Spy vs. Spy

As suspected, there were spies among the peaceful protesters at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Comes now a report indicating that the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), not to be confused with the Capitol Police, activated a hitherto unheard of unit to surveil, perhaps illegally, those who protested the stolen election.

After nearly a year and a half of public speculation about suspected agent provocateurs on Jan. 6, the media has suddenly learned of this report, which was issued back in January 2021 by the MPD.

The report, oddly entitled “First Amendment Demonstrations”,  indicates

that an undisclosed number of “plainclothes” MPD ESU “members” were embedded into the crowd to “document the actions of the demonstrators and MPD’s response to any civil disobedience or criminal activity.”

In 2016, the MPD purchased 2,800 body-worn cameras.

It is unclear who the MPD ESU “members” were. However, they are never referred to as “officers” or “police.” Of the 37 “Specialized Units” listed as part of the MPD, an ESU is not among them. In order for other security personnel to recognize embedded ESU members among the protesters, they wore a specific “bracelet on their left wrist identifying them as MPD personnel,” the report stated. …

“While it is admittedly an important type of unit to have in the nation’s capital, electronic surveillance requires warrants,” [J. Michael Waller, senior analyst for Strategy at the Center for Security Policy,] told The Epoch Times. “The word surveillance itself implies intrusive rather than passive monitoring of people, in which case it would be required for the police to get warrants to conduct electronic surveillance on people. What kind of warrants were asked for and under which jurisdiction? Were they issued? If not, why? Are such warrants necessary for the type of surveillance this unit was doing and how does it work? This raises a huge amount of questions about an entirely new kind of surveillance unit by the police chief of the nation’s capital.” …

[emphasis added]

Has the MPD ever activated this unit to surveil BLM, antifa, pro-choice, anti-Trump, or anti-SCOTUS “First Amendment Demonstrations” in DC? Has the ESU documented potential “civil disobedience” or “criminal activity” among left-wing protesters?

Who were the “members” of this unit? Were they perhaps “members” of the Democrat Party, BLM, antifa, community organizations, or DC not-for-profits?

Were they volunteers of some sort, along the lines of a militia?

Who funded this effort, especially considering that the unit doesn’t seem to exist in the MPD organization chart?

Was there some sort of left-wing “donation” similar to Zuckerbucks (allegedly intended to help administer the 2020 election but which perhaps only helped to steal it)?

Does this report explain the alleged 14,000 hours of videotape of Jan. 6 events to which authorities continue to deny access, even to Jan. 6 defendants?

Or is there another huge cache of surveillance video sitting somewhere at the MPD, apart from the 14,000 hours turned over to the Jan. 6 congressional witch hunt?

Were all these hours of surveillance video perhaps made without warrants, which may explain the reluctance to release them?

The Epoch Times article mentions “Sedition Hunters,” a group that focuses upon isolating photos of Jan. 6 protesters and crowdsourcing to learn their identities.

Now is the time for those who believe that the election was stolen and who now realize that many of the events of Jan. 6–especially with regard to violence and vandalism–may have been orchestrated by the same cabal that orchestrated the stolen election to copycat Sedition Hunters.

Are there any clever techies out there who can write a program to scan photos and videos for rainbow-colored wristbands?

Find the bracelets and you may learn the identities of the “members” of this spy unit, if the authorities won’t respond to FOIA requests.

Time will tell if anyone makes any FOIA requests in response to this report. If so, it will be interesting to see how the MPD responds.

Most likely, at least some taxpayer money funded this surveillance effort. (Was it funded by the Democrat-run House? Nancy Pelosi? Or did her Capitol Police just collude with the MPD on the effort?)

It would behoove the authorities to be transparent about how this unit was formed, its purpose, when it was formed, and, especially, whether the unit is only activated against protesters who do not align with the politics of those who run DC on the local or federal levels.




95 responses to “Spy vs. Spy

  1. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/06/exclusive-fbi-national-archives-goon-harassing-2020-michigan-trump-electors/

    I’m completely puzzled. WTF does the “national archives” have to do with Jan. 6 or electors and why TF do they need “investigators?” Does EVERY freaking agency in Biden’s totalitarian administration have its own POLICE force?

  2. This is what child abuse looks like: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/06/transgender-face-bidens-woke-administration-pushing-surgical-chemical-castration-children/

    “In May, Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, claimed there is no debate among healthcare providers about whether children should be provided with “gender-affirming” care when struggling with the feelings of confused gender identity.

    The “gender-affirming” care Levine refers to includes varying degrees of chemical or surgical sex changes. This could consist of “top” surgery to remove breasts or construct new breasts. It may consist of “bottom” surgery to remove sexual organs or attempt to reroute the urogenital structure of children. Additionally, it often includes cross-sex hormones, some of which have been used for chemical castration throughout medical history.

