Trump Challenges His Persecutors

(And will win again.)

President Trump has sent a “memo” to the January 6th House “Unselect” Committee that allegedly is investigating the events surrounding the installation of Joe Biden as president, in response to their “vote” to unconstitutionally and illegally subpoena his testimony.

The President reminds the committee that no one, including the committee, has ever actually investigated the rampant fraud that occurred during the 2020 election. You can read the President’s full memo here.

The President closes his memo with this important line:

We demand answers on the Crime of the Century.

Indeed we do.

We the People DEMAND answers because:


59 responses to “Trump Challenges His Persecutors

  1. Just truly unbelievable stuff coming out about that so-called “Select Committee,” including the revelation that Nancy Pelosi had her daughter and her son-in-law so very conveniently right on hand to film the “insurrection” and the cowering cowardly bad thespians in the DemoncRAT party:

    Of course it was all staged. We knew it from the get go. The thing about them is that they always overplay their hand and give us a glimpse of the reality of what they’re up to.

  2. More shit you just can’t make up.

    “As expected, the Lawfare ideologues have weaponized the legal system to grant special visa status to the illegal aliens flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The aliens have been granted lawful U.S. residency status via “U VISA’s” reserved for victims of crimes.

    Their applications as criminally trafficked victims come as the result of Texas Sherriff Javier Salazar certifying they were victims of an illegal human trafficking operation led by the Florida governor. As an outcome, Ron DeSantis is under investigation by federal authorities and Texas authorities for violations of human trafficking laws. …”

    This shit will NEVER END until We the People put back in power people with INTEGRITY, honesty, and the humility to actually BE public servants who honor the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and the RIGHT of THE PEOPLE to RULE in this nation.

  3. Just look at THIS shit:

    What at least one DemoncRAT in VA believes should be the law:

    “Guzman is a social worker and she’s planning on reintroducing a bill in Richmond that would expand the state’s definition of child abuse and neglect to include parents who do not affirm their child’s gender identity or sexual orientation. …”

    So what comes next? Prosecution, prison, and you lose your child and most likely also, your right to vote.

  4. Nice pay if you can get it. Dossier “source” was paid almost $220,000 over three years for, apparently, making up lies about President Trump:

    Hmmm. That’s over $73,000 a year, far more than minimum wage. And all for making up lies or repeating lies in order to help the FBI and the DEMONCRAT party smear President Trump to keep him from being democratically and honestly elected by We the People. ALL TO USURP OUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

    This is what they do with OUR TAX DOLLARS. Use them to BUY LIES to FRAME OUR chosen candidate (later president) in order to unconstitutionally and illegally usurp our RIGHT to choose our president. They used our money, iow, to effect a coup. An “insurance policy” sounds so much cleaner, though, doesn’t it?

  5. Hmmm. IF this were Trump, would they not be calling for his impeachment?

    “Did President Joe Biden just try to influence next month’s midterm elections by making a deal with a foreign power?

    Even The Associated Press, which has never exactly been known for Biden-bashing, seems to smell a rat in the “rare, lengthy statement” issued by the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry earlier today.

    “Saudi Arabia said Thursday that the U.S. had urged it to postpone a decision by OPEC and its allies — including Russia — to cut oil production by a month,” the AP reported. “Such a delay could have helped reduce the risk of a spike in gas prices ahead of the U.S. midterm elections next month.” …”

    And unlike with Trump and Ukraine, where Zelenskyy actually backed up Trump and defended him, the Saudis are the ones throwing Biden under the bus.

  6. Who would ever guess that the left-wing groups are funded by and encouraged by our enemies and are, thus, more of a threat to national security than so-called, FBI-founded-and-infested “right wing” groups?

  7. When they STEAL these states, they’ll attribute it to his campaigning:

    Mind you, we are in a fight for our very lives next month. They WILL go all out to steal as many elections as they can, by hook or crook, by any means necessary. They know it’s their last gasp, otherwise.

  8. And right on cue:

    What they will call crimes is anyone trying to OVERSEE the elections, election observers, iow, NOT anyone trying to shut out legitimate observers, or tape over windows to keep the public out, or disallow protesters, even if peaceful. ALSO, speaking out about fraud. That’s criminal now, too.

  9. Republican calls for Pelosi to probe Biden admin’s potentially ‘illegal’ request for Saudis to delay oil cut
    The Biden administration said that they asked the cut to be delayed to the next OPEC meeting

  10. The Left Is Obsessed’ With Herschel Walker’s Blackness Because He’s Not the Black Man They Want Him to Be…. YEP!!! GO H!

