Red Menace

(All that’s missing is the mustache.)

Many are speculating about the meaning of the alarming backdrop to Joe Biden’s recent wholly partisan and political speech: the blood red lighting, the Marines standing guard.

What to make of it?

What message was Biden sending to We the People, especially to those who supported President Trump and continue to support him?

We the People, MAGA Republicans, are a “clear and present danger” to our “democracy,” says Joe Biden.

Biden is on record laughing at those who believe in the Second Amendment as a bulwark against domestic tyranny. He mocks such patriots, claiming that to defeat his tyrannical government, they would need an F-15.

Make no mistake. Biden was threatening the people of the USA. The Marines stood there as a warning to all Americans that he’ll use the military against us.

Biden was threatening We the People. Menacing We the People.

Warning all of us what’s to come should any dare to oppose his planned “fundamental transformation” of this nation.

The optics weren’t unfortunate. They were deliberate.


66 responses to “Red Menace

  1. *** LET’S GO BIDEN ***

    THANKS Miri .. PLEASED 2 ADD some CLASS’ 2 the FJB log’s

    * Brian Rowland
    Saw a great bumper sticker this past weekend: “I could $hit a better president.”

    * Nero
    That’s funny, I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Joe Biden IS the real clear & present danger to Democracy!!!

    * RICO ’em all
    Exactly. The Damage is Done. You can’t un see what you illegally saw. “Now the only thing they can evaluate is how many laws were Broken when the DOJ viewed these privileged documents.” That, & how many people are going to go to jail for it.

    * The MUSEman
    Joe Biden declared he didn’t have advance notice of an action the Office of his White House Legal Council approved?

    So, did Biden lie, which calls into question his integrity & his ability to be President?
    Or is he a non-essential part of the Executive Branch & simply a puppet President?

    Perhaps ask some of the ElectRons who Voted 4 him ??? 😉

    * BCgone
    Biden is a Pathological Liar- has always BEEN. Back when we had
    a REAL PRESS & he ran for President this was EXposed front & center in the Media.

    * Freeland_Dave
    Biden has been E X posed AS a Pathelogical Liar long before he
    ran for the presidency & long before he was VP under Obama.

    * Robert Michael Hope
    Obungo Wouldn’t have Selected him as v.p. or as the ‘president’
    of his 3rd term unless he was Utterly & Entirely Corrupt.

    * SL
    “Knowledge of” does not change responsibility.

    * Eric
    It’s just a Clever Deception. He didn’t have “ADvanced NOtice” because him & his Pup-peteers Were the Ones who Started IT .


  3. Deplorable Me.. imagine taking questions about the Catastrophic Failures, Corruption & Lies? Even though she takes tough questions from 1 person, Really, she can’t answer >>> Truthfully; that’s Not her Job description. GET A NEW JOB bitch!

    WHAT A SHAME … when God CALLS them BY NAME!

    * Hunter Lackey
    JOE >>> only ” gets UP ” for kids !!! > 4 SURE!

    In Joe’s defense no One Told him to Stand

  5. Because Trump never waived his privilege, DOJ and FBI never had a right to seize the documents, they had to seek the waiver in court. As such, the documents seized in the raid are a fruit of the poisonous tree & cannot be used against Trump. Read the Presidential Records act of 1978 below
    Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978

    The Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, 44 U.S.C. ß2201-2209, governs the official records of Presidents & Vice Presidents that were created or received after January 20, 1981 (i.e., beginning with the Reagan Administration). The PRA changed the legal ownership of the official records of the President from private to public, and established a new statutory structure under which Presidents, and subsequently NARA, must manage the records of their Administrations. The PRA was amended in 2014, which established several new provisions.

    Specifically, the PRA:

    • I’ll take his word for it. I’m no lawyer but usually can follow logic. This one, not so much. It seems simple to say what we’ve always said, the federal government can’t farm out to private players to do for them that which the Constitution FORBIDS them to do. Duh, again.

  6. ‘Astonishingly False’: Hillary Claim of ‘Zero’ Classified Emails

    Fact-Checked … REALLY HILL > U R … > STILL NUTS !!!

  7. The ACLU now supports the chemical castration of kids !!! ???

    * Morry Rotenberg
    Yes, a doctor can prescribe “off label” FDA Hormones to Children without a problem but Not Ivermectin OR Hydroxychloroquine for example for Covid & face loss of job or license.

    *John Watson
    Now we know the “C” (ChemiCal Castration) in their name
    >>> doesn’t stand for Children.


    A Louisiana-based federal judge ruled that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Dr. Anthony Fauci Will have to Turn Over emails sent to social media companies on the subject
    of censorship & misinformation of online content.

    • Hee, hee. But do you think they’ll really do it? And if they don’t, will anything come of it? And if they do, will there be any way to verify that they did, indeed, turn all of them over or will they, like Hillary, simply Bleach Bit the ones THEY decide don’t apply?