    Levine, the first openly-transgender man who identifies as a woman to serve in a government position, blasted legislation passed in some states that restrict the promotion of sexual materials in schools, access to “gender-affirming” therapies, and bans transgender athletes from competitions.

    Levine also claimed that there is no debate about “gender-affirming” care for kids. …”

  3. Here’s what fake news consists of: Local NBC affiliate tonight claimed that a “new poll” says 7 out of 10 people ARE watching the Jan. 6 hearings.

    Now do 7 out of 10 people watch ANYTHING? This is like how they tell us and expect us to believe that over 80 million people voted for Biden. And how Biden now claims they’re going to keep the House and Senate and actually pick up seats. Does ANYBODY believe that 70% of Americans are watching that joke of a show trial? How stupid do they think we are?

    Here’s a new poll by the NY Post:

    Majority didn’t watch and don’t care. Now that’s what you’d expect, using common sense.

  4. Biden’s Relentless WAR > on the Border Targets Law Enforcement,
    ….. >>>>> Not Illegals
    He belongs in the Border-Elimination Hall of Fame.


    • Despite knowing that it was a MADE UP allegation, they’re still going to punish the Border Patrol agents who did NOT whip Haitians.

  5. How Donald Trump >>>> Saved the GOP
    Unlike all his Republican predecessors since Reagan, he fought for his beliefs & was never Afraid. In so doing, he gave a dead party new life.

    We owe Trump so very much for this. He changed the GOP for US,
    for America. Hopefully, for once & for all.


  6. From left, Paul & Nancy Pelosi with Gordon Getty at Mr. Getty’s 80th birthday party in San Francisco. (Getty soon 89 in Dec. 22′)
    Nancy Pelosi’s Napa: Wealthy Friends & a Husband’s Porsche Crash
    A CAR Accident involving Paul Pelosi Shines a Light on the House Speaker’s California Life Among the Vineyards. NICE 2 PLAY O’ so VERY $$$
    can’t open till ya pay up @ Laura Morton NYTimes.com

    • What a travesty. Had he been white and the victims any other color but white, would this be the outcome?

      • I’ll add this: Taking drugs laced with PCP is NOT mental illness, just as a person who kills someone while driving under the influence is GUILTY because the person CHOSE to take the drugs/alcohol, become incapacitated, and drove, killing someone. What makes certain people NOT RESPONSIBLE for the choices THEY make when they indulge in drugs and drive incapacitated? He injured or murdered those people and it wasn’t mental illness. It was PCP psychosis, which he brought on himself. Why this double standard? Again, switch the races and leave all circumstances the same and the book would be thrown at the perp (and rightfully so). The bottom line: the story says if doctors rule he’s NOT mentally ill, he could go free! This is in itself insane. If he’s ruled not mentally ill, then he should be adjudicated again for the crimes he committed.

    • Isn’t this so very convenient? And now they’re going to drag out these “hearings” for at least another month. This guy was somehow brought in by Kushner. What a mistake if, as they suggest, he turns out to provide comments by Ivanka that impeach her very own testimony to the J6 committee. Apparently she’s on video supporting the idea of the steal and yet she apparently caved told the J6 committee otherwise. Don’t forget the circles she runs in and the probability that she does NOT share her father’s or brothers’ politics. Hoist on their own petard? We shall see.

      • This is all designed, as was the Mueller investigation and report, to SMEAR Trump unfairly but very publicly, to stop him from running or to (they hope) keep him from winning. They do not DARE to actually charge him because he would then have the right of DISCOVERY and the right to present EVIDENCE in his favor. Actually, to DEMAND it. That would be the FIRST TIME any court actually LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE OF THE STOLEN ELECTION. End result could be not only exoneration of Trump but also retribution in the form of the acknowledgment that he WAS ROBBED.

    • Those ILLEGAL administrative election rule changes WERE “fraud.” What else would you call systematically and illegally changing rules to FAVOR one set of candidates versus another? THAT’S FRAUD. And it’s also illegal conspiracy to steal/rig an election.

    • They’re still stealing elections the same exact way. In GA, the RIGGED machines gave non-existent votes to the anti-Trump Republicans and actually completely wiped out some candidates’ votes, at least until a hand recount proved that the “machines” had a “glitch” or somehow used an algorithm that invisibly deducted or added votes. They try to, as usual, blame it on “human error,” but the excuse doesn’t fly. It doesn’t explain all the funny business observed. Supposedly somebody dropped out of the race but the programs in the tabulators weren’t changed to account for the missing “slot”. But that didn’t explain how the tabulated results didn’t match the hand recount.