    • The irony is that everything they accuse him of doing or being is EXACTLY what they advise people to do (get abortions), brag about doing (see Cori Bush and her TWO (now) ABORTIONS), claim they have a RIGHT to do (kill unborn infants) or defend people for being (baby daddies of multiple children, except Walker apparently supports his). There’s absolutely NO PROOF that the money he gave that woman was for an abortion. There’s no evidence he knew she HAD an abortion. There’s no evidence the kid was his (RIP).

      The “get well” card he sent her, a woman he knew very well and was still friends with, proves NOTHING. What man, knowing a woman had an abortion, would send a GET WELL card? This sounds more like a friend who knew someone was out sick (from work, from society) and sent her a get well card NOT KNOWING it was an abortion. Doesn’t that make more sense?

      What kind of man would send a get well card to a woman who just aborted his child?

      As he said and others have attested, he was always generous to friends. Isn’t it more likely the woman got the abortion, whoever the father was, and paid for it herself and then came up short because she was out of work and so HIT UP FOR MONEY the one person she knew could afford it and would give it to her?

      Why ask for MORE than the abortion cost? Why not ask for him to give the money in advance? Why not ask him to simply pay the bill when it arrived, directly to the place?

      None of it makes sense when you think about it and, again, there’s NO EVIDENCE other than that she has a bill so must have had an abortion of someone’s baby and he sent a get well card AFTER she had it and then she hit him up for money AFTER she had the abortion.

      Could the card have reminded her that he still thought kindly of her and maybe would give her money?

  11. >>> IS >>> LIFE … a GAME??? … SILLY U !!!
    Get Your Kids Out of Public Schools: Shocking Number of Educators Busted for Sex Crimes in 2022

    An unfathomable 269 arrests have been made of American Educators in the first 3 quarters of 2022, according to Fox News. The vast majority of these crimes were Perpetrated against students.

    An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital found that from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, at least 269 educators were arrested, which works out to roughly 1 Arrest a Day. The 269 educators included 4 principals, 2 assistant principals, 226 teachers, 20 teacher’s aides & 17 substitute teachers.

    At least 199 of the arrests, or 74%, involved alleged crimes
    ….>>>> against students.

    • In the same way that perverts and pedos are attracted to becoming Boy Scout leaders, NOW these pervs are attracted to becoming school teachers. With the woke mentality, there’s no such thing as discipline anymore. They don’t discipline teachers, especially those who look like pervs. In fact, they dare not even refuse interviews with or jobs to such pervs. They get a free pass, like POCs do, lest the school be charged with bigotry.

  12. New video from Jan. 6 shows Nancy Pelosi vow to ‘punch’ Trump if he marches on Capitol

    * Steve Myers
    The saddest part about All of this is that these people R paid $175K per year plus generous benefits/vacation & are supposed to be working to better the lives of the American people, yet ALL we get is non-stop Bickering & Vindictiveness. I’m CON-vinced the reason for this VinDictiveness, is that there is NOW SO Much Lobbying $$ Money at Stake for the Political Parties, that it makes them Seeth with Rage (because it costs them millions of dollars in Missed Grift $ Payments) when they SEE > the other party get into Power instead of their OWN party. Just a SAD state of affairs.

    * itsquitesimple
    The salary is of NO? consequence. Her domestic & International Trips on Air Force jets, Secrete Service, Multimillion Dollar
    budget 4 staff, office space, pension, health insurance, the list is Endless. And don’t forget the ability o Pass Laws that Enrich Her
    & HER >>> drunk-IN husband …..YEP YEP YEP!!!

    • So can they have Nancy investigated by the Secret Service for her threat against a SITTING PRESIDENT (mind you), even after the fact? Why not? Why shouldn’t she be investigated and charged for threatening violence against a president?

  13. I haven’t had time yet to read thoroughly, digest, and understand all the implications but I do already have one question: Is this yet ANOTHER Trojan horse situation?

    Just in time for the midterms and the next presidential election, let’s INVESTIGATE and hopefully shut down the ONLY forum Trump will still have to run for POTUS in 2024.

    Isn’t it interesting that they announce they’re “investigating” Elon Musk and SUDDENLY he backs off his request for the Pentagon to pay for the FREE internet access he’s been providing to Ukraine? And this after Zelenskyy and his government tell Musk to eff off?

    We are run by a new version of the Mafia. Biden’s behavior when he threatened Ukraine way back when he was VP is his typical thuggish MO. Now this is how our entire government operates. Corruption, threats, blackmail, by any means necessary to seize and keep power.

