    Richi Sunak. Who? You could tell because from Day 1 he was the annointed one. He had to save the uk from all the bad stuff that Liz Truss had (not actually had time to) done. He looks about as Deep State as you can get.

    So what?
    I think all the budget announcements and stuff are a mere distraction.
    There was an article yesterday in the Epoch Times, I found it linked near the top on Whatfinger, I can’t find it today but here it is in another source

    so G20 leaders have signed a declaration essentially:
    Yeah, you know that Covid vaccine passport that has been roundly condemned as medical discrimination, a violation of privacy and ethics, and has sparked worldwide protests, especially throughout Europe?

    The pass that would require you to get a vaccine that doesn’t even prevent the transmission of covid?

    Yeah, we’re going with that on a global scale.

    And it doesn’t just apply to the Covid jab, but to any and all WHO recommended shots.

    We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations. We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.

    So, for Covid AND in the future with new pandemics and vaccines, they want to implement a system to track vax status globally, building off the “COVID-19 certificates.”
    that info from:
    end snip
    so much for election distractions and repubs vs dems or trumpers vs rinos or Torys vs Labour or DeSantisians vs somebody else

    That stuff is just for the “Plebs” as they say.

    Trump once said “They are coming for you, I am just in the way”

    I have never voted Labour beforebut I said if Sunak gets in I will hold my nose and vote Labour because I see that as voting for survival.

    • Thanks for all that Dave. It’s basically what I have been piecing together in my mind. It’s GLOBAL and the same crap that’s happening here is happening in every “western” nation. Why? For a total control, world government. Well, at least a western world one. It’s totalitarianism and there is NO SUCH THING anymore as “democracy.” It’s not democracy to give us the illusion that our votes matter. We go through the motions but it doesn’t matter whom we vote for because they just toss our ballots (in places where they get away with it). Even in places where there are still fair elections, thanks to local Republican governors and Secretaries of State, we’re OUT balloted (not out voted) by the cheaters. They use many different methods to cheat and they all add up to big “wins” for the DemoncRATS and for Republicans who are in on the global scam. Can you believe they’re actually talking about Whitmer running for president? She can be “installed” just like your Sunak. And yes. BIG yes. That creep Zelenskyy tried really hard to instigate WWIII. He’s STILL lying about that missile. I don’t even think it was a mistake, a defense missile that went astray. I think that they shot that missile into Poland deliberately. It’s said it was shot WEST when the missiles from Russia to be defended against were coming from the east. So they would, logically, have been shooting defensive missiles towards the east, not west towards that part of Poland. He did it on purpose. It’s no coincidence that the very next day Biden was pushing for ANOTHER $37 BILLION for Ukraine. Nor that the CIA head was over there in Poland when the missile struck those poor hapless workers. God rest their souls. Talk about pawns in the big game. I don’t know what religion Zelenskyy is supposed to be but he is about as truthful as any ayatollah, who believes sincerely in taquiyyah, iow, LYING so long as it gets you what you want. These are sincerely some evil people. It started, imho, with Obama who from the get go struck me the same way.

  20. Actually, the x22 report is covering that very topic today
    from about 17 minutes into their podcast
    Good it is getting noticed.

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