      This is the problem with their explanation that hand recounts or recounts confirmed the original results in 2020. If you count again all the illegal ballots that shouldn’t be there in the first place and so should never have been counted, then of course the NUMBERS may add up, but you’ve still counted innumerable ILLEGAL BALLOTS.

    • Figures. Third world mindsets equal third world corruption. No surprise that he’s standing right there with Barry, who idolized Third World dictators from an early age until today.

    • Based upon my anecdotal experience, I agree. Far more of the LGBTQ+ people I’ve known are nutty as compared to the “cis” people I know. I sincerely doubt, however, that it’s BECAUSE of society’s response to their “queerness” or to bullying or to any other environmental factor, unless, however, that includes being groomed by perverts.

  7. Biden’s “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” 2.0: https://thefederalist.com/2022/06/23/yes-biden-is-hiding-his-plan-to-rig-the-2022-midterm-elections/

    “While the White House and agencies are steadfastly refusing to share details about how they’re complying with the executive order, who they met with to develop their plans, or how they’re justifying their involvement in something Congress has not authorized them to participate in, some details are trickling out. Here are a few examples of the widespread and coordinated effort by Biden’s political appointees to meddle in the state administration of elections. …”

    Click the link to read Biden’s plan to STEAL the midterms. You know it’s a plan because they’re trying SO HARD, evading the LAW, to NOT respond to requests for information about how they’re spending OUR tax dollars and using OUR employees to work AGAINST We the People.

    Basically, Biden is WEAPONIZING all federal bureaucratic agencies against us by using them as VOTER REGISTRATION locations.

  8. This is outlandish. A liberal (no doubt) judge rules that the family of the guy who introduced Clinton to Epstein, the guy who allegedly hung himself at the same time he somehow shot himself in the chest with a SHOTGUN, can have all the records sealed, at least while the investigation is ongoing. But you have to ask yourself: Will it ever end? If they have already determined that he committed suicide, then what investigation is ongoing? So of what use are FOIA laws when libs or people who want to protect them or hide corruption or collusion can just find a sympathetic judge to practice a little lawfare? What law allows a judge to set aside another law to protect people, allegedly, from “conspiracy theories,” “harassment,” or “embarrassment?” Do “ordinary” (not connected) people have a right to protect exposure of the potential criminal behavior of a deceased relative or to hide perhaps the actual circumstances of the death? Without sunlight, then how can anyone determine for certain that what the authorities (no doubt connected people themselves) say about how the man died?

    Click to access order.pdf

    The article at Gateway Pundit says people can petition to see the information once the investigation is closed and the documents/files are opened to FOIA. I don’t see that IN the order but I may have missed it. Reading legalese isn’t my forte. In any case, what’s to say they will EVER close the investigation? I would say, under the circumstances, that the public does indeed have an interest in this that far outweighs the family’s “privacy” interest. Again, different strokes for different folks.

    • As usual, far more information from the UK papers than from our own: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10882101/Family-late-Clinton-advisor-Mark-Middleton-block-release-files-relating-suicide.html

      I’m still trying to imagine the logistics of hanging oneself from a tree while simultaneously shooting oneself in the chest with a SHOTGUN. As I said elsewhere, most of the time when such a suicide is depicted in the movies or on TV, the person must sit down, hold the end of the rifle between the feet, and point it at their chest. It’s very difficult, nevertheless, to reach and pull the trigger. How does one do this while standing on a table or a chair on a table, so if the gunshot fails, hanging will suffice? This defies common sense. And WHY did he go to another ranch to do this? Weren’t there people there to see? How did this possibly happen the way the authorities in Clinton’s Arkansas say?

      That Daily Mail link is a keeper because at the end of the article about Middleton they list a bunch of the people who also are victims of “Arkancide,” Seth Rich included. Turns out it was the UK paper who made the FOIA request that is being denied, at least for now. Interesting that our own media DON’T CARE to look into this outrageous scenario. Nothing to see here, folks. Imagine if one of Trump’s cronies was found like this guy was found. Do you think the media would be ON IT like flies on sh**?

  9. >>> Justice >>> Sonia Sotomayor Dissented. ??? ??? ? WHY S S ?

    Supreme Court rules for GOP lawmakers in voter ID case
    * christinek
    If you have to produce an ID to Drive, use a Library, buy Alcohol, use a
    Credit Card, etc. something as important as Voting should NOT be exempt from verification.
    * Boom Boom
    Absolutely. There also needs to be a process that once a particular ID is accounted for, it CanNot be used Again to vote in the Same Election.