  14. Yet another VICTIM of white supremacy?

    Look how upset she is. How can you not feel for the poor thing?

    Complaint against NancY Pelosi to the US Secret Service

    The burden to prove intent to commit this crime and Her Knowledge that the Threat was Illegal has been met given Nancy Pelosi’s statement >>>>>>> !!!!! “I’m going to Jail”…… ! ???
    cc: Alejandro Mayorkas, SecHomSec

  16. Score One>>> for >>> True the Vote
    … by Clarice Feldman
    Konnech is an election software company which provides Poll Chief software for election worker management. It is used in a number of counties, including DeKalb in Georgia, Washoe County, Nevada; Fairfax County, Virginia; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles County, California; Prince William County, Virginia; Johnson County, Kansas; and Allen County, Indiana.

    True the Vote, …….

  17. Is the Climate Being Engineered? … ? >>> I SAY YES!!!

    HE WHO>>> CON-Trols the Weather CONtrols the World.” These ominous words were spoken in 1962, at Southwest Texas State University, by then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. In that Cold War era Speech, he was Alluding to what Could haPpen after the “development of a weather Satellite that Will Permit MAN to determine the world cloud Layer & ultimately …..
    >>>> Control the weather.” …..?????????

    Later, as president, LBJ would authorize Operation Popeye, the spraying of silver & lead iodide into monsoon storm clouds over Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam to facilitate U.S. military operations by causing landslides & washing out river crossings. ….O’ !

  18. O’ SURE voted in a PERVERT .. REALLY USA ? NOW WHAT?
    Biden Hit by Shock new poll which shows just 33% of voters would re-elect him if the 2024 election was today: Most Americans say they’re Worse off than in 2020 – with the midterms less than a Month away

    A majority of American voters want someone other than President Joe Biden to run in 2024 if they election was today,
    the Fox News poll found

    More than 50% also said they Don’t THINK > Biden is trustworthy
    ….. & Honest

  19. Katie Hobbs Implodes on CNN, Kari Lake Has the Perfect Response ….. (check the )

    “I will debate you on a stage. I will debate you in a parking lot. I will debate in a library. I will debate you in a bar. I will debate you in a car. I will debate you on CNN. I will debate you on MSNBC. I’ll even, I’ll even debate you on ‘The View,’ and let Joy Behar and Whoppi ask the questions. But show some courage!”

    How great is that?

    That’s why Hobbs is afraid–she knows Lake would wipe the floor with her. But she’s only making it worse with cowardice.


    Joan Swirsky Interviews Author Linda Goudsmit on her Recently Published Opus, “The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’”
    Thursday, July 30, 2020

    * 2discernsays:
    Thank you for this timely interview. Concise, truthful & relevant to the chaos we presently Face.

    We pray the prediction of Trump getting a 2nd term is not only optimism, but the assessment of total societal breakdown in our Republic. Certainly main street can’t desire this as a norm in these United States. Lawlessness, violence, looting, destruction will be the disintegration of American life.

  21. Embattled ??? BiDen Turning to >> Trump-Era Rule to Expel Venezuelan Migrants ….. ??? …. U R A FOOL joey the pervert!

  22. Creepy Joe is Back, …Pawing, ….Sniffing, & >> Whispering sweet nothings to Girl, …. this time in California

    For a president whose party is facing a shellacking in November, you’d think Joe Biden would be on his best behavior as he flies about the country to campaign.

    He isn’t.
    Creepy Joe is back, pawing, sniffing, and whispering sweet nothings to girl, this time in California

    • Saw that. Unbelievable. First he deliberately retaliates by running his car into the other guy’s car, which unfortunately for him and one of his teammates, then runs into his teammate’s car! Then he is rude to the reporters and tries to blame running into the other guy’s car on purpose with broken steering. What? The brakes failed, too? THEN, he marches (against the rules, of course) across the race track to assault the other guy who does NOT fight back. Don’t worry, though. He’s already a “victim” of white supremacy because somebody didn’t perceive that HE might perceive that a door pull is a noose and not a door pull, so nothing’s going to happen to Bubba, as would happen if the situation were reversed. Wait and see.

  23. Biden says Republicans??? will make inflation worse …HA!

    Video | Biden finally accurately & honestly describes his political philosophy

    Biden says helping with the cost of living is key reason he ran for president ….??? JOE? really? U DICK!

  24. BABY BABY BABY … FRESH from God’s OVEN
    Report: 66 Clinics IN > 15 States Stop Doing Abortions ! O’

    Row, Row, Row Your Boat ! > the STREAM of LIFE FOLKS!!!

