Hodgepodge of News

A hodgepodge of stories that stood out recently. First, the Republican campaign flyers just write themselves, don’t they?

They don’t need to write anything on the flyers other than:

This is the Biden administration and the Democrat Party. Do you want some more?

The above photo is presented with musical accompaniment:

Listen closely to Stevie Wonder’s song about his lovely daughter and it becomes obvious that he seems to have a definite pro-life attitude, whether he’d admit it out loud or not.

Wonder sings of the wonder of God’s creation that made that lovely child from love.

Beautiful song.

Two pieces of good news that are somewhat related. Is the worm turning?

Remember the pastor in Canada who was chased down, arrested in the middle of the street, and imprisoned for daring to hold services during the pandemic? Well, wonder of wonders, he won in court:

A Canadian court has awarded a major legal win to Artur Pawlowski, the pastor who was arrested and jailed for holding a church service during Alberta’s lockdown. …

[O]n Friday, an Alberta appeals court panel ruled that the Alberta health agency’s order restraining “illegal public gatherings” was “not sufficiently clear and unambiguous” as to apply to the Pawlowskis.

“The Pawlowskis’ appeals are allowed. The finding of contempt and the sanction order are set aside. The fines that have been paid by them are to be reimbursed,” the three-member panel wrote in their 16-page ruling.

The court ordered Alberta Health Services, the province’s health agency, to reimburse Pawlowski for his legal costs, as well as the fines levied against him.

And here we were beginning to believe that our neighbor to the north is completely lost. Hope remains! Wonder of wonders.

Another win for free speech, this time in the UK. Remember hearing about those “non-crime hate incidents” that are so offensive on social media across the Pond? Well, chalk up a wonderful win for an erstwhile scofflaw:

British police officers have been advised to focus on actual crimes rather than people being supposedly offensive during “debates on Twitter”.

In new guidance issued by the College of Policing, officers have been told to devote their time towards cutting crime — as rapes, sexual assaults and violent crimes have hit record highs — instead of policing “non-crime hate incidents”, which although not actual criminal offences could still turn up on a criminal background check done by prospective employers. …

[F]ormer police officer Harry Miller won a case against the practice, with the appeal court judges agreeing that making a record of his non-crime breached his human rights.

Miller had previously been investigated for supposedly transphobic posts on Twitter, such as stating that trans women are not real women and joking:

“I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don’t mis-species me.”

Though police had determined that no crime had been committed by Miller, it was still logged as a “non-crime hate incident” and Miller was told by police to “check” his “thinking”.

Will wonders never cease? Can we take this as a sign that the woke are finally waking up to reality?

“Don’t mis-species me.” Gotta love it! Well played, Mr. Miller. Congratulations!

Finally, based upon the information in a new story about conditions in Uvalde, TX, it becomes obvious that Joe Biden has the blood of those children on his hands. Oh, yes, indeed. Consider:

Teachers and students at Robb Elementary School knew the safety protocols when an 18-year-old with an AR-15 style rifle entered the building in May. Dozens of times in the previous four months alone, the campus had gone into lockdown or issued security alerts.

Not because of active shooter scares — because of nearby, often high-speed pursuits of migrants coming from the U.S.-Mexico border. …

The frequency of lockdowns and security alerts in Uvalde — nearly 50 between February and May alone, according to school officials — are now viewed by investigators as one of the tragic contributors to how a gunman was able to walk into a fourth-grade classroom unobstructed and slaughter 19 children and two teachers. Although a slow and bungled police response remains the main failure, a damning new report by the Texas House says recurring lockdowns in Uvalde created a “diminished sense of vigilance.”

That “diminished sense of vigilance” comes from a “culture of lockdowns” that was directly caused by Joe Biden’s open border policies.

The area around Uvalde was “the most transited corridor for illegal crossings in June.” Three towns near Uvalde have detention centers, holding thousands, from which illegal aliens frequently escape. High speed chases are common as Border Patrol agents attempt to intercept illegal border crossers, traffickers, and escapees. As a result, there are frequent lockdowns at Uvalde schools, which teachers and administrators have learned to ignore, like the boy who cried “wolf!”

Now we can more easily comprehend how it was possible for a teacher to irresponsibly prop open an outside door that was always supposed to be closed and locked, for a teacher to not ensure that that same door was locked after she went back inside, and for teachers in the classrooms to not lock the doors to their individual classrooms upon hearing, presumably, the call for yet another lockdown, which unfortunately, this time, was completely warranted.

They paid for their diminished sense of vigilance with their lives.

Joe Biden deliberately opened the border and stopped building President Trump’s wall. Biden’s actions, his border policy, led directly to the murders in Uvalde, TX.

Obvious conclusion, if one uses liberal logic.



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