  10. ha’ ANY Suckers ? Baiting I’VE Got a WOODEN Nickel Take it or Leave it

    • Look how the Stasi are attacking their political enemies based upon spurious claims of authority to do so to “investigate” in order to plan further legislation. What’s to prevent them from weaponizing these laws, too? Nothing. They’re already threatening to use such laws against former Navy Seal, former Gov. of MO, current Senate primary candidate Eric Greitens. These laws WILL be abused. As with all other laws, once they overstep on their “enforcement”, they will continue to do so and get away with it until someone’s able to file a suit, get STANDING past a liberal judge, get a court hearing, and then fight all the appeals up to the SCOTUS. By the time the person wins the case, and the person WILL because these laws are unconstitutional, the damage will be done. That’s the essence of lawfare. These laws, like all other laws, will be differentially applied. Murder people while high on PCP and get off for “mental illness?” Ok, if you’re not white or not conservative. Otherwise, they throw the book at you.

      Answer this: What crime, exactly, did the 31 people arrested in Idaho commit? NONE. It’s no due process. It’s lack of probable cause. It’s lack of EVIDENCE. But the libs got their headlines to use against ALL pro-Trump people (and that doesn’t even take into account the fact that it’s likely a false flag by FBI-ginned up dolts).

      For the same reason, they won’t tell anyone, despite FOIA requests, what Biden is doing ordering all federal agencies to set up voter registration policies/events. They’re slow walking it until after the election so that nobody can go to court to get an injunction. You can’t stop something you don’t have evidence of it happening, which is why they’re not giving us any evidence.

      Ignore FOIA, depending upon who’s asking. Ignore immigration laws. No consequences.

      Here’s one for ya: Do you think, given the SCOTUS release of the Roe decision today, they’ve ACTIVATED THAT MPD ESU AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE OPENLY THREATENING TO BURN DOWN THE SCOTUS? Do you think there will be tons of rainbow wristbands in the crowd, indicating ESU “members” videotaping to watch for criminal activity and civil disobedience, all designed to gather EVIDENCE to use AGAINST them if/when they get arrested or a House committee decides to investigate THIS insurrection? Fat chance.

      There are reports that the cops exited, stage left, BEFORE the decision was handed down. GAVE the “protesters” free rein. Why not?

  11. This is what an attack on “democracy” looks like and what an “insurrection” looks like. Despite the SCOTUS ruling, the Biden administration DEFIES the court and, in effect, breaks its oaths of office to preserve and defend the Constitution and the LAW.


    “Garland: Justice Department to ‘use every tool at our disposal to protect reproductive freedom’ after high court ruling. …”

    They have no tools because they have NO authority to go against STATES. The Feds have no power if it’s not enumerated in the Constitution, and it’s not. The power to regulate abortion devolves to the states and the PEOPLE.


    Mad Max, another person prone to threatening violence and who now is also breaking her oath:

    “They’ve seen nothing yet. Women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try to stop us. To hell with the Supreme Court, we will defy them! …”

    Defy away, Mad Max. I doubt you’re ever going to be in a position to need an abortion. Just sayin’.

  12. The “Catholic” Pelosi opines:


    “This cruel ruling is outrageous and heart-wrenching. But make no mistake: the rights of women and all Americans are on the ballot this November. …”

    Cruel? Isn’t abortion cruel?

  13. Is Garland on the lookout for this potential violent insurrectionist? https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/aoc-encourages-violent-insurrection-outside-supreme-court/

    She tells people to “take to the streets” and she won’t condemn violence perpetrated by pro-baby-killing leftists.

    Will AOC be frogmarched by the DOJ some day?

  14. https://summit.news/2022/06/24/pennsylvania-drag-queen-arrested-and-charged-with-possessing-child-pornography/

    This is no surprise to anyone with half a brain. Drag queen with loads of child porn. But … let’s be inclusive and let them read to children.

  15. “We have to pass the bill in order to see what’s in it!”


    15 RINOs vote for gun control bill without adequate time for anybody to read the fine print. Of course, that’s by design. Wait until we find out what’s in it.

    And really. Does it matter? Whatever it says they’ll use LAWFARE to keep lists, check them when necessary, drum up bogus charges that one engages in domestic violence or is mentally ill, and then SEIZE THE GUNS.

    Is this in lockstep with their notions that Republican or conservative ideas/policies are “potentially violent” and/or are held by CRAZY people?

    Did you know that Zelenskyy, their hero, just BANNED THE OPPOSITION PARTY AND SEIZED ALL THEIR ASSETS? Now it’s a totalitarian ONE PARTY STATE, just like Stalin’s Soviet Union. And yet, the EU is fast tracking their entry into the EU even though there are requirements to be met that all states must respect DEMOCRACY.