  25. >>> ??? The Trump Subpoena: Crisis or Opportunity?
    The 45th president has 3′ live options for responding to the Democrats’ October Surprise.

    The Trump Subpoena: Crisis or Opportunity? ??? GO TRUMP!


    Read it and you will probably weep. Sodom and Gomorrah have nothing on the USA. God help us. Seriously. That’s a fervent prayer.

  27. Doocy Asks Karine Point-Blank: ‘Who Exactly Thinks The President Is Doing A Good Job On Inflation?’

    Biden Survived The Hunter Curse Once. 2024 Could Be Different

    Buttigieg Says Democrats Are Having A Hard Time Campaigning Because They’ve Been Too Successful

    Fetterman’s Wife Demands NBC News Apologize For Reporter Casting Doubt On His Mental Fitness

    • You can’t make this kind of stuff up. That Fetterman guy is a disaster. His wife should be worrying about his health and his future life circumstances instead of worrying about what a reporter thinks. She ought to get him out of that race asap. WTF is she thinking? (Probably the same thing as “Dr.” Jill–what’s in it for me, how can I be the power behind the throne and make mega$$$$$$?)

  28. HEY …. >>> JOEY & the doc ….

    Biden family biz got $40 million from Russian oligarch
    Whistleblowers charge FBI sat on evidence Joe Biden knew, possibly involved

    The emails documenting the investment came from a leak obtained by an anti-corruption group, the Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery, reported. …..O’ !!!

    • Must be true because there’s NO MENTION of any of this in the mainstream media that I have seen. Whistleblowers, huh? Will they IMPEACH him like they tried to impeach the real president, who was innocent, btw? Of course not.

  29. Stacey Abrams really, really Wants to Have women Kill their Babies

    . Black Women are 4.8 Times as likely as non-Hispanic white women to have an Abortion, & Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely.

    . 37.1% of all Abortions are performed on Black women who
    make up only 14% of the total population of U.S. women of child-bearing age.

    If Blacks ever fully break FREE from the party that simultaneously wants their votes & wants them dead, & return to voting Republican & holding traditional values, America will become a Very >> Different Nation >> Over-Night. !!! YEP!!!

    • She is SUCH an idiot. Even if she believes this crap, she’s too stupid NOT to say it (for political reasons, of course). What kind of evil people are these? This is like genocide for economical reasons.

  30. It’s about time girls “grew some” and spoke up and out for themselves. Three cheers for these brave girls.

  31. FACTS:

  32. And MORE FACTS:

  33. A shell game. They can’t or won’t ask Congress for money to deal with this INVASION and so they play a shell game, STEALING people from jobs that We the People PAY THEM TO DO, having them “volunteer” at the border to wait on illegal aliens (as if they’re servants), and then MOST LIKELY they’re still collecting their salaries, maybe even very high-paid salaries, for menial labor serving illegal aliens at the border. They’re NOT VOLUNTEERS. We’re paying the likes of administrators making $50 an hour to wait on illegal aliens while they pretend they’re “volunteering.” Biden needs to prove these people are not collecting a salary while “volunteering.” If nothing else, they’re using vacation time or PAID LEAVE. Any way you look at it, We the People LOSE yet again under this AMERICANS LAST regime.

    • OH, yeah! I missed it. It’s right there in the letter. These “volunteers” are serving 60 days REIMBURSABLE with all expenses paid while they’re at the border–travel, lodging, per diem, and overtime!

  34. THIS is HOW WE DO IT!!!

    What to make of AOC being HecK-led at a townhall meeting?

    The protests she’s getting are showing NO Signs of Stopping.

    Yesterday at a townhall meeting, AOC was again confronted by protesters who chanted in chorus, “AOC has got to go!”

    In response, she Danced as she was seated on stage as if it were
    ….>>> a party.

    • The best part, imho, was when she suddenly went into her Puerto-Rican gangsta act. WTF? Racist much? It’s like Hillary when she’d put on her black lingo act. So insulting.


    This would seem to be bad news for Dominion and the DemoncRATS, but nobody will cover it, they won’t care, they will ignore it, and we’ll still be robbed.

  36. Tucker brings up an important topic, which, if ignored, can lead to tragedy because it has in the past. I remember quite well the war between the Hutus and Tutsis.

    Such outright and outspoken RACIST language directed against any other group, race, or ethnic group would definitely NOT be allowed on any other mainstream media outlet. WHY does MSNBC allow this outright RACIST talk on its channel?

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