  9. still mooching US 2 death … pink background ? how girly

    Michelle Obama Unveils Portrait at the White House:
    ‘A Girl Like Me’ Was Not ‘Supposed to’ Be First Lady

    • She got that right! What a narcissist. How many women can actually say they were “supposed to be First Lady?” Duh. I had a snowball’s chance in hell. Don’t have to be “black” like Moo for that to be true.

  10. Till Death do WE UNIT again

    • I haven’t seen it. Has anyone reading this? I’d love to know what you think. I’m too busy with family crisis at the moment to watch this video, but I do want to. A synopsis would be good, because I do find a little time to read.

    • That rainbow was unbelievable. I do believe in signs. Let’s hope the Queen can help us out a little here on Earth from her new place in the firmament. We need all the help we can get. She had a good run. God bless her for her faithful service to her nation and to the world when it was a burden she did NOT have to take on.

    • OMG. How awful. And these pro-open-border woke assholes pretend to care about women and children. Biden supports the rape of children so long as they can have unlimited “immigration” from the Third World. All the better to fundamentally transform the USA.

  11. Schadenfreude. Who deserves this more? Isn’t it ironic how they don’t give a rat’s ass about illegal immigration until it affects THEM? Loving it that they’re complaining that the border governors are turning THEIR cities into border cities, as if that’s a bad thing for them but was just hunky dory when it was actual border cities suffering.


    She bitches that the governors send the illegals to her sanctuary, woke city without notice and then she does the same to rich Chicago suburbs! Hypocrite.

  13. On Friday, Kamala was really ‘working’ it ….????!!!

    Kamala Harris: “Today, the business of our work is for the council to report on the work that has occurred since our last meeting across these areas. We will today also discuss the work yet ahead, the work we must still do.”


    * Survival …. >>> Concept; act of surviving
    Survival, or the act of surviving, is the propensity of something to continue existing, particularly when this is done despite conditions that might kill or destroy it. The concept can be applied to humans & other living things, to physical object, & to abstract things such as beliefs or ideas. Living things generally have a self-preservation instinct to survive, while objects intended for use in harsh conditions are designed for survivability.

    Abbott’s >>> ??? ‘stunt’ ??? is working !

  15. Men Can Get Pregnant, > 22% of Democrats and Head of Pro-Abortion Activist Group Claim ….??????????????

    • Most people think he deserves impeachment and most people, similarly, won’t support anyone who favors the college loan amnesty.

    • Very interesting. Not an actual group? That’s what they claim about antifa. This sounds like another made up group consisting of FBI informants or even agent provacateurs. No wonder THEY’RE not charged. Like so many others.

  16. >>> August 22, 2012 <<< Topics: Media
    Voice of the New Global Elite
    Mini Teaser: The newsmagazine world has been turned on its head. Yet one weekly publication, The Economist, is arguably more prestigious than at any time in its 169-year history. This content analysis helps explain why.

    by Author(s): Aram Bakshian Jr.

    One of the signature virtues of the Economist is its ability to spot & put into perspective quiet but important developments ignored by most of the mass media. A small but striking example of this was a brief, boxed item in “The Americas” section of the May 5issue. Headlined “Gendercide in Canada? A study shows more Boys than girls are being born to some ethnic groups,” this disturbing story reported on data that indicated growing numbers of Asian-born mothers in Canada are deliberately Aborting Female embryos purely on the basis of their Sex, especially in the case of a Second or Third expected child. Thus, in Ontario, a study revealed that Indian-born mothers giving birth to a Third child had “1,883 sons & 1,385 daughters, a Hugely distorted ratio of
    136 to 100” that could only be explained by parents Deliberately targeting Female fetuses for Abortion. “In India and China,” the Economist noted, “sex-selective abortions are seen as Crimes against Humanity. Why should Canada view them any differently?”

    • Even if some of the jewels aren’t what they were supposed to be, they’re all gorgeous nevertheless. I love that Art Deco jewelry. So beautiful. My mom had one like it–rhinestones, of course. 🙂

  17. King Charles Just Received an Unusual Formal Request from Meghan Markle, “Allegedly,” Sources Claim !!! = Comments!

  18. PEPPER on HER 1 FINGER? Thinking OF her DADDY? ….
    TRUST ZERO from HERE on IN! TRASH 24/7 > & beyond!
    m&m the Blk mamBa >Reptilia> Class: -less Camouflage-Queen SO easy 2 be BITTEN as U might just accidentally step ON THEM… O’ ….no …so SAD!!!–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTcyMDtjZj13ZWJw/–~B/aD0xMzUxO3c9MTgwMTthcHBpZD15dGFjaHlvbg–/
    * Ashley
    There is no way I’d have a Conversation with her that wasn’t Recorded and/or Witnessed. I’d need to Contradict all the assertions she later made.

    * Scott C Hansen
    he should meet with her & tell her….”You made this decision live with it. thank you for asking for the meeting & now we should be clear. this treatment is because of your choice & your choice only. I am respecting your wishes & doing what’s best for the monarchy. Wish you all the best & travel safely. ” …YEP!

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