    • ““They didn’t even give us the actual bill to vote on it. They gave us a blank piece of paper and said, ‘Vote on this and trust us as to what the legislation will be when it comes forward and trust that there’ll be an actual amendment process.’” …”

      I mean, SERIOUSLY: How can this become a “law” when what they voted on was a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER? The law consists of NOTHING. There is no LAW. The vote was for NOTHING, then, so the “text” of the bill is NOTHING.

      There IS no law here. That is simply COMMON SENSE, isn’t it?

      Imagine Judge Judy presented with a sheet of paper with nothing but a signature at the bottom but she’s supposed to hold the person who signed it to a CONTRACT that the person didn’t sign, just upon the say so of the person who later wrote the contract! Would that ever happen in your wildest dreams?

      Today AOC is running around shouting that the SCOTUS decision on abortion is “illegitimate,” an oxymoron if I ever heard one. What is a SUPREME COURT RULING but the law of the land, which of course is the very definition of LEGITIMATE. Yet here we’re to believe that a bill that consists of NOTHING, a blank sheet of paper, IS legitimate. It’s only a law, only legitimate, if you want to enforce NOTHING. The law is NOTHING. It’s an empty space.

      Anybody charged under this so-called law should present a defense that you can’t violate a law that says nothing.

    • Same old tactics as last summer and the summer before. Already they’re blocking highways, attacking innocent people simply because they STAND THERE, silent, holding their signs FOR LIFE. Committing hate crimes. Vandalizing. Rioting. Attacking public buildings. Disrupting the AZ legislature. Where is Merrick Garland? Are they infiltrated? Are FBI agents or MPD “members” infiltrating their riots to film them for evidence? Are they sending in provocateurs to make things worse SO antifa and BLM and other black-dressed thugs WILL BE entrapped, sent to jail in solitary, for a year and a half? I’ll bet not.

    • We should have recognized how things would devolve when they first began to censor TRUTH by refusing to allow images or videos of actual abortions to be shown. Why is that? They can’t handle the truth? Maybe now these videos and images will be seen. They suppressed them, like they suppress so much truth, because they KNOW it’s truth but they want to deceive people. Because they follow the Father of LIES.

    • What takes the cake is that commentator at CNN, Ana Navarro, who used three examples from her own family to support why abortion is needed. She has a brother, she says, who’s 57 but has the mentality of a 1-year-old. She has a nephew with severe autism. She has a stepson with Down Syndrome. THAT, she says, is why abortion is needed, implying that if not every family has the means to deal with/support/care for disabled people, then their families need to be able to just KILL THEM.

      I wonder how her family members feel about her today. Imagine being the stepson with Down Syndrome. Would you want to sit across the table on Thanksgiving with her, knowing she’d have killed you if money was tight or if she’d had a say about whether or not she had to bother herself, disrupt her life, to take care of you?

    • Will black women decry or celebrate? They ought to celebrate. This has been a genocide against black babies. Just as Margaret Sanger hoped.

    • Well, probably 6 of them have been moved and it was probably done months ago. What a shame. What is this country coming to? Everything they accuse the 1/6 protesters of, they’re doing and worse.

    • Amen. A great day in U.S. history. A historic wrong righted. God bless the children. Let us pray that this will open liberal women’s eyes. That they will see that this does NOT diminish them or take control of their bodies away. They HAVE control, but it’s exercised before getting pregnant. The CHOICE comes BEFORE pregnancy.

      Now they can concentrate on making programs to HELP women who find themselves pregnant. For example, all birth certificates MUST list a father who WILL be responsible to support the child. If no father listed, then DNA MUST be taken to determine fatherhood and the father must be made equally responsible to support the child. If the mother is a minor, then DNA MUST be taken to determine fatherhood and resonsibility and then, if the father is not a minor, then statutory rape charges must be filed and THEN the father is still held responsible. Only if the mother names the father or allows him to be determined via DNA, should the STATE, depending upon circumstances, give benefits and support to the mother to keep her child OR she should surrender the child to people who do WANT and will care for the child.

  16. How the hell can people be so blind? Is this hypocrisy ironic? How do they avoid cognitive dissonance?

    Trudeau mourns the loss of abortion in the U.S. It means women lose control of their bodies. AND YET, he’s all for mandatory vaccination with an experimental gene therapy. In addition, he believes the unvaxxed deserve their fate and must pay the consequences of their “choice,” even though he apparently doesn’t women who didn’t exercise their own “choice” wisely don’t have to bear the consequences of THEIR choices.


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